Caesars ESS Scheduling Login 2023

Caesars ESS (Employee Self Service Portal) scheduling login, applying for leave and account access, etc information is available n this article. Check all the latest updates, benefits, and features of the Caesars employee portal.

If you are a Caesars employee and currently reading this article, then you will find helpful information and guides below. After reading this article, you will be able to.

  • Easily log in and access your Caesars ESS and Scheduling application.
  • Access your ESS through a smartphone.
  • Access your schedule information.
  • Find an overview of the scheduling application, its benefits, and its objectives.
  • Get assistance through the helpline if required.

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What is Caesars Scheduling ESS?

Caesars ESS is an employee self-service portal that is accessible through an online web-based interface. Employees can log in to their accounts by using their login credentials and access all employee-related services such as scheduling, time off, pay stubs, benefits, etc.

Similar to mgm virtual roster, Caesars has partnered with Kronos and implemented its workforce management software solution to manage its employees. Kronos workforce management software solution consists of Virtual Roster which is a leading scheduling application used by Caesars for employee scheduling, time and attendance, and labor analysis across its properties.

Caesars scheduling ESS employee portal

What is Caesars scheduling?

Caesars scheduling is a module that comes within the employee self-service portal. It helps Caesars employees to view their schedule, manage their schedule, view the information about upcoming job assignments, make themselves prepare in advance, and book their calendar.

With Virtual Roster, Caesars can allocate the right team members to the right work at the right time. This advanced scheduling system is designed to streamline operations, optimize staffing levels, and reduce costs.


Some of the key objectives to develop the Virtual Roaster Scheduling ESS solution for Caesars are mentioned below.

  • To take advantage of the Virtual Roaster expertise and experience to manage their employee’s schedules effectively and efficiently.
  • To provide managers the capability to schedule employees as per their skills, and experience, and assigned them a well-suited shift as per their availability and preferences.
  • To provide a faster scheduling system so that schedules can be generated quickly and efficiently.
  • To improve overall employees’ productivity by utilizing all resources efficiently.
  • To improve overall employee satisfaction by providing them with many convenient options through a digital medium.
  • To generate reports and actional insights to help HR managers keep track of all employees’ activity.


There are a lot of benefits this Caesars Scheduling ESS provides. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below.

  • Employee Satisfaction:
    Employees get all the options in a digital medium to manage their schedules, time off details, shift related details. These options help employees to take more control of their day-to-day tasks and perform all tasks more efficiently.
  • Better Communication:
    Caesars Schedule and ESS application offer an advanced and secure medium to communicate with each other. Employees can send a secure message to their managers and get the answers to their questions. Managers can also share any information related to their schedules or tasks.
  • Faster processing:
    This Caesars ESS Scheduling portal developed through Virtual Roaster is a faster way to generate schedules as compared to other systems or manual processing. All employees get notified in real-time which helps avoid the wastage of employee time. An employee can quickly start their work after checking their schedules.
  • Reduce paperwork:
    A Digital medium also helps in reducing the paperwork which is very helpful for the environment. It indirectly helps save the environment.
  • Integration with other systems:
    Caesars ESS Scheduling application can be integrated with other systems, such as Docagent payroll and HR. This helps in exchanging the data and reports to different systems. HR managers can access these reports and take intelligent decisions while preparing performance and appraisal reports.

Caesars ESS Scheduling Login

If an employee wants to access their schedule module and check when he will have to visit the workplace as per the upcoming schedule then employees can log in to their ess account and check all the important schedule-related information. Please have a look at the login process given below.

  • Visit the official ESS Scheduling web page
  • A login page will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your Employee Self-Service account Username and Password.
  • Press the Sign In button to access your account.

Caesars Scheduling Login on mobile ESS interface

In the last step, we shared how to access employees’ schedules through a web-based interface. Employees can also access a simpler mobile-based interface that is more convenient and compatible with smaller devices such as smartphones. Please check the below steps to access the mobile version of the Caesars ESS scheduling application.

The mobile version of the ESS Scheduling application is very useful for those employees who want to use their smartphone to access their schedules and also take advantage of the easy and convenient access of the information.

Caesars employee’s Okta login

Okta is an on-demand Single sign-on service that gives access to all Caesar’s applications through a single SSO login. Caesars employees can use this Okta login to access all applications such as payroll, ESS, scheduling, etc. Please check the below login steps.

  • Visit the Caesars Okta login page
  • Enter your Username and Password in the login form.
  • Press the Sign In button to access your Okta-powered Caesars account.

How to reset your Okta Caesars password?

Please follow the below steps to reset your password in case you are not able to log in. Please note that employees must have correct and updated contact information such as email address, and mobile number to use this service.

  • Visit the login page
  • Click the Need help signing in? link on the Login page.
  • Click the Okta Password Reset link.
  • You will get three options to reset your password.
    1. Reset via SMS
    2. Reset via Voice Call
    3. Reset via Email
  • Enter your username/email address and choose any one option.
  • You will receive a security code through SMS, call, or email as per the option you selected.
  • Enter this security code to authenticate your account.
  • After the authentication, create a new password.

How can I unlock my account?

If you have entered the wrong password multiple times then your account will be blocked for security reasons. You can use the unlock account facility. the process is similar to resetting your password. Please have a look.

  • Visit the Okta Caesars login page
  • Click the Need help signing in? -> Unlock account?
  • Enter your username and use any one available option to authenticate your account.
  • Unlock your account as per the on-screen instructions.

Caesars Docagent Payroll Portal

The Scheduling ESS portal is just to manage the employee’s schedules online. If an employee wants to access the payroll or paystub-related information then he can check the Caesars Docagent Payroll article.

Caesars employees can visit the direct login page and access their schedules, time & attendance, and leave information online.


Caesars Okta helpdesk: Please call 1-877-438-4457.

Payroll account login issues: Please call 1-866-955-7975.


What is Digital Instinct?

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What is Caesars?

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How to download the mobile app?

There is no mobile app available at the moment. However, Virtual Roaster is a fully responsive application and Ceasers employees can easily access it on their mobile devices through its mobile version.


Overall, after the implementation of Virtual Roaster, Caesars’ ESS and Scheduling applications has provided a great opportunity for the company to improve the overall employee experience by optimizing its scheduling process. It also helped Caesars to reduce overall labor costs.

Key points:

Name of portalCaesars Scheduling ESS
Product nameVirtual Roaster
Developed byDigital Instinct
Parent companyKronos
Developed forCaesars Entertainment Inc.
BeneficiaryEmployees working at Caesars
Current version2.117.0

Finally, we have shared all the important information about Caesar’s employee self-service portal in this article. We have also shared how to access the scheduling. Please let us know your views on this article by sharing your valuable comments in the below-given comment sections.

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