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Eehhaaa app login | related information such as how to log in, register yourself, and earn money by watching ads will be discussed in this article. If you want to know full details about how you will get the most out of the eehhaaa advertising platform then you may read this article.

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What is the Eehhaaa app?

Eehhaaa is an online advertising platform that runs on its “Advertising for anyone, anywhere” business model. Advertisers place ads on the eehhaaa app and viewers watch these ads. Eehhaaa pays users to watch for the ads through their platform if the users have enrolled in the program and registered on the official website.

How does this process work?

Everyone knows about advertising and its benefits to improve brand awareness and product selling. These days everyone is using digital media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook and consuming a lot of content in terms of videos, texts, and images.

Big brands and advertisers pay a lot of money in advertising their products on these media platforms to make users aware of their products. Viewers watch their advertisements but don’t get anything.

Suppose you are watching a video. What if you earn money by watching ads also along with entertaining yourself? Is it really p[ossible?

The good news is that you can earn money by watching ads on eehhaa app which works according to the below-mentioned business model.

  • Advertisers signup on to the eehhaaa platform and set up their target audiences according to their products or brands.
  • Viewers sign up on the platform and set up their profiles according to their interests.
  • eehhaaa app shows only the relevant ads to the viewers.
  • Viewers get the relevant ads based on their interests.
  • Viewers earn money by watching ads.
  • If viewers find the ads interesting and want to know more about the product then he/she may click on the ad this way viewers help the advertisers by buying the products or services in found useful.

In short eehhaaa app helps both advertisers and viewers and provides an opportunity to earn money.

How can you make money by eehhaaa login?

It’s a very simple process that can be completed within minutes.

  • If you are a new member then visit the official website and Signup as a new user.
  • Set up your profile and choose your interest.
  • Log in to the website by using your login credentials.
  • Start earning money by watching ads.
  • Get paid once you earn a specific amount of money.

If you have read all the above information, benefits, and objectives of the eehhaaa app then the next question is how to set up your profile.

Read below to get full information.

Eehhaaa app registration process

Eehhaaa app registration process can be completed online through the official website. All you need is a working internet connection and a device to open the eehhaaa website. Please check the registration process given below.

Step 1: Open the, or you may click here if the previous link is not working.

Step 2: Click the Get Started link available on the top side of the homepage. You will find a registration form on the same page (as shown below).

eehhaaa app registration form

Step 3: You will have to fill out this form. Enter all the required details and complete your registration process.

Step 4: After the registration, you will have to set up your profile and choose your interest areas so that eehhaaa app will show you the relevant ads only based on the submitted topics you have an interest in.

eehhaaa app Sign up with JaaLifestyle

If you have already registered on the JaaLifestyle then the registration process is very easy for you. You may signup through your JaaLifestyle login credentials.

Please follow the below steps.

Step #1: Open the Signup form on the official website as we did in the last section.

Step #2: At the end of this sign-up form you will find the Sign up with JaaLifestyle link. Click this link to proceed further. A registration form will appear in a new window on the same page (as shown below).

eehhaaa jaalifestyle sign-up form

Step 3: Just enter your Jaa lifestyle username and password and click the Submit button. After that, you will have to set up your profile.

How to login on Eehhaaa app?

If you are a registered member or just completed your registration process then you may log in to the website and start watching ads. You may follow the below steps to log in securely on the official website.

Open the official Viewers login page on the official website. You will see a login form similar o the below image.

eehhaaa app login form

eehhaaa Login options:

On this page, you will get different login options.

  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Sign in with JAALifestyle

You may use anyone login option at your convenience. Let’s discuss how you can log in through the different available options.

i-eehhaaa app Sign in with your username and password:

If you have created an account by using your email id and password then enter that information in the login form and click the Log-In button.

ii-eehhaaa Sign in with Google:

You may use the Google login option which will use your google login credentials. Just click the Sign In with Google link located below the login form. You will be redirected to your google account selection page. Now click on your Google account link which you want to use for the login on eehhaaa app.

iii-eehhaaa login with Facebook:

You may also use the Facebook login option. Almost all people have a Facebook account so this login option is also available for quick login. Just click the Sign In with Facebook link and enter your Facebook login credentials.

iv-eehhaaa login with JAALifestyle:

The jaaLifestyle login option is also included. Since JaaLifestyle also provides similar kinds of services and features so this login option has been included. Just click the Sign In with JaaLifestyle link. A JaaLifestyle login form will appear in a small window (as shown below).

eehhaaa app jaalifestyle login form

Enter your JAA Username and Password and click the Submit button to log in.

We have shared all login options above. If you don’t feel safe through the Facebook or Google login option then simply use the email id and password login option or the Jaa Lifestyle login option.

How to recover eehhaaa account’s lost password?

In case you forgot your login password then you can recover that easily through the option available on the official website.

  • Open the official website.
  • Click the Forgot Password link located on the login form.
  • On the next page, enter your email address and click the Reset button.
  • You will receive an email including a password recovery link.
  • Just open your email inbox and click the link the password reset link you got. If you don’t find an email then check your spam or junk folder.
  • After clicking the password reset link you will be redirected to a new page where you can create a new password for your eehhaaa account.

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Is eehhaaa app beneficial for advertisers also?

We have discussed all the benefits that viewers will get through the eehhaaa online app. But what if you are an advertiser? Does this app beneficial for advertisers also and what kind of benefits advertisers will get? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Since the Eehhaaa app was built on the concept of Advertising for anyone, anywhere, advertisers get many types of benefits as mentioned below.

  • Advertisers can target their audience through the eehhaaa app.
  • The app will be shown to the targeted audience only so that only interested viewers will see the ads.
  • Due to targeting the right person, conversion possibilities are high and viewers may be converted into a customer with a high probability.
  • Advertisers can target their audience anywhere in the world.
  • By targeting the right audience advertisers will save on their advertising budget which will improve the advertising campaign efficiency.
  • There are a number of pre-defined criteria available that advertisers can use to choose their global audience. Advertisers can target the audience of any specific country also.
  • Advertisers can check the ad’s data analytics and measure the performance and conversion rate through the inbuilt analytics module.
  • Advertisers will get a proper impression and engagement matrices that can be filtered according to days, weeks, or months. These statistics will be available for both individual and total campaigns.

Note: Eehhaaa charged the advertisers based on the impression. If someone clicks on any ads and visits the website then Pay per click charges will not be applied to the advertisers and they will pay only for watching the ads.

What is the advertiser’s campaign process on eehhaaa app?

The campaign process is divided into 5 steps.

  1. Sign up
  2. Upload your ad or video ad
  3. Define your audience
  4. Set your budget and duration
  5. Launch your campaign

Let’s discuss each step in detail.

i-Advertisers Sign-up on eehhaaa app:

The first step is to Sign Up on the official website and create an advertiser profile. Please follow the below steps.

Step #1: Open the official website and click the Sign-Up link located at the top right side.

Step #2: A new window will appear on the screen. Select Advertiser from the given options. You will be redirected to the advertiser’s registration form.

eehhaaa sign up form for advertisers

Step #3: Fill out this Sign-up form and complete the registration process.

Advertisers login on eehhaaa app:

After the registration advertisers can log in to the official website with the help of the below steps.

advertiser Sign in form on eehhaaa app
  • Enter your email id and password and click the Sign In button.

ii-Upload your ad:

If you already have an existing advertising creative then you may use that. Advertisers may also upload a new video ad or create a new ad with the help of easy-to-use ad creation tools. File size, aspect ratio, and other criteria can be easily set up.

iii-Define your audience:

There is a lot of predefined set of criteria that advertisers can use to define and target the right audience. Advertisers can target their audience based on Country, city, Gender, Age, interest, etc. Advertisers can choose from 86 interests from 18 categories currently available on the platform.

The top 10 categories available on the eehhaaa platforms are mentioned below.

  1. Clothes
  2. Movies & TV
  3. Shoes
  4. Food
  5. TVs
  6. Children
  7. Computer hardware
  8. Beauty products
  9. Audio
  10. Restaurants

If we talk about demographic interest then the top 10 countries having the maximum viewers are mentioned below.

  1. India
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Nigeria
  4. Indonesia
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Malaysia
  7. Nepal
  8. Pakistan
  9. Algeria
  10. Egypt

More information about this can be found on the Advertiser Media Pack page.

iv-Set your budget and duration:

Eehhaaa charges 0.42 EUR per view for a normal 60-second ad. It means advisers will have to pay approx 35.83 INR for each ad view. Advertisers can set the budget and duration of the campaign according to their convenience.

v-Launch your campaign:

After setting the budget and duration advertisers are now ready to launch their campaign. After making the campaign live, All the campaign analytics data and engagement metrics can be accessed through the advertiser’s account dashboard page.


Important links:

Official website
Viewers login page
Advertiser login page
Advertisers page
Viewers registration page
Advertisers registration page

Current Demographic statistics:

Total users5,875,332
Average daily ad views49 Million
Age range18 – 99 years
GenderMale-71.96 %
Female-27.97 %
Other-0.03 %
Prefer not to say-0.05 %

Eehhaaa Company Highlights:

Company nameEEHHAAA Ltd
LocationDublin, Republic of Ireland
Business Location224 countries and island territories

Final Eehhaaa Reviews

Some people are asking whether eehhaaa is a legit website or a fake website. There is not much information available about the company. We only know the company name. There is no information about the company owner, directors, number of employees, etc.

These things raise doubts. We advise you to properly check all information about the company before making any account.

Another point is that if a viewer joins the platform through a free plan then they get the opportunity to earn a very low amount of money. The company has paid plan to earn a high income through watching the ads.

Finally, if you are going to make an account then initially use the free plan option and analyze the overall benefit, earning potential, and risks before going for a paid plan.


How to download the Eehhaaa app?

Eehhaaa does not have any android or iOS apps. Eehhaaa has made a responsive website by using the latest technologies. Their website works best on all devices such as desktops, mobiles, or tablets. Users can simply access the official website by typing their website URL into any modern browser.

How can I contact Eehhaaa?

There is a Contact Us link located at the footer of the official website. If you click this link then you will see a contact us form in a popup. Just fill out this contact form, write any message and Submit.

How eehhaaa and their viewers earn money?

Eehhaaa charges the advertisers and earns money based on the impression. 0.42 EUR which is equal to 35.83 INR is charged per ad view. Viewers can earn money by just visiting the ads.

They will get around 20 ads in a day to watch. Viewers also earn money by referring their friends and if their friends join the platform then viewers also get a share of their earnings.

What type of campaign plans are available?

There are three plans available for ad campaigns. Basic, Pro, and Custom plan. These plans differ on the basis of ad views and pricing.

Basic Plan: In this plan, advertisers will get 476 ads to show by paying a price of €200.
Pro Plan: In this plan, advertisers will get 714 ads to show by paying a price of €300.
Custom Plan: There is a custom plan for large spending and advertisers can calculate the pricing and ads through the online calculator available on the official website.

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