How to Pay CareCredit Credit Card and Provider’s Bill?

Care Credit Bill Payment Guide 2023. Care Credit pay bill as a guest, Online, by Phone, and by Mail, etc payment method-related step-by-step guides are available in this article.

How to make a payment for a credit card account, and how to pay providers’ medical bills through a CareCredit credit card? What are the different options available to pay bills and how to calculate the payment? Check all bill payment-related information in this article.

How to pay the CareCredit monthly bill?

CareCredit Credit Card is a convenient way to pay your healthcare treatment charges which are sometimes very costly and a majority of patients can not afford them. Sometimes the charges are not covered under the insurance policy or patients don’t have any insurance policy.

In these types of situations, CareCredit is the best option where customers get easy financing solutions without any interest for 6, 12, 18, and 24 months duration.

Now there are two types of payments associated with your CareCredit credit card.

  1. One is the treatment charges of your Doctor or provider.
  2. The other is the monthly payment of your CareCredit credit card.

Let’s discuss all possible ways to make a payment for both payment types so that the customers can choose the most convenient payment method.

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CareCredit Credit Card payment

There are different ways to pay your credit card bills. We are sharing the details of all types of payment methods available to customers.

i-CareCredit Pay as a Guest:

Pay as a Guest facility is provided by Synchrony Bank. This facility is available for all Synchrony cardholders. The main benefit of this facility is that there is no need to log in to any account.

To make a guest payment, visit the Synchrony Bank guest payment web page at, enter your card number, SSN, and ZIP code, find your account, and make a guest payment through your bank account.

Customers can pay their card bills by just using their credit card account information. You can even pay for other cardholders if you have the account details of their credit card.

Payment process:

Synchrony pay as a guest online form
  • Enter your card number, the last four digits of your SSN, and your ZIP code. Complete the captcha verification and press the Find Account button.
  • After the identification of your account, you can make a payment by using any available payment method.

ii-Phone payment:

Like other credit cards, the Phone payment facility is available with CareCredit also. Customers can call the customer service number 866-893-7864 and pay their card bill.

Phone payments can be made by using the automated line and by speaking with a live agent. If you speak with an agent and pay your bill then there may be a service charge applicable to every transaction.

iii-Mail a payment:

Customers can send Mail to the below-mentioned payment address.

Synchrony Bank
PO Box 960061
Orlando, FL 32896

Overnight mail:
Synchrony Bank
140 Wekiva Springs Road
Longwood, FL 32779
(in-person drop-off is not permitted)

It is advised to check your latest billing statement and read all the information about the payment options. Please verify the payment address with the address mentioned on the statement. Customers can send their checks or money orders to the payment address.

iv-Bank transfer:

Customers can use the ACH bank transfer and Western Union money transfer service to pay their CareCredit card bills.

1-ACH bank transfer:

Send your payment via ACH Transfer to your bank
(register at

2-Western Union:

Send your payment via Western Union
(code: LOW, state: OHIO).

v-Care Credit Online Payment:

If you have registered an online account then there is a bill payment facility available and you can use that online payment facility 24/7.

To pay your care credit card bill, visit the login page at, login to your account by entering your login credentials, add a payment source, and make an online payment.

  • Just log in to your account and visit the Payment section.
  • In the payment tab, add a bank account by tapping the +Add Account link.
  • Enter the payment amount from the full statement balance, minimum balance, or any custom amount.
  • Enter the payment date to schedule your online payment.
  • Review all payment details and finally pay your bill.

vi-Automatic Payment:

Automatic payment options are also available in the Payment section. Customers can enroll in the autopay facility by visiting the payment section. This facility is very useful for those customers who don’t want to keep track of the payment due date every month.

After the enrollment, the required payment will be debited from the checking account you have added to your automatic payment setup.

vii-Payment through Mobile App:

If you are using the CareCredit mobile app then it’s very simple to make your card payment through the mobile app. It is similar to the online website payment and you just have to complete it through the mobile app.

The payment option is available in your mobile app dashboard. Just visit the payment tab and explore all available options you have to make a payment.

Provider’s bill payment by Care Credit Card

All Customers can use the online bill payment facility available to pay the Doctor’s treatment charges. Customers can pay their healthcare bills for different types of treatment categories such as dentistry, Animal/pet treatment or vaccinations, Vision, cosmetics, fitness, dermatology, etc.

There are two ways you can make a payment.

  1. Payment through the official website.
  2. Payment through the mobile app.

Let’s discuss each payment process in detail.

i-Payment through the official website:

There is an online bill payment facility available on the CareCredit website where customers can search for their providers and pay their treatment charges. Please check the bill payment process given below.

Step 1: Visit the official website and navigate to Resources -> Pay a Doctor or Provider from the top menu. You may also directly visit the provider bill payment page at

You will see a provider search form on this page (as shown below).

CareCredit Provider search form for payment purpose

Step 2: In this search form, enter the provider’s name or Doctors name (required), City or ZIP code (required), and select profession (optional). Click the Find My Provider button. If you received an invoice then all details are available there.

Step 3: After the search, You will see a list of all providers (as shown below).

List of CareCredit providers including a payment link

You will find the provider’s name, address, contact details, website link, payment link, and map location link. You can locate your provider and click the Pay This Provider button to start the bill payment process.

Note: If you find a very long list then you can narrow down this list by typing the more specific name of your provider and ZIP code.

Step 4: After clicking the Pay This Provider button, you will be redirected to the online payment form for your provider (as shown below).

CareCredit Arch Dental of West Hartford payment page

Now you can make the provider’s payment through a five-step process.

  1. Patient/Customer
    Enter patient details such as name, zip code, and date of birth, and click the Continue button.
  2. Payment Info
    Enter the payment information you have to pay as per your billing invoice and click the Continue button.
  3. Promotions
    You will see the special financing details if available with your providers. Choose any one financing from the available options and proceed with the next step.
  4. Review
    Review all information about your payment and financing details and click the Continue button.
  5. Confirmation
    Finally, Complete your payment process. You will receive a confirmation email and you will get the transaction details within two days in your account summary. Your provider will also be notified about the payment through an email.

ii-Payment through the mobile app:

Mobile app payment is very easy and can be completed within a few steps. It is almost similar to online website payment. You just have to download the mobile app and pay your healthcare bill through the mobile app. Previous can also check the previous payment details.

iii-Pay by visiting the provider’s office directly:

If a provider is registered with the CareCredit network but does not offer an online payment facility then the customer can visit the provider’s office directly to pay the medical bill.

Customers can use a digital copy of the CareCredit card. A digital credit card is available in the mobile app. Just log in to the mobile app and tap the credit card image at the top of the Account Summary section. You can show this image to your CareCredit provider.

There is no need to carry a physical card. A digital credit card is secured with the help of the latest encryption technologies and is easily accessible anytime through the mobile app.

Important points:

  • Special financing is available on a minimum $200 payment for a period of 6, 12, 18, and 24 months.
  • Customers can pay from $1 to up to their Care Credit Card limit.
  • Customers can also split the payment and pay some part of the payment through CareCredit and another part through any other payment method.
  • All types of special financing may not be available with some providers. Please check the financing details your provider offers at the time of making the online payment.
  • If the online payment link is not available in your provider listing then the provider is not accepting the online payment.
  • Customers can make a payment up to 30 days in advance or up to 120 days after service/order.


What if my provider is not accepting online payments?

If you don’t find the online payment link in your provider listing then it is possible that your provider is not accepting the online payment.

You may discuss the other payment options with your provider by calling the contact number available on the listing page or directly visiting the provider’s office.

What if my provider is not available in the CareCredit network?

If you are not able to search for your provider then your provider possibly has not joined the CareCredit network. In this case, you may refer your provider to care credit through the link.

Enter your information and provider information in the referring form and submit it to Care Credit. The CareCredit team will contact your provider on your behalf and discuss the benefits of joining the CareCredit network.

Will I receive a confirmation for a mobile app payment?

If you have made a payment then you will receive a confirmation email on your registered email address. You may also use the push notification service available in the mobile app.

Push notifications will help you to get a reminder every time for your payment status, due date, payment confirmation, etc.

The push notification service option is available in the “More” section of the mobile app.

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