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What is Manav Sampada portal?

Manav Sampada Aadesh is a Personnel MIS software developed by the NIC after customizing eHRMS product to provide complete human resource management solutions to Government employees of Uttar Pradesh and provide facilities like promotion, leave application, service book, etc.

This portal has been developed as a tool for the management of human resources of the departments of the Government of Uttar Pradesh keeping in view the specific requirements of the employees of UP State directed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, MHRD.

ehrms manav sampada UP

Initially, the portal was implemented by the Yogi Adityanath government for the online leave management of government employees. Now 84 departments have been connected with the portal in Uttar Pradesh.

मानव संपदा उत्तर प्रदेश आर्टिकल हिंदी में पढ़े

Manav Sampada ehrms login

All employees of different departments can log in online by using the eHRMS employee id login option available on the official portal and use all available services on the employee dashboard page. Please check the below details to log in.

Step#1: Open the portal. There is a “Login” link on the right side.

manav sampada login link

Step#2: Click on the link. A new login window will appear on the screen.

Step#3: Now enter the below information in the login form.

  • User Department
  • User Id
  • Password
  • Security code

After entering the above details click on the “Login” button. After the successful login to the portal, all state employees can start using the available services.

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New Updates:

CM Yogi Aditya Nath inaugurates Manav Sampada portal: CM Yogi Aditya Nath attended the police decoration ceremony on 2nd October 2021. He launched the Manav Sampada portal for the UP police. He also distributed medals to many police officers.

How to log in to Manav Sampada UP Police?

Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh Police portal has been developed by the UP Police Technical Services in collaboration with National Informatics Center. All employees and department officers can log in to this new Manav Sampada portal with the help of the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open the official website You will see a login form on the homepage (as shown below).

manav sampada up police login form

Step 2: There are two types of login options available.

i-Department Login – Select this option if you are a department official. Enter your user id, and password and click the Get OTP button. After that, enter the OTP received on your registered mobile.

ii-Employee Login – All employees can select the Employee option on the login screen. After that, enter the PNO number and click the Get OTP button. On the next screen, enter the OTP to log in to the portal.

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How to submit an Annual Property return (APR)?

Now all employees of the Uttar Pradesh government must submit their Movable and Immovable property returns on the official Manav Sampada portal. Information related to the movable, immovable, and other valuable expensive property that employees have or purchased in a financial year must be shared. Employees will have to share APR with their Education reporting officer. Please check the below steps to submit a property return online.

Step 1: Open the official portal and log in by using your user ID and password.

Step 2: After the login employees will have to click the Annual Property Return (APR) link located under the General module on the employee dashboard page. You will get two options.

  • File/ View return
  • View/ Print submitted return

Step 3: Click the File/ View return link. On the next page, you will have to make a reporting officer if you have not done it earlier. Click the Add a reporting officer link and make your ‘Block Education officer’ a reporting officer. You can search reporting officers by “Fix by ECode” and “Fix by Search”. After that click the Save button. Your reporting officer has been created.

Step 4: Again click the Annual Proper Return (APR) link and after that click the File/ View return link. You will see your created reporting officer on the next screen. Now select the Financial year from the drop-down menu and click the Submit button. You will get a warning “please fill your data carefully. Data once locked can not be edited”.

Step 5: Now select if you have any immovable property such as a house or land registered in your name. After that select yes or no for a land property. If you select yes then enter the details of the land you own such as district, Tehsil, village, type of property, area, acquired or ancestral, date of purchase, etc. After that click the Add land property link. Your immovable property return has been submitted successfully to your reporting officer.

Step 6: Similarly you can submit the details related to your movable and other valuable property return to your reporting officer. Apart from this, you can view the details of the previously filed property returns by clicking on the View / Print submitted return link.

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How to find eHRMS code?

If you don’t remember your employee code then you can find that through the official portal. Please check the steps given below to find your HRMS code which is required to log in to the portal.

Step #1: Open the official website.

Step #2: On the home page there is a Public Window category visible just below the menu (as shown below).

You will see the below-mentioned links in the Public Window section.

  • Data entry status
  • Office list
  • Fact sheet
  • Search HRMS code
  • PI Status

Step #3: Click the Search HRMS code option. A new window will appear on the screen where you can search the HRMS code in two ways.

  1. Search by mobile
  2. Search by posting office

i-Search by mobile:

Enter your mobile number and click the Submit button. Your HRMS code will be displayed on the screen.

ehrms code search mobile number option uttar pradesh

ii-Search by posting office:

Enter the below-mention details in the search form.

ehrms code search posting office option uttar pradesh
  • Department
  • Organization
  • Posting District
  • Reporting Office
  • Posting Office
  • Designation

After that click the Submit button. Your HRMS code will be displayed on the screen.

How to reset Manav Sampada up login password?

If you forgot your HRMS password then you can use the password reset facility available on the portal. You may follow the below-given steps to reset your password.

Step #1: Open the official website.

Step #2: Now click the login link given at the top right side of the official website. A new login form will appear on the screen.

Step #3: Now click on the Forgot Password button given on the login form.

hrms up forgot password page

Step #4: On the next page, select the department and enter the user id. After that select any one option from below

  • Via Email – If you want to receive the OTP on your email id.
  • Via SMS – If you want to receive an OTP through SMS to reset your password

Step #5: Click on any one option from email and SMS, A popup will appear on the same page (as shown below).

password OTP confirmation pop up hrms up

Step #6: Now click on the OK link to receive a new password on your Mobile if you have selected the SMS option.

Step #7: Now you can log in by using your id and new password. After the login, you will have to change your password to replace the system-generated password.

update uttar pradesh hrms password

On this page enter your old password and enter the new password of your choice two times, enter the captcha solution and click the Save button.

Your password has been changed successfully.

ehrms portal Employee Dashboard features

After the login Employees will see their employee dashboard page where a lot of employee-specific useful links and information are available.

ehrms uttar pradesh employee dashboard

On the top side, employees can see the department name, HRMS code, Employee name, and posting location.

On the left side of the employee’s dashboard, page employees will find some below-mentioned useful links.

  • Employee dashboard
  • View e-service book
  • Update contact detail
  • Upload scanned signature
  • Upload training detail
  • Upload documents
  • Upload exam passed detail
  • Update password
  • Update reporting officer

On the right side of the employee’s dashboard page employees will find some more information as given below.

  • Employee posting detail
  • Employee contact detail
  • Employee salary detail
  • Other detail
  • Tour attended (last two years)
  • Leave details (last two years)
  • Change password
  • View e-service book
  • Update reporting officer

Check all details about the EHRMS original product in the linked article.

This HRMS portal is also helping the Uttar Pradesh government fulfill its digitization objective across all departments. Digitization further helps in reducing scams.

Recently in June 2020, the Uttar Pradesh government caught a Teacher working on the credentials of many teachers and drawing almost 1 crore rs salary. After this scam UP government ordered all teachers to update their e-service book in Manav Sampada up basic education department.

Around 5.9 lacks teachers completed this task and during this probe by the STF around 350 Teachers were arrested who were working on other teachers’ credentials. Click here for more details.

Initially, the Uttar Pradesh government ordered the Basic Education Council of Uttar Pradesh that all teachers and non-teaching employees, and staff can apply for leave after downloading the M Sampada portal. After successful implementation, all other departments have also connected with the portal.


Name of the portalManav Sampada Uttar Pradesh
Also known aseHRMS Uttar Pradesh
Developed byNIC, UP State Centre, Lucknow
Official solution providerMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India
PurposeTo provide a product-based HRMS tool for government employees
BeneficiaryAll citizens of Uttar Pradesh
Registered departments83
Department administrators228
Registered employees1388000

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Current Statistics (Uttar Pradesh):


UP Service Book status:

Verified record882,833
Pending record29,264

How to check the data entry status?

Anyone can check the data entry status of different departments through the online HRMS portal.

Please have a look at the below-given process.

Step #1: Open the official website

Step #2: On the home page, click on the Data entry status link under the Public Window section. A new page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

ehrms data entry status check page

Step #3: Select department, organization, and district, and click the “View Report” button. You will see the detailed report as shown below.

ehrms data entry status report

You can also download the data entry status report in an excel sheet.

How to check the office list?

Now you can check the department-wise office list from the portal. To check office details please follow the below-given steps.

Step#1: Open the official portal

Step#2: Now click the Office List link under the Public Window section. A new page will appear on the screen where you can search the office.

hrms up office list check page

Step#3: Now select the Department, Organisation, District, and Office categories. After that click the View report button. You will see a report of different offices including office addresses, reporting offices, etc. You may also export this list as an excel sheet for further use.

Check the PI Status report

Please check the process to search PI status reports.

Step#1: Visit the official portal

Step#2: On the home page you will find the PI status link under the Public Window section. Click on this link. A new window will appear on the screen. (as shown below).

uttar pradesh hrms pi status check page

Step#3: On this page, select department and organization and click the “View Report” button. A report will appear just below the search form (as shown below).

hrms uttar pradesh pi status report

You can download this report in an excel sheet.

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Download Manav Sampada forms

मानव सम्पदा लागू करने की प्रक्रिया
मानव संपदा में डिपार्टमेंट एडमिनिस्ट्रेटर द्वारा किए जाने वाले कार्य
मानव संपदा में विभागीय पंजीकरण का फार्म
मानव संपदा में कर्मचारी पंजीकरण का फार्म
सेवा पुस्तिका डेटा संग्रह फार्म
परफॉर्मेंस आधारित स्थानांतरण प्रक्रिया

How to check the Published order details?

Department admin uploads the new circulars related to the employees’ transfers, postings, promotions, and appointments on the official portal on a regular basis. All employees can check the latest orders by visiting the official website. For more details, please check the below steps.

Step 1: Open the official website.

Step 2: There is a Published orders link located on the top menu. Click on this link to check all published orders.

Step 3: On the next page, you will see all published orders (as shown below).

up Manav Sampada published orders report page

On this page, you will find the below-mentioned information.

  • Department
  • Order date
  • Order description

If you click on any link under the order description a pdf report file will be downloaded on your device and you can easily check the information written in that order.

Department list

Department NameDepartment Name
Agriculture EducationLEGISLATIVE
Civil AviationMSME and Export Promotion
CM OfficeNCC
Department of Public EnterprisesPolitical Pension
ElectionProgram Implementation
Housing And Urban PlanningTECHNICAL EDUCATION

Department administrator’s details?

Sometimes employees need the department administrator’s details for some type of specific work.

To help the employees UP government has provided all departments with admin information on the portal and anyone can check the admin contact information with the help of the below-given steps.

Step #1: Open the official web portal.

Step #2: On the homepage of the official portal you will see a Department Administrators link just below the menu. Click on this link. A new window will appear on the screen (as shown below).

up Manav Sampada department administrator details

Step #3: On this page, You will find the below-mentioned information.

  • Departments
  • Organizations
  • Admin name
  • Email ID

By using the given contact details employees can send emails to any department admin.

There is an import link given at the top right side of this page. You can also import this list by using the import link in a pdf or excel file format for future purposes.

Currently, there are 231 department administrators in Uttar Pradesh.

How to find registered employees’ details?

Details about all registered employees are also available on the official portal and anyone can check them from the website. Please check more details below.

Step 1: First of all, You will have to open the official portal.

Step 2: Now on the home page you will see the registered employee’s details link just below the top menu. Click on this link.

Step 3: You will see a new popup on the same page (as shown below) where you can easily find the information about the registered employees.

up ehrms registered employees details

On this page, you can easily check the below-mentioned information.

  • Department name
  • Total registered employees
  • Active employees
  • Verified employees
  • % of verified employees

You can also download this report in an excel sheet by clicking the import button available on the top left side of the same report page.

Step 4: There is a view detailed report link available at the top right side of the employee report page. If you click on this link you will find the details report (as shown below).

detailed report of registered employees

In this detailed report, you will find some additional info such as the Directorate/SHQ Name and the total number of employees in a department.

You can download this report also in an excel format by using the import link.

Helpline details

For any kind of technical support please contact the below email id
NIC, Manav Sampada Technical Support Team –

Email ID- [email protected]

For any other kind of Support related to Data Entry or Modification, you may contact your Establishment office.

Awards and honors:

The Nationational Informatics Systems product Manav Sampada portal has won several awards.

  • It won the Skoch Smart Governance Award 2015 on 23rd September 2015.
  • CSI Nihilent eGovernance Award of Sustenance-2017-18.
  • National eGovernance Award 2017-18-Gold-for Rapid Replication.
  • Gems of Digital India Award 2018 in New Delhi.
  • Himachal Pradesh NIC has won the CSI Award of Excellence 2012.
  • Smart Governance Award 2015


What information a common man can check on the portal?

Some information related to all departments is publicly available and anyone can check that by visiting the official website. The below-mentioned information is available for all.

1-Data entry status of different departments
2-Office List
3-PI Status
4-Fact Sheet
5-HRMS code search

Can I apply for a leave through the portal?

Yes, you can apply for leave through the online portal and m-sthapna app. Both provide an easy interface for the leave application.

Who developed the UP Manav Sampada portal?

It’s a customized version of the original Manav Sampada product developed by the NIC Himachal Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh NIC department customized this application as per the UP government requirement.

What is the suffix leaves in the Manav Sampada portal?

Suffix leaves are the gap of days between leave days and joining dates. For example, if your leaves end on Saturday and you will join on Monday then the Sunday leave will come under the Suffix Leaves.

Similarly, if there are two days of leave due to any festival after the last date of your leave and before your joining date then these two days will come under the Suffix leaves.

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