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ज्ञान संकल्प पोर्टल: Rajasthan government has introduced a funding initiative to strengthen the education sector in the state and looking forward to providing the best quality education. Gyan Sankalp portal has been implemented to achieve this goal and help the students.

ज्ञान संकल्प लेख को हिंदी में पढ़े

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What is Gyan Sankalp portal?

Gyan Sankalp is an online portal that simplifies the funding process to help schools in Rajasthan in improving the education infrastructure in Rajasthan state. The main goal of this scheme is to provide the best quality education to all children.

rajasthan gyan sankalp portal

It’s a part of the Shala Darpan Rajasthan where anyone can help in the contribution process by donating some amount of money. Some large organizations such as Hero, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Havells, etc which also have a corporate social responsibility department have already contributed at a bigger level for the bright future of our kids.

Gyan Sankalp portal helped in improving the education quality in the last few years by addressing the lack of funding issue and also helping other education-related schemes running by the department of education.

As of now, the Gyan Sankalp portal has raised around 2,09,90,46,864 Rs through the 2,21,709 supporters.

Current statistics:

Total Approved projectsTotal transactionsTotal schools benefittedTotal adopted schools


Name of the portalGyan Sankalp Portal
Launched byGovernment of Rajasthan
Developed byNational Informatics Centre, Rajasthan
Official authorityRCSE, Rajasthan
PurposeTo provide a one-stop solution for donation management
BeneficiarySchools of Rajasthan
Official website

Salient features of Gyan Sankalp portal?

  • All people can contribute towards the better education of kids in Rajasthan.
  • Big CSR companies can adopt any school or project and help them in improving the necessary infrastructure over time.
  • Anyone can also create their own project and contribute accordingly.
  • All donors who are providing donations individually or through CSR funding will get tax benefits under section 80G.
  • All donation-related information will be available through the proper MIS reports which further enhance the transparency of the portal.
  • There are some priority projects identified by the government that need immediate attention and will be available on the portal.
  • Individual donors and big CSR doners can track the funds they are providing and even allocate their funds where they want.
  • If someone wants then he can also adopt a school for further infrastructure enhancement.
  • Any foreign entity can also contribute to any project if they follow the FCRA guidelines.

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ज्ञान संकल्प पोर्टल Registration process

Users who want to support through the Gyan Sankalp portal can register on the official website. There is a slight change in the registration process. All Indian users can register through mobile number and OTP method and organizations and foreign entities can register through the email id and OTP method.

The registration process is given below.

Step 1: Open the official website at

Step 2: On the top side click on the Register link. A new registration form will appear on the screen.

gyansankalp registration form

Step 3: On this registration page, you will see below-mentioned four types of registration options.

  • Indian resident
  • Non-resident Indian(NRI)
  • Company/Firm
  • Organization

You may choose any one option as per your eligibility criteria.

If you are an Indian resident then complete the registration form by providing all required information such as

  • Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Pan No/ Aadhaar No./ Passport No.
  • Pin Code

Step 4: After entering all details, enter the captcha code and click the Request OTP button.

Step 5: Finally, enter the OTP received on your mobile number and create a password for your account. Your registration is now completed and you may log in for the further process.

How to log in?

Please check the below steps to log in to the portal.

Step 1: Open the official website.

Step 2: There is a login link available on the top bar of the website. Click this link. A new login window will appear on the screen (as shown below).

gyan sankalp portal login form

Step 3: On this login form, enter your user id, password, and captcha code, and click the login button. You have successfully logged in to the portal and you may now start contributing.

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How to contribute?

There are different ways to donate money on the Gyan Sankalp portal as mentioned below.

Adopt a school: Any individual or CSR company can adopt a school for at least three years duration and help the school in improving the necessary infrastructure and basic facilities which will help the school in improving its allover performance.

Create your own project: CSR companies can also create their own project and keep track of all the project-related work and enhancement opportunities.

Support a project: Government has already identified some projects where immediate help is needed. Anyone can contribute to these projects by donating some money.

Contribute to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh: People can also contribute to the Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan Kosh scheme run by the chief minister of Rajasthan.

Donate to a school: There is a facility to donate to a school directly by locating any particular school as per your choice and contributing towards its infrastructure development.

Adopt a schoolClick here
Create your own projectClick here
Support a projectClick here
Contribute to Mukhyamantri Vidyadaan KoshClick here
Donate to schoolClick here
New registrationClick here
LoginClick here


You can share your feedback about the Gyan Sankalp portal. Do you find this portal helpful or is there any technical issue you are facing while using this portal? All suggestions will help to improve the portal functionality.

Check the below-given steps to share your feedback.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the feedback link given at the bottom of the website. A new window will appear on the screen including a feedback form (as shown below).

gyansankalp feedback form

Step 2: In this feedback form enter some basic details such as name, email id, and mobile number, and write your feedback. After that click the submit button to share your feedback.

Contact/Helpline details

For any assistance or technical queries, you may contact them through the below-given contact details.

For Departmental/General Enquiry

Sh. Dileep Parihar, Assistant Director

Contact No. : 9001739911

Email ID[email protected]

Sh. Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Assistant Director

Contact No. : 9887415785

Email ID[email protected]

District and Block officer’s contact details

To find the contact details of the District and Block Officers please follow the below-given process.

Step 1: Open the official website.

Step 2: Now click on the Contact Us link given inside the menu on the right side of the home page if you are viewing it from a desktop or laptop. A new window will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Now click on the “Click here to find District and Block Officers Contact Details” link on this contact us page. A new search form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

gyansankalp portal contact search form

Step 4: Now you can search through two options office-wise and post-wise. If you choose office-wise then select office, district, and block (if required). Enter the given captcha code and click the search button. A list of the officers will be populated below the search form.

gyansankalp portal block officers contact details

Now you may contact through the given mobile number or email id as per your requirement.

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Why Gyan Sankalp portal developed?

Gyan Sankalp portal was developed to remove the gap between the supporters and funding needy projects and schools. Now all things have been simplified by introducing a single portal where everyone can keep track of his funding and projects through a single platform.

Who can register on the Gyan Sankalp Portal?

Everyone can register on the portal. Different registration options are available for Indian residents, Companies, Foreign non-profit organizations, etc.

Will I get the receipt of the donation?

There is a proper mechanism of donation implemented through the portal. All donors can track their funds at each stage of the development process of any project. All reports are also available through the dashboard.

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