HAC BISD Login – Full Guide

HAC BISD Login: How to login to the Home Access Center account and access students’ information? How to register a new HAC account?

What are the features and benefits of this portal? Check all updates and the latest information in this article.

What is HAC BISD?

HAC stands for the Home Access Center. It’s an online portal designed to provide parents with information about students such as student grades, schedule, classroom work, student progress, attendance, etc. BISD refers to the school name.

Here HAC BISD may refer to the Home Access Accounts of two students.

  • Bryan Independent School District (Bryan ISD)
  • Brownsville Independent School District (Brownsville ISD)

If your students are studying in any one school of the above-mentioned school districts then you can log in to your Home Access Center account. Please check the login process below.

How to access the HAC BISD login page


  • Visit the above link to open the Bryan ISD Gradebook Portal.
  • Click the HAC link to open the HAC BISD login page. 

Login – Bryan ISD HAC

Login requirements:

To access your HAC account, the below-mentioned information is very important.

  • Parents must know the correct URL of the HAC BISD web page.
  • Parents must have their Username and Password for the HAC BISD account.
  • Parents must have a secure and personal device to access their accounts.
  • Parents must use the latest and most secure web browsers to access the HAC BISD website.
  • A properly working internet connection is required to access the HAC BISD website.

Login process:


Visit the above login link to open the login page.

HAC BISD login page

Enter your Username and Password and click the Sign In button to access your Home Access Center account.

Brownsville Independent School District HAC Login


Visit the above link to open the HAC BISD login page and enter your Username and Password to access your HAC account.

How to reset your password or username?

Open the HAC BISD login page and click the Forgot My Username or Password link. An account recovery page will appear on the screen.

HAC BISD account recovery page

You may also visit the account recovery page directly through the below link.


Once you visit the account recovery page, You will have to provide your username or email address. If you have your email address on the file, you will get your login information through an email. If you don’t have your email address registered or you don’t get any email then contact the HAC Help Desk at [email protected].

HAC BISD registration through access code


Visit the above link to open the registration page of the Home Access Center. You will see an online form (as shown below).

HAC BISD account registration through access code

If you have an access code then enter that in the above form and also enter the student’s birth date. After that press the Sign-In button. After that, fill out the online form by providing some personal information. After the identity verification, you will get a link to create a new password for your account.

HAC BISD online registration


Visit the above link to open the HAC BISD registration page (as shown below).

HAC BISD user registration page

Enter your First name, last name, city, and zip code, and press the Register button. If you are listed as a parent or guardian of the student then you will get further instructions to register a new account.

HAC BISD features

HAC BISD offers several features and benefits to parents that are very useful to parents and parents can access specific information about their students.

The home section provides a summary of the student’s overall information related to academic performance.

The attendance option will show parents information about the absence. Parents can check out when the student is not available in the class. Absence information is available only if a student is absent.

The classes section provides information about the classes, and teachers, and Displays the due dates, and assignment dates for assignments in each class.  Parents can also check the student’s schedule for the entire year.

Parents can check the Grades and score information of the students available in the Grades section. Parents can check student’s Progress Reports and Report Card grades

Student support:
All student support information is available in this section.

Displays demographic information for the student such as date of birth, name, etc.

Log-out link is available at the top right corner to log out from your account.

Grades Bryan ISD


You may also access the HAC through the above link. Please visit the above link and click the HAC link to open the Home Access Center web page.

Teacher Access Center | Bryan ISD


Visit the above link to access the Teacher Access Center of the Bryan Independent School.


If you want to get assistance related to the HAC BISD then you will contact us through the below email address.

Email: [email protected].

Bryan ISD phone number: 1-979-209-1000.

Important links:

Parent portal Bryan ISD: https://www.bryanisd.org/page/parent-portal

Calendars | Bryan ISD: https://www.bryanisd.org/o/bisd/page/calendars

Apply online | Bryan ISD: https://www.bryanisd.org/o/bisd/page/apply-online

New student registration | Bryan ISD: https://www.bryanisd.org/page/new-student-registration

Class link | Bryan ISD: https://www.bryanisd.org/o/bisd/page/classlink

Student administration & transfers: https://www.bryanisd.org/page/student-administration-transfers


Name of the portalHAC BISD
Developed byPowerSchool Group LLC
Registration modeOnline
Login modeOnline
PurposeTo provide all student information to parents
BeneficiaryAll parents and students of BISD

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