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AMU Salary Slip online | Amu Pay Slip download | AMU Login. Check all important details related to the employee’s salary slip. How to log in and download the Salary Slip PDF file online. Check all information and the latest updates in this article.

How to Download AMU Salary Slip Online?

The finance & Accounts department of Aligarh Muslim University is responsible to prepare the monthly Salary Slips of all Teaching and non-teaching staff.

The finance & Account department prepares Leave Encashment, deduction of Income Tax, issues Form-16, reimbursement, performance appraisals, etc.

Please have a look at the below steps to download the Salary Slip.

Information required: Employees must have the below-mentioned information before proceeding to download their Payment Slip.

  • Employee Id
  • Login Password

AMU Salary Slip download process:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Open the AMU official website

First of all, All employees must open the official website of Aligarh Muslim University. The official website can be opened through the link.

If you click this link then the homepage of the AMU website will open on the computer screen.

Open the Login page

amu employee login page

Now you will have to open the employee login page. There is a Login link located at the top of the AMU website home page. Click this link to open the Login form.

Login to the ESS portal

Now employees can log in through this login form. Please arrange your Employee Id and password if you don’t have one. Now enter your Employee Id and Password in the login form. After that enter the answer to the security question and click the Login button.

Open the Salary Slip download page

After login employees will be redirected to their control panel. Here click the Salary Slip link located on the left side.

Select Month and year

amu pay slip download page

After clicking the Salary Slip link a new Salary Slip download page will appear on the right side. From this page, you can view and download your Monthly Salary Slip.

Now select the Financial Year and the Month and click the Proceed button.

Download the Salary Slip PDF file

After clicking the Proceed button your Salary Slip will be displayed on the screen. Now you can easily print this Pay Slip or download the PDF file. Now right-click on the Salary Slip and select the Print link.

After that Click the Print button on the next page to take a print-out. If you want to download the PDF file then select Save as PDF in the destination option on the print screen and click the Print button.

What is the importance of AMU Salary Slip for employees?

The salary slip is an important document for AMU employees as it provides them with detailed information about their monthly earnings, deductions, and other important details related to their salary. It is legal proof of employment and can be used by AMU employees as evidence of their income for various purposes such as applying for loans, credit cards, or for tax purposes.

The AMU salary slip provides information such as basic salary, allowances, deductions, net salary, and other details related to income tax deductions, leave encashment, reimbursement, and performance appraisals. This information is crucial for employees to keep track of their monthly earnings and deductions.

Moreover, the AMU salary slip also contains information related to the employee’s leave balance, which helps them plan their future leaves accordingly. It also serves as proof of income, which can be useful in case of any disputes related to salary.

How to reset an employee’s self-service password?

If you forgot your password then you can easily recover it through the official website. Please follow the below-given steps.

  • Open the official website and click the login link located at the top side.
  • In the login form click the Forgot Password link. A password reset page will appear on the next screen.
  • Now enter your Employee ID and click the Proceed button.
  • After that, you will receive further instructions to make a new password.
  • After creating a new password you can again login on to the portal.

How to check your leave balance?

Employees can also check the leave statement and find how many leaves are remaining in the financial year. Please check the below steps.

  • Open the official AMU website and log in through the employee login link.
  • After login, Click the Online leave statement link located on the left side.
  • After that, you will have to select the financial year to view the leave statement. After selecting the financial year click the Proceed button.
  • Your leave statement will appear on the right side of the employee self-service portal where you will get the information about your Earned Leaves, Detention Leave, and Half Pay Leave.
  • There is a Print button located below the leave statement so that you can take a print-out also.

How to check online PF statements?

Online Provident Fund statement is also accessible through the Employee Self-Service Dashboard. Please check below how to view the PF statement.

  1. Open the official AMU website, click the login link, and log in using your employee Id and Password.
  2. After login click the Online PF Statement link located on the left side menu.
  3. You will see a PF statement download page on the right side. Now select the Financial year and click the Proceed button.
  4. PF Account statement for that financial year will be displayed on the right side. Now you can take a printout of this PF statement or download the PDF file on your device.

Important links:

Official website
AMU employee login page


To sum up, I have shared all the important information about the AMU Salary Slip in this article such as login, view, and download the salary slip and other information employees can find on their salary slip.

The salary slip is an important document that helps Aligarh Muslim University employees keep track of their monthly earnings and deductions and serves as proof of income for various purposes.

We hope you find the information you are looking for. Please share your views or suggestions in the comment section below.

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