How to login and access Intra Haryana e-salary slip, Service book

Check all details about the Intra Haryana employee portal in this article. Find all details about the different IntraHry services and their use. What are the objectives and benefits of the Intra Hry portal?

What is Intra Haryana?

Intra Haryana is a Human Resource Management System developed by the NIC for the government employees of the Haryana state. It was made to provide an effective and transparent employee management system.

It is the new HRMS software developed by the government. The Haryana government was using the HRMS Haryana web portal, but some more functionalities were proposed by the government. So Instead of updating the old HRMS portal, the Haryana government developed a new Intra Hry portal for personnel management.

This portal provides all-important MIS reports, Feedback, and employee data related to different services and departments


  • IntraHry portal is fulfilling the objective of the digitization scheme of the Indian government.
  • To provide a more robust and scalable solution that will help their employees and provide an easily accessible system to manage their day-to-day tasks.
  • To make a system where the different departments can access the MIS reports and other related data from other departments.
  • To provide important information to different stakeholders at a higher level.


Due to a robust scalable and faster processing system than the previous one Intra Haryana portal provides a lot of benefits to the user and department. Some of the benefits are mentioned below, please have a look.

  • All departments are connected with the HRMS portal which helps to share data between different departments if required.
  • It helps different departments and official members access important reports and data that help in the transfer, posting, and promotion kinds of tasks.
  • It also provides access to almost all available services online where employees can apply for leave, tours, annual property returns, annual confidential report submission, PPP ID updates, etc.
  • It saves a lot of time by providing all services and functionalities through a single platform which ultimately helps the government improve productivity and fulfill the good governance objective of the Haryana government


Name of the portalIntra Haryana
Developed byNIC, Haryana State Unit, Chandigarh
Developed forHaryana Government
BeneficiaryGovernment employees of Haryana
PurposeTo implement an effective HRMS system

Intra Haryana registration process

The portal has been developed to manage the government employees’ related official work. A first-time registration is necessary to start using the portal. All government employees can register themselves through the official portal. The registration process is given below. Please have a look.

Documents/ information required for the registration:

Please make sure that the below-mentioned information is available before proceeding with the registration.

  • Employee pay code
  • Employee mobile number must be registered in HRMS or E-salary

Registration process:

Step#1: Open the official website.

Step#2: Click on the New Registration link given just below the login form. A new registration form will appear on the computer screen (as shown below).

haryana intra hrms registration form

Step#3: Select employee type, enter your Payee code or Salary account number, and click the Submit button.

Step#4: On the next screen you will see two options to receive an OTP.

  • Show the mobile number from Esalary
  • Show mobile number from HRMS
intraharyana registration otp process

Select any one option and click on the submit button. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Note: If your mobile number is not registered then contact your DDO for the mobile registration.

Step#5: On the next screen ( as shown below) you can set a new password for your account.

intraharyana registration password set page

Enter your password two times and click on the Submit button to set a new password. Your registration is now completed and you may log in and start using the HRMS portal.

Intra Haryana login process?

If you want to apply for any service or looking to finish any official task then you will have to log in first to the official portal. The login process is given below. Please have a look.

Step #1: First of all you will have to open the official website in your browser.

Step #2: The website homepage will appear on the screen. Here you will find a login form on the right side.

intrahry login form

Step #3: Enter the below-given details in the login form.

  • Payee code or Mobile number
  • Password
  • Security code

Finally, click on the Login button to enter into the employee dashboard page.

Download the Intra Haryana app

Haryana government has also launched an Android mobile app ” Karamchari Sahayak ” for the employees of Haryana which also provides the same functionalities and services as the portal does. All employees can download the mobile app from the official portal. The steps to download the mobile app are given below. please have a look.

  • First of all, open the official website in your mobile browser.
  • On the homepage of the official website, you will find a link to the Karamchari Sahayak mobile app.
  • Click on the link to download the mobile
  • A New Google Play Store mobile app link will appear on your mobile screen.
  • Click on the install button on the mobile app
  • After downloading you can open the mobile app and log in by using your user id and password.
  • After the login, you can see all available services mobile app.

Key Services

After the login on the Intra Haryana HRMS portal, an employee dashboard page appears on the screen. Employees can check the latest notifications on the right side of this employee dashboard such as pending leave or loan applications.

Below the notifications, employees will find some links for the new updates and user manuals.

On the employee dashboard page on the left side, employees can access all services available to them. Some of the important services are mentioned below.

  • Personal details
  • Esalary services
  • Online Tour and leave
  • Annual property return
  • Annual confidential report/ performance and appraisal report
  • My transfer
  • Family details
  • Map family ID with PPP ID
  • Update Parivar Pehchan Patra
  • Joining after transfer
  • Preliminary officer inquiry reply
  • Employee reply
  • Inquiry officer reply
  • Enroll new DSC

GPF Account services

GPF stands for General Provident Fund. Each employee gets the Provident Fund after retirement. The Principal Accounting General is responsible for maintaining the all-important data related to the GPF Account of all government employees in Haryana state.

The government deducts some amount from employee salary and invests in the Provident Fund.

After each financial year, the Accounting General provides the current GPF statement, the previous year’s GPF statement, Missing GPF credit, Missing GPF schedule, Loan recovery statement, etc. All of these services are also available through the official Portal which is a great step by the Haryana government.

How to Apply for leave on Intra Haryana

Now employees have the facility to apply for leave online through the HRMS portal. Ita a great facility for the employees and everything can be done with the help of a smartphone. If you want to apply for leave then check the process given below.

Step #1: The first step is to log in to the official portal.

Step #2: After the login, you will see an online Leave and Tour Module link on the left side of the employee dashboard page. Click on this link.

Step #3: In the Leave and Tour module employees will get four options.

  • My Leave – In this option you will get leave-related links such as Apply for Leave, Pending for Approval (Edit/ Withdrawn), Approved Leave, Returned back Leaves, and Leave status.
  • My Tour – In the My Tour option you will find Tour related links such as apply for a tour, pending tour requests
  • Leave Requests of Sub-ordinate Staff – In this section, you can approve or reject the leave applications submitted by sub-ordinate staff.
  • Report – In this section, employees will get different types of leave and tour-related reports.

For a new leave, application click the Apply for Leave link under the My Leave section.

apply for leave link intrahry

Step #4: On the new page, you will see a new page including a leave application form on the right side. On the left side, you will find the details about the reporting officer, Checker details, Leave balance, and your mobile number.

Note: Please ensure that your mobile number is correct on this page.

apply for leave form intra haryana hrms

You may fill out this application form by providing the below-given details.

  • Type of leave
  • The ground on which leave applicable
  • Leave date
  • number of days
  • Leave reason

Now upload the necessary document and click the Submit button. Your leave application has been registered successfully. The system will send an SMS and email automatically to the reporting officer.

How to check leave status:

If you want to check that your leave has been approved or rejected by the reporting officer then you may check by below details.

  • Click on the Leave status link under the My Leave option
  • You will see a list of the leave applications submitted by you
leave status intra haryana hrms

On this page, you can check the leave status.

How to fill annual property returns?

All employees can fill out the annual property return through the official portal. The steps are given below, please check.

Step #1: Log in to the official portal with your id and password.

Step #2: After login click on the property return link given on the left side.

Step #3: On the next screen, select the year.

Step #4: Now on a new page you will have to enter the below details one by one.

  • Immovable property
  • Movable property
  • Loan details
  • Upload the signature

Step #5: Final submit this form and take a print-out.

How to update my family ID on Intra Haryana?

Haryana government employees can update their family details through the IntraHaryana portal. They can check if all family members’ information is available online.

Steps to update Family details:

Step #1 First of all open the official website in your web browser and log in by using your user ID and password.

Step #2: Now on the employee dashboard click on the link Update Family ID“.

update family id link in intrahry portal

You will be redirected to the family ID portal. On this portal, you can verify if all the details are already there.

employee family details in family id portal

Step #3: If you find that information about any member is missing then you can add the details through the Add New Family link (as shown below).

add new family id link in family id portal

Step #4: After clicking the Add new Family, You will see an online form to add member details (as shown below).

add new family member online form in family id portal

Enter all required details and click the Add button. A new family member will be shown in the family member list.

How to map Family ID with PPP on Intra Haryana?

The Haryana government is giving cashless medical cards to all government employees of the state. With the help of this cashless medical card, all employees will get reimbursement for their medical expenditures. To generate the cashless medical card employees must map their Family ID with the PPP (Parivar Pehchan Patra).

The facility of mapping the Family ID with the PPP is available on the Intra Haryana portal. We are sharing the complete process below. Please have a look.

Step 1: Open the official portal and log in by using your user ID and password. Your employee dashboard page will appear on the screen.

Step 2: On the employee dashboard page, You will see a link for Map Family ID with PPP on the left side of the portal just below the Family details link.

map family id with PPP link - Intra Haryana

Step 3: If you click on this link a new window will appear on the screen (as shown below).

enter family id

Step 4: Now enter your Family ID in the given box and click the Search button. You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number of the Family head.

Step 5: After entering the OTP you will see a new page (as shown below) where you can map your Family member with PPP.

map family id page IntraHaryana

On this page, click the MAP Family Member link. After the mapping and approval from the department, you will see an Already Mapped and Approved status under the Approved for Submissions column.

Note 1: You should map only dependent family members.

Note 2: If employees do not have a PPP ID then first apply for the Parivar Pehchan Patra ID then MAP your family ID.

How to download the Intra Haryana salary slip?

All employees can easily download the salary slip from the official portal. Please check the process given below.

Step #1: Open the official website and log in with your user ID and password.

Step #2: After the login, employees can see the salary-related links on the left side.

esalary services link on intra haryana portal

Step #3: Click on the Salary slip link. On the next page, you will have to select the year and month.

monthly and year selection page

Select year, and month, and click on the Show button. Salary Slip will be displayed on the screen. Employees can download this salary slip on their devices.

Annual Salary Statement: Employees can also download the annual salary statement from the link given below the Salary Slip under the eSalary services option.

How do view immovable property returns of HCS officers?

Now all employees can see the online property return report of HCS officers through the official portal. Please check the process given below.

Step#1: Open the official website.

Step#2: There is a link to “View Immovable Property Return of HCS Officers” on the home page.

Step#3: Click on this link, and a new page will appear on the screen where you can search for the submitted property return.

online property return submission report intra hrms

Step#4: On this page select Financial Year, Employee Name, and click the Search button. You will see the property return details of that employee just below this search form. You can also download this report also in your device.

Intra Haryana Helpline Number

If any employee is facing any kind of technical difficulty while using the portal then he may contact the helpdesk through the below-given process.

Step#1: Open the official helpdesk website

Step#2: You will see an iFMS HRMS Helpdesk login page. Enter your User Name, Password, and given code, and click on the Login button.

ifms hrms haryana helpdesk login

Step#3: After logging into the system you will see a list of complaints raised by employees of different departments.

ifms hrms haryana helpdesk page

Step#4: To raise a new complaint click the Add Complaint link. A complaint registration form will appear on the screen.

ifms hrms haryana complaint form

Now enter the below-mentioned complaint details in this form.

  • Application name
  • Module
  • Subject
  • Complaint description
  • Mobile number
  • login details
  • Payee code

Provide as much information as you can and click the Submit button to register your complaint.

Also check,


Is Intra Haryana available for all employees?

No, Only government employees can register on the Intrahry portal.

Does it provide all services similar to HRMS Haryana?

Yes, All services of the Hrms Haryana portal are available and some more services and functionality have been added by the government.

How to submit the annual appraisal report?

You can submit the performance report through the official portal very easily. First, you will have to log in on the after. After that click on the Annual Confidential Report/ Performance Report option. After that, you can submit the appraisal report.

How to login in the Karamchari Sahayak app?

All employees can use their Intra-Haryana / Karamchari Sahayak website user ID and password to log in to the Karamchari Sahayak app.

How to reset the Intra Haryana password?

If you forgot your password then you can recover that easily with the below-given steps.
1- Open the official website.
2- Now there is a login form on the right side. Click on the forget password button just below the login form.
intraharyana hrms forget password page
3- A new page will appear on the screen. On this page enter the payee code number and click the Submit button.
4- Employees will get an OTP on the registered mobile number.
5- Enter this OTP and type a new password.
6- Click on the final submit button. Your password has been changed successfully.

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