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BCCL (Bharat Coking Coal Limited) Payslip 2023, Instructions and all steps to download employee salary slip, the importance of BCCL pay slip, and other related information are available in this article.

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  • How to easily download the employee’s monthly Payslip online?
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  • What is the step-by-step process to view and download pay slips?
  • What is the BCCL HRMS system?
  • How employees can log in and access important services through the HR portal?
  • How to download the BCCL employee mobile apps?

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BCCL PaySlip

Your BCCL payslip is an important document that is related to employees’ finances and provides earning and deductions-related information to Bharat Coking Coal Limited employees.

It provides an overview of the total income of an employee which helps employees to save money and manage their finances better by avoiding any extra expenses.

The Information Available on Pay Slip BCCL:

Employees get their monthly salary statement that shows the complete details about net income, tax deductions, other deductions, etc.

Employees receive pay slips every month through an online medium in an electronic form.

If you want to check your payslip then you must have an idea about the finance and accounting terms used in the payslip. The pay slip will have the below-mentioned sections.

  • Employee Information:
    This section includes employee details such as employee name, employee code, department, designation, and other personal details.
  • Bank details:
    The bank details section includes the bank account number, bank name, Pay slip number, PF number, PAN number, branch, etc information.
  • Earnings:
    In this section, employees will find a complete breakdown of monthly income such as basic salary, allowances, reimbursement, any extra benefits, etc.
  • Deductions:
    The deduction section provides an overview of all types of deductions on your salary, such as tax, provident fund, insurance policy, loan, etc.
  • Net Pay:
    Net pay shows you your total take-home salary that you will receive after all types of deductions.

How to Download the BCCL PaySlip?

BCCL has given a separate link on the official website to download the pay slip for its employees. All the employees can use this facility to download their salary slips from the official website.

The salary slip of employees is an important document, with the help of which important services such as taking loans, availing benefits of any government scheme, etc. can be availed.

It is considered official proof of being an employee of Bharat Coking Coal Limited.

A link is available specifically for the Salary Slip purpose which can be accessed very easily with the help of the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open the BCCL Website.
  2. Find the Pay Slip Link.
  3. Open the Pay Slip Employee Login Page.
  4. Login to the Pay Slip Portal.
  5. View and Download the Monthly Pay Slip.

The detailed step-by-step process below will be helpful for BCCL employees.

Step 1. Open the BCCL Website.

First of all, you must open the official website at www.bcclweb.in.

You will have to move down the home page to find a link for Employee PaySlip.

Step 3. Open the Pay Slip Employee Login Page.

Once you found the correct link you may click on this link to proceed further. You will see an employee login page (as shown below).

BCCL employee payslip login page

If you are not able to find the employee payslip link then you can directly go to the salary slip page by clicking the www.bcclweb.in/PaySlip/ link.

Step 4. Login to the Pay Slip Portal.

From this login page, you will be redirected to your Salary slip download login page powered by SAP.
For that, you will have to log in by entering your SAP Personnel number, password, and captcha code.

After that click the Login button to enter the system.

Step 5. View and Download the Monthly Pay Slip.

Once you enter it into the system you can download your Payslip according to any month. You will have to select the month from the drop-down menu and click the view payslip link.

Your salary slip pdf will be downloaded to your device.

BCCL Employee Login

BCCL has provided a facility for the employees to log in to the portal.

There is an employee login link available on the homepage and employees can use this link to log in and access the below-mentioned services.

  • Online Leave Application
  • Online Coal Production Reporting & Online Coal Production Review
  • Annual Property Return
  • Power Consumers_Sales
  • Online Promotion and Transfer Order Upload
  • Outsourcing Companies Production and Payment Details Upload(NEW)
  • Online Quarter Maintenance Portal (New)
  • Marketing & Sales Data Upload (New)

Online leave application:

If an employee wants to apply for leave then he can use this link for the online leave application.

Once an employee clicks on this leave application link, a login page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Employees can also visit the leave application page directly https://erpweb.coalindia.in:8060/irj/portal

BCCL leave application login page

It’s an SAP-powered Coal India IRJ login portal that is used for BCCL online leave management. Employees can use their user ID and password to access the portal. After login, employees will find a link for the new leave application form.

Employees have to fill out this leave application form by providing the required information such as leave type, leave date, the reason for leave, etc.

After filling in all the information employees can submit this leave application form and their leave application will be e approved by the concerned officer.

Annual Property Return:

With the help of this annual property return and link all employees can submit their property return through online mode. It’s a very useful feature and employees can use the online facility.

Employees will have to declare their property information in the property return form. Annual Property returns will be submitted to the Coal India Limited website through the https://apr.cmpdi.co.in/loginHandler.php link.

Online Promotion and Transfer Order Upload:

With the help of this facility, administrators can upload the transfer order on the portal and employees can use their login ID and password and check their transfer orders online.

There is no need to visit any particular office and everything is available online.

How to Login on to the BCCL HR MIS?

To log in on the BCCL HR MIS (Human Resource Management Information System) portal employees can follow the below-given steps.

1- open the official website and search for the employee login page or you may directly open the bcclweb.in/hrmis/index.php link. You will see a new HR MIS portal employee login page.

bccl HRMIS employee login page

2- on this HRMS login page enter your user ID and password after that click on the sign-in button to log in to the portal.

3- once you log in to the portal you will see all available services.

Forgot password: If somehow you forgot your password then you can reset it by using the forgot password link available on the login screen. Just click on the forgot password link and a new window will appear on the screen.

In this password reset form, you will have to provide the below-mentioned details.

  • Employee user ID
  • Date of birth
  • Registered email ID
  • BCCL Pers. No.

After filling in all the details click the reset password link. After that, you will have to make a new password.

BCCL Mobile Apps

Many types of mobile apps are also available for different purposes such as Coal Mine Surveillance & Management System, Koyla Vitaran, Coal APP, Mobile APP for Power Coal Consumers, Mobile Apps For Sahyog, Bill Tracking System, Quarter Maintenance, BCCL Payslip app, Online Leave Welfare, etc.

Anyone can download the mobile apps with the help of the below information.

1-Open the official website.

2-Click the BCCL Mobile Apps link under the Info Bank menu item.

3-You will see a list of all available mobile apps for different tasks. Click any mobile app link to download the app on your smartphone.

Note: Currently the mobile app links are not working.

How to Submit the Annual Property Return?

Now all BCCL employees can submit the Annual Property Return (APR) online for Tax calculations. Please check the below steps. APR will be submitted through the Coal India website.

Step 1: Open the official website https://www.coalindia.in/.

Step 2: Move down the page and click the Vigilance link.

Step 3: On the next page, you will see the Annual Property Return link on the left side menu. Here you can submit the declaration of the immovable property only. Click this link.

A new Asset Declaration portal will open. You can also visit this portal directly at https://apr.cmpdi.co.in/loginHandler.php.

asset declaration login form coal india limited

Step 4: Now enter your Coal India Personnel Number in the user ID field and the same number prefixed by E in the password field.

For example, if your personnel number is 10000009 then your user ID will be 10000009 and your password will be E10000009.

Step 5: After the first time log in you can change your password. After that enter your email id, and mobile number and click the OK button.

Step 6: After that, you can submit your Annual Property Return through Form 5B.

Click any one link from APR Filling[Joined in 2013] and APR Filling[Joined Before 2013] according to your joining date. Fill in all details and submit this form.

Step 7: After the submission take a printout of the Acknowledgement slip.

BCCL Pay Slip download loginOnline leave application login
Annual property return loginPower consumption sales login
Online promotion and transfer order upload loginUpload production and payment info of outsourcing companies login
Login link to upload marketing and sales dataCheck the retired employees list
Latest transfer posting orders

What is BCCL

BCCL or Bharat Coking Coal Limited is a Mini Ratna Company and a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. Headquartered in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, BCCL is a state-owned coal mining company in India. It’s a government of India enterprise that was established to manage the entire process of coal mining in India. It is also involved in other Coal-related activities.

As everyone knows Coal is the primary component of the energy sector in India and BCCL was appointed to produce Coal through safe and secure methods and also manage the marketing and sales process to improve the revenue for the government of India.

BCCL is primarily mining and producing coking coal, which is used in the production of steel. BCCL also produces non-coking coal which is used in power generation, cement production, fertilizer manufacturing, etc industries.

If you are working in Bharat Coking Coal Limited then you are getting a monthly salary as per the 7th Pay commission in your Bank account. Sometimes employees want to check their Salary slip and verify all components of the salary such as DA, TA, Basic Pay, Allowances, etc. BCCL has provided the facility to download the Pay Slip from the official portal.


We have shared all the information related to the BCCL PaySlip in this article. We have also shared how to view, download, and find the salary-related information on the employee salary slip. We hope this article will help you to find the information you are looking for.

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