CBSE Training Portal Login- Teacher Online Registration 2023

What is the CBSE Training Portal? How to register, log in, and attend the online training program? What are the features and benefits of the CBSE Training portal? How teachers can access the different training programs online? Check all updated information in this article.

Quality education is the top priority of the Indian government. We have also seen several reforms and policy changes in the Education sector in the past few years. The new education policy is the best example of how the Indian government is working to improve the quality of Education. Because education in any country is the primary pillar and foundation of the Country’s development and success in every field.

Central Board of Secondary Education which is the top education board and is popular for the best and quality education has implemented a training program to improve the fundamental teaching skills, behaviors, and other aspects that are necessary to provide quality education.

CBSE Training Portal

CBSE training portal is an online web portal developed by the CBSE Academic IT Unit to provide training to teachers across India. All teachers who are teaching in CBSE-affiliated schools can attend the training programs managed by the different CBSE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE in India and enhance their skills, and capabilities.

CBSE Training portal homepage

By following the “National Curriculum Framework of Teacher Education and the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009” Apart from the training program, the CBSE Training portal provides Training Capacity Building Programmes, and other important services to teachers, teaching-related resources, documents, and forms.

Purpose of the CBSE Training Portal

Quality education:
The main purpose of this portal is to improve the overall quality of the current education system in India. Good quality training is the most important factor in deciding the overall education level.

Empower teachers:
These online training sessions are conducted with expert trainers who help teachers to get the essential information. This way we are empowering our teachers and ultimately helping in the country’s success.

Provide Training program access:
CBSE training portal is a centralized hub that provides access to a variety of training-related resources through its web-based interface. Teachers can access the video session and other resources through their login.

Provide help to other education boards:
The CBSE training portal is indirectly helping other state and central boards. Teachers who get the training from the CBSE training portal can migrate to other state or central boards such as the ICSE board, Uttar Pradesh board, Bihar education board, etc.

Student help:
By helping teachers, we are also helping our students to offer them improved and quality education. This way we are ensuring the students will achieve their academic goals and get successful careers after completing their education.

Features of the CBSE Training Portal

i. Live training video:
There are a lot of online training sessions scheduled regularly to provide training to teachers. All registered teachers can access these live video sessions through their accounts. These video sessions cover training related to different secondary and senior secondary subjects, general CBPS for teachers, Prospective Resource Persons Programmes, Special Programmes, etc.

ii. Important forms:
Important forms such as registration forms for Resource persons, and venue directors are available on the portal and anyone can download them whenever required.

iii. User manuals:
User manuals for individuals participant and school management are also available on the portal. Users can download them and get an idea about how to use the CBSE Training portal and its services.

iv. Helpline access:
In case of any payment or technical issues, users may take help through the helpline details available at the portal.

v. Contact information:
Contact details for the director training are also available which we have also mentioned below.

Dr. Ram Shankar

Shiksha Sadan, 17, Rouse Avenue,
Institutional Area, Opposite Bal Bhawan,
Near ITO, New Delhi – 110002
Tel: 011-23232106
Email: [email protected]

Technical Requirements to access the CBSE training portal

Please check the below-mentioned basic requirements.

  • Teachers must have a secure and latest device to access the portal.
  • The device must use the latest operating system for proper functioning.
  • Mic and Speaker must be available on the device to access the video sessions and communicate with the instructor.
  • The latest and most secure web browser that is compatible to run online videos smoothly must be installed on the device. Users may download the latest version of popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, etc.
  • Installing the latest antivirus will be an added advantage.
  • A good quality internet connection must be available. Please note that the internet connection must provide a good browsing speed to run the online videos without buffering.
  • Users must have their login credentials to access the portal.
  • Please register first and create your user ID and password.

How to attend a training program on the CBSE training portal?

Check out the step-by-step procedure on how a teacher can attend a training session on the CBSE training portal.

Step 1: Select Schedule & Venue

The first step is to decide when you are going to attend the training program and which location you will prefer in case of an offline training program and which Center of excellence host you will prefer in the case of the online session. To check this information, please follow the below steps.

  1. Open the official CBSE training portal
  2. There is a floating notification available on the home page for the offline and online CBP as mentioned below.
  3. Click any link and check the training details such as venue, date, topic, training start & end date, registration start & end date, number of seats, contact person, etc.
  4. Once you have decided about your training program, you can move to the registration process.

Step 2: Register on the CBSE training portal

Now you will have to register for the training program. For that, you will have to sign up on the CBSE training portal and create your user ID and password. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Open the official portal and click on the online/offline registration link.
  2. On the next page, select the register link after the training program you want to attend.
CBSE Training portal registration page
  1. You will find a registration form on the next screen. Fill out the personal details including address, mobile number, email address, qualification, and school details, and create a new user ID and password.
  2. After entering all required details, press the “Submit Details” button.
  3. Your registration has been completed and you can proceed with the fee payment.

Step 3: Pay the required fee

After filling up the registration form, a confirmation message will appear on the screen including a link for the payment. Click the “Proceed to make payment” link. An online payment facility is available if you are an Individual participant. Pay the required fee through your credit card/debit card or net banking.

Step 4: Confirmation

After the payment, users will get a successful payment message on the screen. Users can download the fee receipt also for future reference. If somehow payment is not successful then users can log in to their account and make the payment again. Successful payment means you can attend the training session.

Step 5: Log in to the CBSE training portal & attend the training

Users may follow the below steps to log in.

  1. Open the CBSE Training portal
  2. In the “Login As” link in the top menu, select the Individual Participant login option.
  3. A login page for the Individual participant will appear on the screen(as shown below).
CBSE Training portal login page
  1. Now enter your User ID and Password you have created while registering your account.
  2. Enter the given security pin and press the Login button.
  3. You have successfully logged in to your account.


  • Please note that you will get an email from your chosen CoE regarding your training including a link to attend the training.
  • You must click that link and join the training session.
  • If don’t receive any link then contact the CoE through the contact details given on the contact us page on the CBSE training portal.
  • The attendance link will be posted in the chat box during the training time.
  • You must mark your attendance through that link. Your certificate will be generated only after your presence confirmation.

Step 6: Download e-certificate

After completion of training, All teachers will get their certification from the CBSE. Teachers can download their certification through the CBSE training portal. Please follow the below steps to download your certificate.

  1. Visit the official web portal
  2. There is a “CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD E-CERTIFICATE” link in the mid of this page.
  3. Click this link. On the next page, you will find different links to download e-certificate as per your training program.
  4. Please click the appropriate link.
  5. A login page will appear on the screen enter your login credentials and access your account.
  6. Now you can download your e-certificate from your account.

Step 7: Share your feedback

You will have to provide feedback for your training session. This feedback will help to improve the training program in the future. Feedback links will be activated by respective CoE for the participants who have marked their presence during the training.

Please click the feedback link and log in to your account. After login, You can share your feedback like how you found training and whether there is any improvement required or any other suggestion you want to share.


i-Phone support: Please call 011-23232106, 23211200

ii-Payment-related Email support:

Amit Singh [email protected]
Vikram Singh [email protected]
Ripon Bhattacharjee [email protected]

For Technical help: Please contact the IT helpdesk at trainingportal.itunit@editorial-staff


Name of the portalCBSE Training Portal
Developed byCBSE Academic IT Unit
Developed forAll teachers teaching in CBSE-affiliated schools
PurposeTo provide training and improve the teaching quality
Official website


What is the training fee?

Training fee is different for the different training program. Currently, the fee for all the General Capacity Building Programmes and Subject-specific programs is Rs. 1000/- per day.

The fee for the Prospective Resource Persons’ CBP is Rs. 1500/- and Induction Programme(s) for School Administrator(s) / Manager(s) is Rs. 2500/-

How to check the list of all training programs currently open?

You can find a list of all training programs currently open for the registration through link.

Visit this link and check out the training program details such as the last date to register, training date and fee details, etc.

How can I check today’s training program list?

You may visit to find all the training programs that are going to be conducted today.

What types of capacity-building programs are available through the CBSE training portal?

CBSE training portal provides the below types of CBP.


English (Class X)
Science (Class X)
Mathematics (Class X)
Social Science (Class X)
Hindi-A (Class X)


English Core (Class XII)
Business Studies
Python Language training program for Computer Science (083) and Informatics Practices (065)


Classroom Management
Values Education
Inclusion & Inclusive Strategies
Career Guidance
Gender Sensitivity
Life Skills
Remodelled Structure of Assessment
Adolescent Education
Stress Management
Joyful Mathematics
LEADING TRANSFORMATION-Programme for Principals on Leadership




How can I download the user manual?

The user manual is available on the CBSE training portal. You may download it and check all details about how to register and attend the training program.

You may Click the User Manuals menu item and select the individual participant or school management option. You may also click the below links to directly download the user manuals.

i-User manual for individual participant
ii-User manual for school management

What type of login options are available on the CBSE training portal?

There are different login options available for different types of users. Please check out the login type and respective login links.

You may directly visit the login page on the CBSE training portal by clicking the respective login link.

i-School Management login –
ii-Individual Participant login –
iii-Centre of Excellence login –
iv-Training Headquarters login –
v-Training Administrator login –
vi-Head COE login –
vii-DDO Login –
viii-Resource Person login –
ix-Venue director login –


As per the “Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act-2009,” every student deserved a free and quality education in India. CBSE plays a pivotal role in improving school education in India by enhancing the teacher’s learning capabilities through the CBSE training portal and affecting the country’s development goal in a positive way.

In this article, we have tried to share all important information and an overview of the CBSE training portal. Please let us know your view on this article.

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