Odisha Discom Electricity Bill Online Payment

Odisha Discom Bill Payment and electricity bill-related information are available in this article. How to pay your Discom Odisha electricity bill online? What are the different payment methods available for consumers? How to check the bill status?

What is Odisha Discom?

There are currently four electricity distribution companies in Odisha state that are responsible for the management of the distribution network, regular supply of electricity, metering, billing, and collection of payments in the entire state. All distribution companies are collectively called Odisha Discoms. Currently, the below discoms are providing the electricity supply in Odisha state.

  • TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL).
  • TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPNODL).
  • TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited (TPWODL).
  • TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL).

The Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited (GRIDCO) was responsible for the distribution and transmission of power in the state. Once the Orissa Electricity Reforms Act 1995 came into force with effect from 1st April’1996, Later in 1999, GRIDCO disinvested its stack and allowed private investment to reform the electricity distribution.

GRIDCO privatized its distribution business in 1998 and 51% of its share of its equity holding in Distribution Companies was given to Private Investors with financial and technical capabilities. in the year 1998, all the assets of GRIDCO of the distribution business and distribution undertaking in the North Eastern, Western & Southern Zone of GRDICO were transferred to NESCO, WESCO & SOUTHCO.

Initially, BSES Limited, Mumbai on 1st April 1999 acquired 51% of the shareholding of the Company and recently Tata Power acquired all Odisha Discoms. All four companies are formed due to the PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) model where Tata Power holds the majority of the stack.

Odisha Discom Electricity Bill Payment Online?

If you are residing in Odisha then you must be using the Electricity supply from any one of the Distribution companies that are a part of the Odisha Discom. If you want to pay your electricity bill online then you may check the below links for each distribution company in Odisha.

TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited
TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limited
TP Western Odisha Distribution Limited
TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited

Click the above links to view the easy step-by-step bill payment process for your Electricity Distribution Company. You will find multiple payment options and a guide to making a quick and easy payment.

How to pay Odisha Discom Electricity Bill Online?

Now If you want to make an online payment then it’s very easy through the official. Please follow the step-by-step process given below.

  • Visit the official website of Tata Power Odisha Discom.
  • Click the Electricity Bill payment link available on the Discom website.
  • On the payment page, enter the CA number/Account Number, mobile number, and email address.
  • Click the Pay Now button.
  • You will be redirected to the payment gateway page where you will get multiple payment options.
  • Use any one option to make your electricity payment.
  • After the payment, you will see a payment success message on the screen.
  • You can also download the payment receipt for your reference.

Note: To make the online payment, You must visit the Tata Power distribution company website that is providing the energy to your home. If you don’t know your company name then you make check your electricity bill. The company name is written on the electricity bill.

Odisha Discom OTS Payment

Odisha consumers can also take the benefits of the One-time settlement (OTS) scheme to pay the electricity arrears outstanding. This scheme has been approved by the Odisha electricity regulatory committee and all types of consumers (Govt & Non-Govt) availing power supply under LT, HT & EHT are eligible, including TD & PD cases having outstanding arrears as on 31st Mar 2021.

OTS scheme is valid till 21 April 2023 for registrations and consumers whose electricity connection has been permanently disconnected (PD) /Temporarily disconnected (TD) can also apply. Customers will also have the option to pay their outstanding bills in 1,2 or 3 installments but the first installment must be paid on or before 21st April 2023.

How to register for the OTS scheme?

Customers can use any one of the below options to register for the OTS scheme. SC No & Mobile number will be required during the registration process.

  • Call at 1800-345-6718 / 1912
  • Walk into the customer care center or Anubhav Kendra
  • Nearest cash collection center
  • Nearest sectional customer service executive
  • Send a WhatsApp message “Hi” on 7777004759.
  • Use Missed call service at 06747133888

Once you have registered for the OTS scheme, you will get an SMS from Odisha Discom.

Electricity bill payment through a mobile app – Odisha Discom

My Tata Power- Consumer App has been launched by three Discoms in Odisha TPNODL, TPSODL, and TPWODL. This mobile app is an initiative of the joint ventures of Tata Power and the Government of Odisha to provide electricity bill payment service and information about the electricity bill of the consumers.

With the launch of the mobile app, consumers can now access various services such as

  • Checking their bill status
  • Download their electricity bill
  • Pay their electricity bill online
  • View billing history
  • Generate bills by entering meter reading in the app
  • File billing-related complaints online
  • Service request.
  • Update contact information in the app
  • Get bill-related alerts on Whatsapp
PlatformDownload linkCurrent version
AndroidMy Tata Power- Consumer App2.6
iOSMy Tata Power- Consumer App2.6

This app will provide a lot of benefits to around 7 Million TPNODL, TPWODL, and TPSODL consumers in the Odisha state. It also empowers consumers by providing easy and convenient payment options and also promotes digitization.

How to pay the bill?

  • Download the My Tata Power mobile app through the links given above.
  • After installing the app, launch it and select your Discom.
  • After that enter your consumer number.
  • You will get your billing information in the app.
  • Make a payment through multiple online payment methods.

Now there is no need to visit any government office and stand in a queue for hours. With the help of real-time online billing information, consumers can instantly pay their electricity bill through the multiple payment options available in the mobile app. Consumers will also get a 4& rebate on their bill for the digital payment if they pay their bill before the due date.

Consumers can also contact customer service directly through the mobile app through multiple channels and file a complaint or request for any service 24/7.

Discom Odisha bill payment through Odisha One Citizen Portal

Citizens in Odisha can also use the Odisha One Unified Citizen Portal to pay their electricity bills online. It’s a paid service and there will be a 5 Rs government service fee on each transaction. You may follow the below steps to make your online bill payment.

  • Visit the Odisha One portal https://www.odishaone.gov.in/citizen/.
  • Click the Quick Pay link in the top menu or on the homepage or visit the payment page directly at https://www.odishaone.gov.in/citizen/quick-pay.
  • Select “Electricity” from the Service drop-down menu and select “Discom” from Service Provider drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Customer Id OR CA No. and your Mobile number.
  • Click the Submit button to get bill details.
  • You can now make an online payment to pay your electricity bill.
  • Save the billing receipt after the payment.

Odisha Discom electricity payment through the Mo Bidyut portal

As per the 5T initiative by the Odisha government, all four Discoms will be managed through a single interface. Under the 5T program, the Odisha government has launched the Mo Bidyut portal which will help Odisha people to pay their electricity bills and apply for a new connection. A Mo Bidyut mobile app has also been launched by the government that citizens can download on their smartphones.

Currently, the Mo Bidyut Android app is available to download from the official website. There are many benefits of the Mo Bidyut portal and a mobile app such as.

  • The Mobidyut.com portal application can be used anytime anywhere.
  • All four power distribution utilities TPCODL (Formerly CESU), TPNODL, TPWODL & TPSODL will be available through the Mobidyut.com portal.
  • Odisha citizens can apply for a new electricity connection online.
  • Customers will get a permanent connection up to 5KW(Single Phase) within 48 Hours of the submission of the Application.
  • Citizens can pay their electricity bill through online mode for any Discom.
  • People can also lodge their complaints online.
  • Now all electricity-related services can be obtained online without visiting any office and without any waiting queue.
  • Citizens can get up to 5 Kilowatts of electricity connection online.

How to pay the electricity bill?

  1. Visit the Mo Bidyut portal https://mobidyut.com/.
  2. Click the Online Bill Payment link on the homepage.
  3. You may also visit the payment page directly at https://mobidyut.com/NewConnection/utilityBillPay.
  4. Select your Discoms and click the Proceed to Payments button.
  5. If you are not redirected to the payment page then click the bill payment link.
  6. On the next page enter your consumer number and make your electricity payment.

Tata Power Odisha Discom

Odisha DISCOM has implemented several measures to ensure that there will be an uninterrupted power supply for all customers. After the formation of the Discoms, the major focus was to upgrade the distribution and transmission infrastructure. Electricity monitoring services were also enhanced by upgrading the required infrastructure.

Tata Power has acquired the 51% stake in all Discoms of the Odisha government and the remaining 49% is owned by GRIDCO (The Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited). After completing the 51% acquisition of the equity in NESCO on 1st April 2021, Tata Power became the leading power distribution company in Odisha.

On December 04, 2020, Tata power completed the 51% equity stake acquisition of Wesco and Southco Discoms. It now manages the distribution and retail supply of five circles of WESCO and 6 circles of SOUTHCO. Odisha,s GRIDCO will have the remaining 49% stake.

On 23rd December 2019, Tata Power acquired a 51% stake in the Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha (CESU) to manage its five electrical circles.

This 51 % equity acquisition will be valid for the next 25 years. Tata Power will get the management control along with the distribution business management. Being a trusted and one of the largest power generation and distribution companies in India, Tata Power is committed to improving and modernizing the distribution system in Western, Southern, Northern, and Central Odisha. The company aims to improve reliability, reduce AT&C losses and offer excellent customer service.

Discoms Circles:

Tata Power will manage the below circles of all discoms under a new name.

Sl NoName Of DiscomsCirclesNew Discom name
1NESCOBalasore, Bhadrak, Baripada, Jajpur, KeonjharTPNODL
2WESCOBurla, Rourkela, Bolangir, Bargarh, BhawanipatnaTPWODL
3SOUTHCOGanjam City, Berhampur, Bhanjanagar, Rayagada, Jeypore, AskaTPSODL
4CESUBhubaneswar (Electrical Circle – I and II), Cuttack, Paradip, and DhenkanalTPCODL

All the employees who were working in WESCO, SOUTHCO, CESU, and NESCO will be retained by Tata Power and will serve the company as per the existing service policy. Tata Power will also help existing employees to provide them required training to enhance their skills and also introduce the latest technologies.

Tata Power Odisha Discoms website links:

TP Central Odisha Distribution Limitedhttps://www.tpcentralodisha.com/
TP Northern Odisha Distribution Limitedhttps://www.tpnodl.com/
TP Western Odisha Distribution Limitedhttps://www.tpwesternodisha.com/
TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limitedhttps://www.tpsouthernodisha.com/

As per the latest initiative by Odisha DISCOM to improve the service quality for customers, a 24×7 customer care center has been implemented to resolve customer grievances and provide the best service. Customers can also access all electricity-related information through a mobile app and also lodge their complaints.

The company has also introduced various schemes to encourage its customers to adopt energy-efficient practices. It has launched several awareness campaigns to educate its customers on the benefits of energy conservation and has also introduced a scheme for providing energy-efficient appliances to its customers at subsidized rates.

Odisha Discom Customer Service

In case of any type of billing or connection-related issues, customers can get help through the below contact details.

Phone number:

TPCODL1912 / 1800-345-7122 (Toll-Free)
TPNODL1800-345-6718 (Toll-Free)
TPWODL1800-3456-798 (Toll-Free)
TPSODL1912 / 1800-3456-797

Email address:

TPCODL[email protected]
TPNODL[email protected]
TPWODL[email protected]
TPSODL[email protected]


Odisha DISCOM is responsible for the distribution and retail supply of electricity to consumers in the state. It operates in various parts of the state and is responsible for managing the distribution network, maintaining the electricity infrastructure, and ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to its customers. The company also takes care of billing and collecting payments from customers for the electricity consumed.

Odisha DISCOM is committed to providing reliable and affordable electricity to its customers in the state. The company has set high standards for itself and is continuously striving to improve its services to meet the evolving needs of its customers. With its focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and sustainability, Odisha DISCOM is poised to play a significant role in the growth and development of the state’s power sector in the coming years.

We have shared all the important information about the Odisha Discom in this article. Please share your view or questions in the comment section below and also share this post if you find it helpful. Finally, thanks for reading this article.

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