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Check complete steps to download your e Aadhaar Card online from the website. In this article, we are going to show you the exact step-by-step tutorial to download your Adhar Card and all the related information you are looking for.

What is an e-Aadhar Card?

e-Aadhar Card is an electronically signed copy by UIDAI of your Aadhar Card in a digital format. It’s a password-protected file in a PDF file format and can be used for all services similar to a physical copy.

download aadhaar card online

The unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) has introduced eAadhaar Card services for all Indian citizens. It is equally valid as a physical copy and can be used for different purposes such as availing government services, providing identity proof, etc.

e Aadhar Card also has all information such as your biometric data, name, contact information, Enrollment number, VID, UID, Download date, Generation date, photograph, etc.

Name of the portalUIDAI
Service namee-Aadhar Card download
Service modeOnline
Required feeNone
Time taken5 Minutes

How to download an e-Aadhar Card online?

If you wish to download a digital copy of your eAadhar Card then you can do that easily from the official website. Please check all steps given below.

How to download an e-Aadhar Card online?

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Arrange necessary documents/ Information

    First of all, you will have to arrange the necessary documents or information which will be used to download your Adhaar Card. You must have important information such as your Enrollment number Virtual ID number, or Aadhaar number. You can use any one information mentioned above.

  2. Open the official website

    After that, you will have to open the official website by clicking After opening the official website you will see all services and information offered by the UIDAI website

  3. Visit Download Aadhaar Page


    After that, you will have to open the Aadhaar download page. On the official website, there is a My Aadhaar in the top menu. In the My Aadhaar section, you will see a Download Aadhaar link. Click on this link to open the download page.

    Now on the new page, you will see three options (as shown in the above image) to download your eAadhaar Card.
    1-Download Aadhaar by Aadhaar Number (12 digits)
    2-Download Aadhaar by Enrolment ID (EID) (14 digits)
    3-Download Aadhaar by Virtual ID (VID) (16 digits)
    You may select any one option according to your convenience or the information you have.

  4. Enter TOTP


    After selecting any one option, enter the ID number, given captcha code, and click the Enter a TOTP button. You will be redirected to a new TOTP verification page (as shown above).

    Now on this verification page, enter your 8-digit TOTP number. You can find the TOTP number in the mAadhaar mobile app. If you don’t have the mAaadhaar app on your mobile phone or you are not able to find TOTP then you can move to the next step.

  5. Enter a one-time password (OTP)


    After entering the ID number as per your selection, fill in the given captcha code and click the Send OTP button. A new OTP verification page will appear on the screen (as shown above).

    On this verification page, enter 6 digits one-time password received on your registered mobile number.

  6. Download your Adhaar Card PDF file

    Once you enter TOTP or OTP click the Verify And Download button. Your digitally signed e-Adhaar Card will be downloaded to your device. It will be in a PDF file format which is protected by a password.
    The password to open your e Aadhaar PDF file will be a combination of the first four letters of your name in capital letter form and your year of birth.
    For example, if your name is Rajat Tyagi and your date of birth is 01/01/1989 then your password will be RAJA1989.
    Finally, Enter the password to open the PDF file.

Note: Election Commission of India has also introduced e EPIC (Voter ID card) which is in a digital form similar to your e Aadhar Card.

Download masked Aadhaar Card:

You can also download a masked Aadhaar Card if required. In your masked Aadhaar Card first 8 digits of your Aadhaar number will be hidden. To download a masked Aadhaar select the check box which says “I want a masked Aadhaar“. After that enter the captcha code and choose OTP or TOTP verification to download a masked Aadhaar Card.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the validity of the e Aadhaar Card?

A lot of people were asking about the validity of the electronic Aadhaar Card. UIDAI clarified this through a statement which says that, As per section 4(3) of Aadhaar ACT, 2016: “An Aadhaar number in physical or electronic form subject to authentication and other conditions, as may be specified by regulations, may be accepted as proof of identity of the Aadhaar number holder for any purpose.” From the above statement, it is clear that e Aadhaar is equally valid for identification purposes similar to a physical card.

Download UIDAI Aadhaar validity official statement

What is a masked Adhaar Card?

A masked Aadhaar is a 12-digit Aadhar number where only the last four-digit is visible and the first 8 digits are hidden with some characters like XXXX-XXXX. It is a secure way to use your Aadhaar Card for the purposes like photo identification where a person’s photo is visible on the Aadhaar Card. You can download your masked Aadhaar Card from the UIDAI website.

What is TOTP?

TOTP is an 8-digit Time based one-time password generated by a set of algorithms. TOTP is generated every 30 seconds and uses the system-based code generation method. It is different from the network-based OTP system. If you have downloaded the mAadhaar APP then you can find your TOTP there.

What is UID

UID is your 12-digit Aadhaar Card number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India. A UID number is written on both sides of your Aadhaar Card.

What is Enrollment ID (EID)?

Enrollment ID or EID is a 14-digit unique number issued by the official authority at the enrollment center. Once you complete your Aadhaar Card enrollment process at any center then the official person will provide you an acknowledgment slip that includes your EID number. An enrollment ID is very useful and you can check your Aadhar status, download e Adhar Card online, etc by using your enrollment ID.

What is Virtual ID (VID)?

A VID number is a 16-digit unique temporary number issued along with your Aadhar Card by UIDAI. VID number can be used in place of UID whereAadhaar authentication service is required. If you forgot the VID number then you can generate a new VID number from the UIDAI website.

How to find enrollment centers?

If you want to enroll yourself for the Aadhaar Card then you can search the nearest enrollment center on the UIDAI website. Please check the below-given steps.
1- Open the official website.
2- Click the Locate Enrollment center link under the My Aadhaar menu option.
3- Select any one option from the state PIN code, and search box.
4- Enter the captcha code and click Locate Center button.
5- You will see a list of all the Aadhaar centers near your location.

How to check Aadhaar Status?

If you have enrolled yourself for a new Aadhaar Card or you have updated that then you can check the status online from the official website. Please check the below-given steps.
1- Open the official website.
2- Click the check Aadhaar status link under the My Aadhaar menu item.
3- Enter your Enrollment ID, and captcha code and click the Check status button.
4- Your Adhaar status will be displayed on the screen.

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