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Empeon ESS Hub login, Pay Stub. How to access your account and view your pay stub information online? How to register a new account? What are the benefits and features of the Empeon ESS Hub and how employees can access different services? Check everything in this article.

Empeon ESS Hub

Empeon ESS Hub is an online web and app-based self-service system developed for employees. It helps employees to access important services such as downloading Pay Stub, managing employee profiles, connecting with the HR department securely, setting up direct deposit, requesting time off, etc.

How to log in and view your PayStub on Empeon ESS Hub?

Please follow the below steps to view your Pay STub information online through the Empeon self-service portal. This guide is for employees who are first-time users and don’t have any accounts.

Recommended browser: As per the official requirements, please download the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access Empeon ESS Hub.

If you have provided your email address to your employer, you will soon receive an email including that you got access to view your online account at Empeon Employee Self Service Hub (Formerly known as ADS). You will also get a registration link to confirm your identity and set up your new account.

ESS Hub email

You will most likely receive an email from [email protected] so please add this email address to your contact list to avoid getting it in the spam folder.

Note: If you don’t receive any email then please contact your HR or Payroll department.

Step 2: Open the registration page

Now that you got the email, you can start your registration process. Click the Register Account link to start your registration process. You will see a secure web page on the next page to confirm your identity and register your account.

ESS Hub identity verification

Step 3: Register an account on Empeon ESS Hub

  • First of all, you will have to verify your identity
  • Enter your social security number and press the Verify Identity button.
  • After the identity verification, enter your email address and press the Next button.
  • In the next steps, create a secure password and press the Next button.
Empeon ESS Hub registration
  • In the next step, enter your first and last name and click the Finish button.
  • Your registration has been completed.

Step 4: Confirm your email address

Noe before proceeding to log in, you will have to verify your email address. You must get an email after your registration process. Click the Confirm button in your email to verify your email address. This is to ensure that you are registering through your email address.

Empeon ESS Hub email confirmation

Step 5: Sign In to your account

Now you have registered and confirmed your email address also, you can now access your ESS account. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website https://empeon.com/.
  2. Click the Login link located at the top right corner.
  3. Click the ESS Hub link to Sign in as Employee.
  4. This link will redirect you to an SSO (single sign on) login page (as shown below).
Empeon ESS Hub login page
  1. Enter your Email address and Password.
  2. Press the Sign In button to access your account.

Step 6: Open the “Paystubs” page

After signing in to Empeon ESS Hub, you will find your employee dashboard page where you can see all available services and information such as employee profile, pay stub, Docs, time off, Time card, and a logout link.

ESS Hub Pay Stub download

Click the Paystubs link located on the left sidebar. The pay stub page will appear on the screen where you can see all information regarding your pay such as your latest pay information and sick and PTO time off requests.

Step 7: Download Pay Stub

There is a Download link available on the Pay Stub page. Click this link to download your Pay Stub in a PDF file format. If required, you may also click the “View History” link to view the previous Pay Stubs and download them for your reference.


For additional assistance contact your Payroll or HR department. You may also get assistance through the below contact details.

Phone number: 800.930.9080

Email: [email protected]

Empeon ESS Hub features

Empeon ESS Hub is a one-stop solution for employees to access important employment-related information and services. It offers a variety of services and features to make daily official work easy to do.

Mobile install:
If you open the Empeon Ess Hub on your smartphone for the first time, you will see a notification to install the Hub as an app on your mobile screen. Users can install it to create an icon on the mobile home screen. Once users click this icon, they will get easy access to their accounts. Users will also receive important notifications on their mobile phones.

Profile update:
Auto update feature has been enabled in the ESS and now employees can update their profile and edit their information such as an address, contact information, mobile number, email address, etc.

Direct deposit:
Employees can set up the direct deposit facility through the ESS Hub. They can choose how they want to receive their pay. It is done through the Prenote process. First, a test transaction will be done on the direct deposit method of the employee and after that, it will be activated.

HR Alerts:
Employees can access the alert facility to receive important alerts through email and text messages.

Check PTO Balances:
Employees can visit their profile section after login into their account and check their PTO balances. It makes it easier for employees to calculate their remaining balance whenever they request time off through the ESS. All changes take place immediately even before the approval of the time off request. 

Get missing punch alert:
If an employee misses a punch then he/she will automatically receive an alert regarding the same. This feature can be enabled by the administrator and employees don’t have to do anything.


How can request time off?

You may follow the simple basic steps given below.

-Visit the official Empeon login page for employee ESS at https://hub.empeon.com.
-Login to your ESS account by using your login credentials.
-Click the Paystubs link in your dashboard.
-Click the Time Off Request link on the right side.
-Fill out the details and send your request.

Empeon ESS Hub Login prerequisites:

There are some prerequisites that you want to check to access your account

i-Employees must be registered on the Empeon ESS Hub portal.
ii-Employees must have their Username/Email ID and Password.
iii-Employees must have a secure and trusted Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser installed on the device.
iv-A properly working internet connection must be available at the time of registration and logging in to your account.

How to reset the Empeon ESS password?

Please follow the below steps to create a new password if you forgot it.

i-Visit the official login page at https://hub.empeon.com.
ii-Click the I Forgot My Password link on the login page.
iii-On the next page, enter your username and press the Reset Password link.
iv-You will soon receive an email including a password reset link.
v-Click that link and create a new password for your account.
vi-After creating a new password, log in to your account.

How to troubleshoot your Empeon ESS login or registration?

Please follow some basic troubleshooting tips mentioned below.

->Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge or any other browser except Chrome and Firefox are not supported. If you are using an unsupported browser, switch to Chrome or Firefox and try to register/login to your Empeon ESS Hub.

->Please add [email protected] in your safe sender zone or whitelist this email to avoid the registration link getting into the spam folder. Sometimes employees do not find registration links because emails go to their spam folders.

->You can not download your Pay Stub on the same day when it is available in your ESS account.

->Please ensure that your computer clock is set to automatic updates and correct the date and time if it is wrong.

->Sometimes clearing the browser cache and cookies also helps in getting access to your account.

About Empeon

Empeon is an HR and Payroll solution provider that offers simple and easy-to-implement Human Resource Management and Payroll software suit. Employee self-service is also a part f their Payroll suit. It was established in 1998 and currently provides the best HCM solution to its clients and helps them to manage their Payrolls.

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