Comerica Web Banking Login 2023 [❤️Easy Account Access]

Comerica Bank login and related information will be discussed in this article. We have shared all login links and step-by-step procedures to login into all types of accounts for Personal, Commercial banking, Small business, and Wealth Connect.

How to log in to your Comerica Bank account?

There are different types of personal banking accounts you can log in to.

  1. Comerica web banking login
  2. Comerica Mobile banking login through the mobile website
  3. Comerica Mobile banking login through mobile apps
  4. Comerica securities online login
  5. Comerica credit card login
  6. Comerica wealth connect login

Let’s discuss how customers can log in to any account.

Login requirements:

There are some important information and prerequisites to be ready.

  • Customers must have enrolled for the banking services they want to log in and access their account. If you are login to online banking then first enroll in online banking.
  • After the enrollment customers will receive their User ID and Password which will be used to login into the account.
  • Customers must have a secure device to access banking services.
  • A proper working internet connection must be available.

Comerica web banking login

Comerica web banking is the online banking service offered to customers. All customers can access the online web banking services through the Comerica bank desktop website.

Customers can access the below-mentioned accounts through the Web Banking login.

  • Web Banking for Personal Banking
  • Web Banking for Small Business
  • Web Banking for Commercial Banking

Please follow the below steps to log in.

Step 1: Open the official website.

Step 2: Click the log-in link located at the top right corner.

Step 3: Enter your Comercia banking User ID and Password and click the Log-In button to access your web banking account.

Comerica Mobile banking login through a mobile website

Comerica Mobile banking is also another facility offered by the bank where customers can access the banking services through a mobile website

Mobile banking login through the mobile site is similar to the web banking login process. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Open the mobile banking website. You will see a different mobile website.

It is a touch-browser version of the mobile website. You can also access a more simplified version by clicking the Basic browser button if you are not using a touch-enabled device like an iPad.

Step 2: Just enter your Login ID and Password in the login form and hit the Login button to access your mobile banking account.

Comerica Mobile banking login through mobile apps

Comerica Bank has developed mobile apps so that customers can access mobile banking services anytime whenever they want.

Mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms and customers can download them according to their device.

First of all, you will have to download the mobile apps on your smartphone.

  • Open a web browser on your smartphone.
  • Visit the Mobile banking page for personal banking.
  • You will find the Android and iOS app links there. Click the App link which is compatible with your smartphone.
  • A new app store or google play store page will appear on the mobile screen.
  • Click the Install link to download the mobile app on your smartphone.

You may also download the mobile apps through the direct links available below.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent versionSize
AndroidAndroid app3.0.095 MB
iOSiOS app3.0.066.5 MB

After downloading the mobile app you can open the app on your smartphone. You will see a login page.

Enter your User ID and Password in the Comercia app login form and tap the Login button to access your account.

Comerica securities online login

  • Open the official website and click the Login button.
  • On the login screen select Comerica Securities Online under “Log in to other Comerica services”. You will be redirected to Comerica Securities welcome page. You can also visit the Comerica Securities page directly.
  • Click the log-in link. A login form will appear in a new window (as shown below).
  • In the login form enter your User ID, and Password and click the Login button to access your Comerica Securities account. If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can click the Register button and set up your account.

Comerica credit card (my account access) login

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Login button.

Step 2: On the login screen select Comerica Credit Card under “Log in to other Comerica services”. You will be redirected to my account access page of Comerica credit card.

Step 3: On the Myaccountaccess page you will see a login form (as shown above). Enter your Personal ID and click the Continue button.

Step 4: On the next screen enter your password and click the Login button to access your credit card account.

Comerica wealth connect login

Customers can access the below-mentioned account through the Comerica Wealth Connect login.

  • Comerica Wealth Connect
  • Comerica Money Market Manager
  • Comerica Trust Online

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Login button. Choose the Comerica Wealth Connect login option from the drop-down menu located below the login form.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the Comerica Wealth Connect login page.

Step 3: In the login form, enter your User ID, Password, and click the Login button to access your Wealth connect account.

Comerica 1849 Wealth Connect login

Open the 1849 Wealth Connect login page. Enter your User ID, and Password, and click the Login button to access the 1849 Wealth Connect account.

Other Comerica login options

All the above login procedures apply to Comerica’s personal banking accounts. Comerica Bank also offers many products for Small businesses, Commercial Banking, and Wealth Management.

For some products, the login procedure is the same such as web banking but for some products login options are different.

Comerica Business Connect Login

If you are using the Comerica Commercial banking account then you can access your account through the Comerica Business Connect login option.

Customers can access the below-mentioned accounts through the Comerica Business Connect login page.

  • Comerica Business Connect
  • Comerica GlobalTRADE Web
  • Comerica eFX
  • Healthcare Receivables Automation

Please check the below steps to log in.

Step 1: Open the Comerica website and click the Commercial link from the top bar.

Step 2: Click the Login button located at the top right corner. A login form will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Enter your User ID, PIN, and Token Code in the login form. Click the Log-In button to access your account.

Benefit Payments Online login page

Log on with your corporate credentials to request new tokens and manage existing tokens. Forgot your user ID? Contact your administrator.

Comerica Commercial Card login page

Comerica Commercial Card. To obtain your Cardholder Initial Login Instructions, please enter your registered email address. For security reasons, we will not confirm whether the information entered is valid. For assistance with User Name or Password questions, please call 800.759.9610.

Comerica Charitable Trust login page

CCT Donor Funds. Login to Your Account. We are pleased to present this online platform for individuals or entities that have donor-advised or donor-designated funds with the Comerica Charitable Trust.

How to set up a Comerica Web Banking account?

If you are a first-time user then you can enroll in the Web Banking service online through the official website. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Comerica Bank website and click the Enroll button available on the Login form.

Step 2: You will see an online application form (as shown below).

Step 3: Customers can fill out and submit this form in four steps.

  1. Account Information – Enter the required account-related details in the application form and click the Continue Setup button.
  2. Authentication – Authenticate yourself through the available options.
  3. Terms & Conditions – Accept the terms and conditions and proceed with the next step.
  4. Create Web Banking Profile – In the final step, the customer can create a User ID and Password to access the account in the future.

Comerica Bank features and services

Once you log in to your web banking account, you will see your account dashboard page. The dashboard page will be different in the desktop browser and mobile apps but offers similar functionality.

You will see the below-mentioned services in the top menu.

The overview section shows you all basic account details such as account summary, the balance of your checking, saving, and CD account, links for a quick transfer, scheduled transfer, and transaction summary. You will also find the bill payment link in the overview section.

The account section shows a detailed overview of your accounts with Comerica Bank. There are three subsections in the Account section.

  1. Summary – Customers can view the current balance and available balance of their savings, checking, and money market account.
  2. Activity – Customers can view their account activity and details about different transactions in this section.
  3. Export transactions – Customers can export a list of the transactions.

View your account statements in this section.

There are three sub-sections in the Transfers menu.

  1. Between Comerica Accounts – Customers can perform Add internal transfer, pending transfer, and transfer history tasks in this section.
  2. Between External Accounts – The customer can transfer money to an external account and check the transfer activity
  3. Send Money with Zelle – Customers can use Zelle which is a money transfer service.

Bill Pay:
You can pay your card insurance, cellular company, department store, etc types of bills. Customers can also check pending payments and recent payments in this section. There are three sub-sections of the Bill Pay tab.

  1. Pay Bills
  2. My Accounts
  3. Help Center

Mobile Banking/ Alerts:
This section will show you all the settings available for mobile banking services. The below subsections are available in this section.

  • My Settings – Customers can add or manage their mobile devices in this section.
  • My Accounts
  • My Alerts

Message Center: There is a Message link above the top menu that redirects customers to the Message center. Customers can view important messages they received or they can send a message to the bank.

Self-Service: A Self-Service link is located just after the Messages link at the top side. Customers will find the below-mentioned self-service options after clicking this link.

  • Reorder checks / Deposit slips
  • Request to stop a paper check
  • Change address request
  • Sub user management
  • Sub user activity
  • Manage account preferences
  • Update email and phone
  • Manage security questions and answers
  • Change my password/ User ID
  • Different types of Terms & conditions, etc

Log Out: The Log Out link is located at the top right corner. Click this link to log out once you finish your work.

Customer Service

In case of any issue or inquiry please contact Online Banking Department at 888-444-9876 or send a text message “HELP” to 26265.

Automated Voice System: An automated voice system is also available 24/7 where customers can speak some basic commands and get assistance. Comerica’s automated voice system is accessible by calling 800-266-3742.

Customers can use the below-mentioned basic commands to get the answers to their questions.

  • account balance
  • transfer funds 
  • transaction history 
  • stolen debit card 
  • lost debit card 
  • add travel notes 
  • card fraud 
  • stop a check 
  • unrecognized transactions 
  • reset my password or reset my online banking password

How to use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System?

First of all, you will have to enroll in the Comerica VoiceSafe authentication system. To enroll, just call the customer service number 800-266-3742.

After enrollment, your voice will be used as a unique identifier for your account similar to a fingerprint.

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Terms &


Bank nameComerica Bank
Started inAugust 17, 1849
CEOCurtis C. Farmer
Number of employees worldwide7,600+
HeadquartersDallas, Texas
FDIC MemberYes

Comerica Banking FAQs

How can I reset my web banking password?

It is a very easy process and customers can reset their password within minutes. Visit the Web Banking login page and click the Forgot Password link. A password reset page will appear on the screen.

Enter your Username and registered email address in the password reset form and click the Next button. You will have to verify your identity now by answering the security question which you have created while enrolling in web banking.

After the verification, you will see a new page where you can create a new password for your account.

How can I reset my Comerica web banking password?

Please follow the below steps to create a new password if you are getting the wrong password error.

-Open the web banking login page and click Forgot your Password link.
-Enter your registered User ID and email address and click the Next button.
-Answer the security questions that you have set up while enrolling in the web banking and click the Next button.
-On the next page, you can create a new password if your answers are correct.
-If you forgot the correct answers then you will have to call the customer service number to regain access to your account.

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