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MHRD NATS Portal Login, Registration, and account access-related information will be discussed here in this article. We will share easy and step-by-step login, registration guides, and information about the benefits and services the NATS portal offers.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth overview and information about NATS Portal features, services, benefits, NATS Login, and NATS Registration. After reading this article, you will learn

  • How to access your account securely on the NATS portal.
  • How to register a new account with easy steps.
  • How to access important services whatever you are looking for.
  • How to apply for the Apprenticeship.
  • Why you should register on this portal.
  • How to recover your account, etc

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What is the NATS Portal?

The NATS (National Apprenticeship Training Scheme) Portal is a government-run online platform connecting technically qualified youth with apprenticeship opportunities in India. Candidates receive practical training and a stipend and can earn a Certificate of Proficiency upon completion.

NATS Portal website homepage

The NATS Portal is a one-stop destination for apprenticeship opportunities, connecting organizations with eligible candidates and helping students to get initial practical training that will directly help them to find a good career opportunity.

Key points:

  • NATS offer a one-year training program to all eligible students.
  • Organizations provide training at their place.
  • Trainee will also get a stipend and 50% of which is reimbursable to the employer from the Government of India.
  • The government will issue a certificate of proficiency after one year of a successful training period.

The objective of NATS Portal:

Some of the objectives for developing the NATS portal and training program are mentioned below.

  • To provide Indian youth with practical training opportunities so that they can get direct exposure to employment.
  • To help students to improve their practical skills and knowledge.
  • To provide a one-stop solution that will fulfill both student and employer requirements.
  • To help the overall country’s growth by providing trained manpower to organizations.

Benefits of NATS Portal:

Students who want to register on the NATS portal can check out some of the important benefits they will get after registration.

  • Practical knowledge:
    Students will get a chance to get some hands-on experience in different types of skills that they will learn during the training period. It will help them to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Financial help:
    Students will also get a stipend during their apprenticeship. This is also a plus point because these days, paid apprenticeship opportunities are hard to find. This way Students will get some financial support that will reduce some expenditure burden on families and students can easily complete their training without thinking about financial support.
  • Proof of training:
    After completing the apprenticeship, students will get a Certificate of Proficiency. It will be treated as valid and government-certified proof of successful training completion. Students can show their certificate of proficiency during job fairs, and direct interviews with employers.
  • Employment opportunity:
    All the practical training and interaction with the employers will help students to clear the interview round easily. One year period of training is considered work experience. Organizations prefer to hire trained candidates so it will definitely help them to find a good job and career.
  • Exposure to employment:
    Students will learn how the actual work is done in any organization during their training period. It will provide product manufacturing exposure that will help them in the future when they will get a job.
  • Government job opportunity:
    Some government organizations are exclusively taking interviews of candidates who get trained through the NATS apprenticeship. So candidates can also get a government job. PSUs especially prefer NATS apprentices qualified candidates.
  • Networking Opportunities:
    Apprenticeship training also provides students to interact with their seniors and experienced professionals. If students manage to build a good relationship with their seniors, they will help them in finding a good job so that students can start their careers.
  • Personality development:
    Apprenticeship training helps in improving the overall personality and confidence level of the students.

NATS Login

If a student has already registered on the portal then the student can log in and apply for different apprenticeship opportunities.

i-NATS Login prerequisites:

Before login in, students must check the basic login requirements for a secure and seamless login experience.

  • Students must be ready with their user ID and password. If you don’t have a user ID and password, please register first and create a new user ID and password.
  • Students must have a secure and trusted device to access the official website.
  • Students must install the latest secure web browser on their devices. Students may prefer modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Please arrange a properly working internet connection that provides uninterrupted supply during the login and registration process.

ii-How to access the NATS Portal login page:

  1. To access the NATS Portal login page, students must go to the official website
  2. After that, students can click the Login link in the top right corner. The NATS login page will appear on the screen.
NATS portal login page
  1. Alternatively, students can visit the NATS login page directly at

iii-Steps to NATS login:

  1. Visit the official NATS login page.
  2. On the login page, enter your Email ID or Mobile number or User ID in the first field.
  3. Enter your password in the second field.
  4. Enter the given captcha code in the third field.
  5. Press the Login button to access your account.

You have successfully accessed your NATS account. Now you can start exploring available apprenticeship opportunities and apply for them online.

iv-How can I reset my NATS password?

Please follow the below steps to reset your password.

  1. Open the NATS Login page
  2. Click the Forgot Password link located on the login page.
  3. A password recovery page will appear on the screen
NATS portal password reset page
  1. Enter your User ID/Email address/Mobile number.
  2. Enter the given captcha code and press the Submit button.
    Your password will be sent to your registered email ID.

Student Registration on the NATS Portal

Please check the step-by-step process for student enrollment.

  1. Check your eligibility criteria.
  2. Arrange the required documents.
  3. Set up your account.
  4. Read Questionnaire & Guidelines.
  5. Fill out the Enrollment form.
  6. Preview & Confirm.

Step 1. Check your eligibility criteria

Please check the basic eligibility criteria mentioned below.

  • You are eligible for enrolment for one-year Apprenticeship training as a student if you have completed graduation in engineering or hold an engineering diploma. or hold a 10+2 (vocational) certificate through a regular (full-time) mode of education.
  • Your year of passing must be within 3.3 years from the date of passing your educational
    course. But as a sandwich course student, you are eligible to enroll in the six-month program only.
  • Student must not have joined any Establishment as an apprentice and/or signed a contract of Apprenticeship under the Act (or) shall not have work experience of one year or more After passing the qualifying examination.
  • Only 2 years duration diploma course after the 12th class and 3 years duration diploma course after the 10th class are eligible. One year Diploma is not allowed.

In short, the below table represents the candidates who can enroll on the NATS portal.

Education typeGraduateDiploma10+2 (vocational)
Full timeYesYesYes

Step 2. Arrange the required documents.

Students will have to upload some documents/certificates during the registration process. Please ensure that the following documents are kept ready for enrolling in the portal

S.NoDocument TypeMandatory
1Aadhaar cardYes
2Valid Personal Email IDYes
3Mobile number (will be required to send/verify OTP)Yes
4Passport size photograph Format: JPEG, Size: Less than 200kbYes
5Aadhaar-seeded/mapped Bank account detailsYes
6Qualifying Degree / Provisional Certificate, Format: PDF, Size: Less than 1 MBYes
7The first page of the Bank passbook / Bank account statement, Format: PDF, Size: Less than 1 MBYes

Step 3. Set up your account

Students must register on the portal and create their user ID and password. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Students need to visit the NATS Portal (
  2. Click the Enroll link on the top right side. You will be redirected to an enrollment page.
Enrollment page on the NATS Portal
  1. Select I am “a Student” option. The page will reload and you will see some more questions below.
  2. Select your state and course, select the year, and select the mode of education. You will see some more options.
  3. Tell YES or No to “Have you undertaken any previous training as part of the apprenticeship program“.
  4. Select Yes or No for “Do you have any work experience of one year or more“.
  5. After selecting all options, you will see a list of documents that you must arrange.
  6. Click the “I ‘ve above data” button. You will see a new option to enter your Email address.
  7. Enter your Primary Email ID and press the Send OTP button.
  8. Enter the OTP received on your email ID.
  9. Type your name and mobile number in the Name of the Student and Mobile number fields, respectively, and type a password in the Setup a Password and Confirm Password fields.
  10. Click Save and continue.

You have successfully created your NATS student account. You can now proceed with the enrollment process.

Note: If you don’t complete your enrollment then you can again log in by using your user ID and password and complete your enrollment.

Step 4. Read the questionnaire & guidelines

After clicking the “Save and continue” button in the last step, The Questionnaire & Guidelines section appears on the screen. Read the guidelines, required enrolment documents, and the terms and conditions, and then select the check box saying “By clicking this box I agree to the above Terms and Conditions“. Click the “Agree and continue” button to proceed with the enrollment section.

Step 5. Fill out the enrollment form

You can now fill out the enrollment form. There are three sections in the online enrollment form.

  1. Personal Information
  2. Education details
  3. Training preferences

Please check the details about all three sections below.

i-Personal Information

  1. Upload your recent photo and enter basic information such as name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, Aadhar Card Number, and gender.
  2. Upload the required documents.
  3. Enter Communication Information such as a complete address, mobile number, email ID, etc.
  4. Enter bank information such as name, branch, account number, IFS code, etc.
  5. Click Save and continue.

ii-Education Details

  1. Type education details such as university/board name, roll number/enrollment number, state, district, passing year, Percentage or CGPA, subject, course details, etc.
  2. Upload relevant certificates/documents.
  3. Click Save and continue

iii-Training Preferences

Select Choice of Establishments such as States & Cities, Choices of Preferred State to Work after Training. Read the Declaration, and then select the check box saying “By clicking this box I agree to the above Terms and Conditions“.

Step 6. Preview & confirm

  • Click Save and Preview. The Preview & Confirm section appears.
  • Check all the entered details and click Submit. The enrolment is completed and the Enrollment Successful page appears with your Email ID, User ID, and Password details.
  • Click Close & Continue. The Login page appears. OR
  • Click the Print button to take a printout of your completed enrollment form for your reference. If you don’t have a printer then you can download the enrollment details in a PDF file format.

Student enrollment video guide

Please check the below video tutorial about new student enrollment on the NATS portal.

How to apply for an apprenticeship on the NATS MHRD Portal?

All students who have registered on the NATS portal successfully and also fulfilling the eligibility criteria can log in to their account and apply for the Apprenticeship opportunities. Please check the below steps to search and apply for the available apprenticeships.

  1. Open the NATS portal and log in to your account.
  2. From your student dashboard page, search for the Establishment based on Establishment details or the Departments available.
  3. You will see a list of all establishments enrolled on the NATS portal and currently offering apprenticeship opportunities.
  4. Select one Establishment as per your choice.
  5. Your details will be submitted to the concerned departments.
  6. You may also see a notice to upload your resume if you haven’t uploaded it yet.
  7. Finally, click the Apply button and your details will be shared with the selected Establishment.
  8. You will see a successful message on the screen saying “the request has been submitted to the Establishment and they can be contacted by the Establishment based on the number of slots available”.

NATS Portal Student helpline

A Helpline service is also available in case students has any inquiry or issues related to login, registration, or applying for an apprenticeship. There are separate contact details for all four regions. Please check below.

RegionPhone numberEmail address
Southern Region+91-44-22542235 / 22542236 Ext: 248, 243
Toll-Free Helpline (Portal): 18004252239
[email protected]
Western Region+91-22-24055635 / 24053682
1800-222-060 (only for Students/Aspirants)
[email protected]
Eastern Region+91-33-2337 0750 / 2337 0751[email protected]
Northern Region0512 – 2584056 / 2584057 / 2580349[email protected]

Key Points:

Name of the portalNational Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS Portal)
Developed byMinistry of Education, Government of India
Content providerBoards of Apprenticeship Training / Board of Practical Training
PurposeTo manage the overall apprenticeship training process from student selection to providing a Certificate of Proficiency
Developed forStudents
Number of enrolled students1893100
Number of enrolled Industries11773
Number of enrolled Institutions3364
Training contract offered143145

NATS MHRD Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of NATS login for apprentices?

The Login service at the NATS portal provides account access and information about all currently available apprenticeship details. Students can check out the apprenticeship related to different industries and apply for any opportunity that satisfies their interests.

Is registration mandatory on the NATS portal?

Student registration on the NATS portal is mandatory to apply for an Apprenticeship with employers. During the registration, students share important personal and academic data. This data is shared with the employers and helps them to make the decision on the selection of candidates for the training program.

How many industries have enrolled on the NATS portal?

You can search and find a full list of the industries currently enrolled with the NATS portal and offering apprenticeship opportunities. You may visit the industry list page directly at You can search industries according to state, industry name, and region.

How to find out if my Institution is enrolled on the NATS portal?

You can find a full list of all enrolled institutions on the NATS portal and search for your institution. Please follow the below steps.

-Visit the Institution list page at
-Type your Institution name in the search box.
-If your institution is registered, it will be displayed on the screen.

NATS Portal is a one-stop solution for all students and other stakeholders such as institutions, Industries, Establishments, etc. It provides a win-win opportunity for everyone. Skilling India and helping the country growth are the main motivation factors for the success of the NATS portal.

In this article, we have shared all the necessary details about the NATS portal. We have also shared the login, registration, and process to apply for an apprenticeship. We have also shared the benefits and objectives.

Please let us know your views about this article and about the NATS portal. You may write in the below comment section. I will answer all questions. Finally thanks for reading this article. Please share it if you find it helpful.

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