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Bhulekh Bhu Naksha UP | How to see UPBhu Naksha online MAP?

This article will tell all the information about Uttar Pradesh BhuNaksha Map Portal to all readers. Through this information, a resident of Uttar Pradesh can see a map of his land from the time he sits at home. You are requested to read this article in its entirety so that you can get all the important information.

What is the Bhu Naksha UP portal?

Bhu Naksha UP is an online portal developed by the state government, with the main objective of making land maps accessible to all citizens in the form of a digital map. Through this, information on the maps of all the villages in the tehsil of all the districts can be obtained.

up bhu naksha -website homepage

Through this portal, all types of maps are being made available online, with the help of which all the residents of Uttar Pradesh can see any kind of map at any time sitting at home and get all the important information.

Portal description:

Portal nameBhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh
Developed byState government
ObjectiveProviding citizens the facility to view the map of the land
Map viewOnline
BeneficiaryAll citizens of Uttar Pradesh

How to see Bhu Naksha UP online?

The process of viewing the map of the land through the Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Portal is quite easy. All the people who want to see the map of their village land online can easily see it using the information given below.

Step #1-Open the official website

Step #2-On the right-hand side of the official website, you will see a map of the land.

Uttar Pradesh bhunaksha - Land Map

Step #3-On the left side you will see some options to search your village.

Uttar Pradesh Land Map - Village Search Options

Step #4-Below the map search options, you will see the link “show land types details” by clicking on it you will get the important information written below related to the land on the right.

 Land typeRole DescriptionTotal accountsTotal ownerTotal landTotal area (insect)Total land revenue
5-3-ङOther arable wasteland.1122.71900.00
1-aLand that is in possession of transferable landholders.692319963.29602391.35
6-1Inaccessible land – submerged land.3371.50600.00
6-2Non-agricultural land – sites, roads, railways, buildings, and other such lands used for unutilized uses.33162.48800.00
2Land which is in possession of non-contiguous landholdings.2934293.343085.10
5-1Arable land – New fallow (fallow)1140.75700.00
6-4Which is unprotected due to other reasons.2240.64000.00
upbhunasha -land types details

Step #5-To view the land map, first you have to select one by one of the options given on the left. First of all, you have to select your district, after that, you will have to select your tehsil. Finally, you have to choose your village.

Step #6-After selecting the village, the map of that village will be digitized according to the Khasra number on the right-hand side. If you click on a measles number, the information related to that plot will appear on the right side of the map in a new window.

upbhunasha -plot info

In this new window, you will get some important information written below.

  • Account Number
  • Land record number
  • Area (ha)
  • Account holder name
  • Habitat
  • Order (Account Number)

Step #7– At the bottom of this new window, a link named ” Map report ” will be found. By clicking on this link, you can view the Shajra map of the land online and can also download all the information as a PDF file.


If you click on the link ” All plots of same owner ” on the left side of the Shajra map, then all the plots of that owner will come on the right side.

Bhu Naksha UP login process

Authorized persons can follow the below-given steps to log in on the Geo map portal.

  • Open the official website first
  • On the right side, a login link will appear on the right side of the official website.
  • Please do this at the login link. A new login page will open later on the login link.
  • up bhu naksha login page
  • Now you can log in easily by entering the below information in this login form.
    • District – Choose your district
    • User ID – Enter Username
    • Password – Enter Password
  • After filling in all the information, click on the login button

Note: If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password through the ROR application.

Benefits of Bhu Naksha UP portal

  • Ease of access
    Now all people of Uttar Pradesh can see the important details related to any land online. It’s a very convenient and easy process now with the help of the online portal.
  • Preventing the fraud
    By digitizing the land map in Uttar Pradesh land fraud activities became very rare as all the data are available online through the map and anyone can easily check the land and owner details.
  • Printing of map
    Now people can also print their land maps through this portal.
  • Size of land
    If you want to see the total area of your land then this facility is also available on the portal.
  • Preventing fraud property purchase
    If you are looking to buy any property then you must ensure that you are buying that from the legal owner. This portal helps all UP citizens by providing the real owner and plot details so that a buyer can make a good decision related to the purchasing of any property.
  • Free of cost service
    This portal provides free services and anyone can use it anytime without paying any fee.

Bhu Naksha UP mobile app

There are a lot of third-party apps available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded to view the Bhu Naksha online. However, there is no official app released by the government. Please check the authenticity of the app developer before downloading any app.


Who developed the BhuNaksha Uttar Pradesh portal?

Bhu Naksha Uttar Pradesh portal has been developed by the National Informatics Center Uttar Pradesh. It is based on the cadastral mapping solution.

Why was this portal developed?

This portal was developed to provide a transparent and effective mapping solution and minimize the land fraud carried out by criminals and land mafias in the past.

Can we integrate it with other applications?

UP Bhu Naksha portal can be integrated with any land record application and ROR data can be transferred easily. Proper customization is required to fetch the data from the different state-specific databases.

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