Is National Recruitment Agency really a game-changer?

Is National Recruitment Agency really a game-changer?  हिंदी में पढ़े

The Indian government has approved the recommendations to set up a National Recruitment Agency to conduct the first-level exam for participating Recruitment agencies. The Indian government took the decision for this major reform at a time when there are not enough jobs available for youngsters.

Many recruitment agencies are already there who are handling recruitment for different sectors such as SSC, UPSC, IBPS, RRB, etc.

Current issues in the Indian government job sector

Indian government recruitment agencies are big underperformers. Employees working in government organizations are just visiting the office and leave at the right time. There is no work pressure so no productivity at all. They have adopted the environment and work culture of a government office where there is nothing such as accountability.

The major issue of bad performance is job security in the Government job sector. If you don’t have fear of job loss then you will work at your convenience. It’s actually very natural.  

There is a lot of examples that describe the underperformer nature of these government agencies.

BSNL was the first and major telecom company in India and still has the biggest infrastructure all over India but cannot compete with the Reliance JIO as in private companies everything is streamlined with a proper organizational structure and better policies. All employees are fully accountable for their work and provide values to the organization. It’s because if they will not perform then someone else will replace them.

Have a look at the Air India example. Why Air India could not perform and why private airlines are doing well in the Indian Aviation sector. The answer is simple because they are private organizations governed by better policies and reforms and guided by the experienced decision-making team at the top management.

India Post could have become the world’s largest supply chain company. HAL is not able to manufacture a fighter plan in 40 years.

Now let’s back to the main topic of the National Recruitment Agency.

Setting up this National Recruitment Agency is no doubt a great decision by the government but there are people behind every organization who is responsible for the organization’s performance and matching the annual revenue target. NRA is just the first step in the government recruitment process. There still will be many other rounds that will be taken by the same companies, SSC, IBPS, and RRB.

Employees working in these organizations will be similar to the current underperformer employees so the new NRA CET exam also will not make much difference.

What is the benefit of setting up a new agency if it will also be a government agency governed by the same rules and policies similar to the current recruiting agencies? The same kind of employees will join the NRA so how will it prove to be a game-changer.

The unemployment rate in India

Let’s have a look at the current employment trends in India

The unemployment rate in 2020:

unemployment rate chart india feb to sep 2020
Source: Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy

The above graph clearly shows the effect of the Covid-19 epidemic on employment in India. April and May 2020 are the most affected month in 2020 due to the complete lockdown.

Unemployment rate table from Feb 2020 to August 2020:

unemployment rate table india feb to sep 2020
Source: Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy

As you can see in the above table, the Unemployment rate in August 2020 was 8.35 and in Feb 2020 it was 7.76.

The daily unemployment rate in September 2020:

Daily unemployment rate in india Sep 2020
Source: Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy

The above graph shows the daily unemployment rate in September 2020. The graph shows some positive results for the Indian economy as the unemployment rate is decreasing day by day.

Is National Recruitment Agency really a game-changer? Please share your views in the comment section below.

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