Cabela’s Credit Card login: Capital One Mastercard Payment, Phone Number 2023

Check all important details and reviews about Cabela’s Credit Card in this article. How to submit a new Cabela’s credit card application? How to log in online and pay card bills? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this card?

What is Cabela’s Club Card

Cabela’s club card also known as Cabela’s credit card issued by Cabela’s in partnership with Capital One Bank. It is beneficial for those people who love outdoor adventures and funs like hiking, fishing, traveling, Boating, Hunting, etc.

Different types of rewards points offers are available for all customers if they purchase Gears, Accessories, etc from Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop.

Features and benefits:

  • Once approved you will be eligible for a credit line according to your creditworthiness and purchase history. A minimum of $300 credit line will be provided to all customers.
  • Get zero fraud liability benefits for any unauthorized transaction.
  • Get 2% club points for Cabela’s and Bass pro shops purchases through Mastercard.
  • 1% club points for all other purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted.
  • Enjoy exclusive Member-Only Deals and earn extra club points.

Bonus offer: Bonus offers are especially applicable for new cardholders.

  • New card members will get $20 worth of CLUB Points upon approval.
  • If customers make two purchases within 30 days at Cabela’s or Bass pro shops they will earn an extra $10 CLUB Points
  • If customers make 5 purchases within 30 days anywhere where Mastercard is accepted they will get extra $ 20 Club Points.

Promotional financing options: All customers can take the benefit from the promotional financing options available to them. Customers can pay the required payment in 6, 12, 18, or 24 months financing options without paying any interest charges.

Fee & Charges:

  • This card comes with a zero annual fee.
  • The annual Percentage rate (APR) will be 9.99% for purchases at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s.
  • APR for all other purchases and transfers will vary from 15.24% to 26.99% based on your credit profile and repayment history.
  • APR for cash advances will be 26.99%. You will have to pay a transaction fee for cash advances which will be $10 or 4% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.
  • The late payment fee will be up to $40.

Cabela’s club account

All customers can manage their club reward points through Cabela’s club account. customers will get the below-mentioned facilities and services through their club account.

  • Get an overview of your earned club reward points.
  • Transfer and use your club points for any purchase.
  • Check your online payments, balance, and available credit through the club account.

Club rewards program:

Different types of club rewards programs are available according to a tier system. There are three tier-based rewards programs.

  • Classic cardholders
  • Silver cardholders
  • Black cardholders

The rewards points will be based on your card status. All cardmembers will be entitled to a Classic cardholder status and they will have to spend more to achieve a higher status as per the below-mentioned criteria.

Membership statusMinimum spendingReward earning
Classic cardholdersNo criteria2 points per dollar spend
Silver cardholdersA minimum of $10,000 on Cabela’s credit card spent in a calendar year is required3 points per dollar spend
Black cardholdersA minimum of $25,000 on Cabela’s credit card spent in a calendar year is required 5 points per dollar spend

How to connect Cabela’s club account with the Capital one credit account?

To get all the benefits and services you will have to connect your Cabela’s club account or Bass pro shops account to your Capital One Mastercard account. Please check the below steps to connect both accounts.

Note: It is applicable only for the existing Cabela’s club MasterCard members.

Step 1: First of all open Bass pro shops or Cabela’s website.

Step 2: Now click the login link at the top right side and Sign In with your email id and password. If you don’t have an account then click the Create an account link and open a new account.

Step 3: Once you log in to your account, you will see your account dashboard as shown below.

cabela's club account dashboard

Now you will have to click the Connect Account Services with Capital One link.

Step 4: You will see a Capital one login page.

cabela's capital one credit card login page

Now login with your username and password.

Note: If you have your credit card but do not have a capital one account then you will have to click the Set Up online access link to create an online account.

Step 5: On the next page, just click the Connect link to connect the capital one account with your Cabela’s club account.

capital one and cabelas connect link

After connecting both accounts you will see your Cabela’s Mastercard account info in your Cabela’s club account (as shown below).

cabela's club account after connecting capital one

As shown in the above image you can access your credit card balance, available credit, last statement balance, minimum payment due, rewards points available information through your Cabela’s club account.

You can even pay your Cabela’s credit card bill through the Make a payment link available in your dashboard.

How to manage your Cabela’s Mastercard account?

All Cabela’s Card members can manage their credit accounts through the capital one login option. Capital one bank is the card issuer and manages the card account through a dedicated portal.

There are many online services available through Cabela’s Capital one account are mentioned below.

  • Access your Credit Card summary, balance, available credit, etc.
  • Download your card statement.
  • Pay card bill and apply for AutoPay facility.
  • Manage important credit card, transaction, and fraud-related alerts.
  • Check your credit profile through CreditWise®

To manage your account you will have to log in first.

Cabela’s Credit Card login

All customers can manage their Cabela’s credit account after Signing In to their capital one account. The login process is given below. Please have a look.

Cabela’s Capital One Mastercard login process:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Open the official website


    Open Cabela’s official website and click the Club link located in the top menu.

  2. Open Cabela’s club account page


    On the Cabela’s Club page, click the Manage My Account link. A new account page will appear on the screen where you will get links for logging in to your Cabela’s club account and Capital One credit card account.

  3. Open manage my account page

    Click the Sign In link under Manage your account with capital one (as shown in the above image). You will be redirected to the capital one credit account login screen.

  4. Login by username and password

    cabelas capital one credit card login page

    On this Capital one login page, enter your Username and Password and hit the Sign in button to log in on the portal.

Cabela’s credit card payment

After the login, you can access all services available through Cabela’s Capital One account. Bill Payment is the most important service and customers can easily pay their card bills online.

There are many ways to pay Cabela’s credit card bill.

i-Pay by Phone: Customers can call to below-mentioned phone numbers to pay their card bill.

Bass Pro Shops CLUB Mastercard holders 1-800-300-1723
Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard holders 1-800-850-8402

ii-Pay by Mail: The customer can send a check or money order at the below-mentioned address.

Capital One
PO Box 71083
Charlotte, NC 28272-1083

iii-Pay at a Retail Store: Customers can also pay their card bill at any Cabela’s retail store.

iv-Online payment: Customers can use their online account and pay their credit card bill through any available payment mode. The online payment process is very easy and customers can access it easily through their account dashboard.

On the payment screen, customers can choose how much they want to pay from the minimum payment, full statement balance, or any custom amount. Customers will have to provide bank account information they want to use for the payment.

Set Up Auto Pay: An Autopay facility is also available and customers can enroll in AutoPay through an online account or by calling customer service. Once AutoPay is activated the required payment amount will be debited from your Bank account automatically.

How to set up an online account?

In case you have received your credit card but don’t have an online account then you can register online and create a capital one account to manage your Cabela’s credit card.

The registration process is given below.

Step 1: You will have to open the registration page. Click the link and click the Set Up online access link on this page. Alternatively, click here to visit the registration page.

Step 2: On the next page, you will see a registration form as shown below.

cabelas capital one account registration form

Enter your Last name, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth in this registration form. After that, click the Get Started button.

Step 3: Capital One will verify your account information. After the verification, you will see the next step where you will have to create a new username and password for your capital one credit account. This Username and password will be used for login purposes.

How to apply for a Cabela’s Club Mastercard?

If you want to avail yourself of all the above-mentioned benefits and special offers then you can apply for this credit card online. The online application can be submitted through an online mode on the official website.

Please check the online application process given below.

Step 1: Visit the official website and open the Cabela’s Club page by clicking the Club link on the top side.

Step 2: On the Cabela’s Club page, click the Apply Today or Apply Now link available at multiple locations.

Step 3: Online credit card application form will appear on the screen.

cabela's new credit card application form

You may read the card FAQ and terms documents for more information on this page. Fill out this online application form by providing your personal information, address details, and financial information, and click the Continue button.

Step 4: Generally Capital One informs within minutes if the applicant is eligible for this credit card or not. If you are eligible then you can submit the application form for further process.

Once approved you will receive your credit card within 7 to 10 business days. Your credit limit and other information will be mentioned in the credit card kit you will receive.

Customer Service

In case of any query or assistance related to your Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard such as online payment, technical issues, general inquiries, lost or stolen cards, etc customers can contact the Capital one customer care phone numbers.

 Phone Number
Bass Pro Shops CLUB cardholders1-800-300-1723
Cabela’s CLUB cardholders1-800-850-8402


How can I redeem my club points?

All members can redeem club reward points if they purchase anything at Cabela’s or Bass pro shops, Cabela’s restaurant, resorts, and many other locations. You can use your club points while purchasing anything through any of the below-mentioned methods.

i- Phone Orders
ii- Mail Orders
iii- Online order
iv- Retail Store Purchase
v- Booking a WTA Outdoor Adventure Hunting/Fishing Trip

I have forgotten my Cabela’s capital one password?

In case of forgetting your capital one account password, you may reset that through the below steps.

i- Open Cabela’s capital one login page.
ii- Click the Forgot password link located below the login form.
iii- On the next page you will be asked to share some information such as Last name, Social security number, and date of birth.
iv- Click the Find Me link. Capital One will search your account information in its database.
v- After identifying your account you will receive an email including the information to reset your account password.
v- Open your email account and open the capital one email. Click the Password reset link in the email and make a new password.

How to recover Capital one Cabela’s username?

If you don’t remember your username also then the username can also be recovered through the same steps as above mentioned password reset steps. Just provide your account information and you will be able to recover your username easily.

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