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PICME Login: How to register a new PICME account? How to check the registration status online? How to download the acknowledgment slip online? Check all details and important information in this article.

What is PICME?

PICME stands for Pregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation. It’s an online portal developed by the National Informatics System for the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Government of Tamilnadu.

The PICME portal was launched to monitor pregnancy and childbirth in the Tamilnadu state to provide care and necessary assistance to all pregnant women. All the data of the pregnant women are uploaded to the PICME portal which can be easily monitored and used to provide ambulance service, medical assistance, and other types of assistance to poor pregnant women.


Login requirements:

  • User ID and Password of the User.
  • A secure and latest web browser to open the PICME web portal.
  • A secure and trusted device to open the official website.
  • A working and uninterrupted internet connection.

Login process:

PICME login page
  • Enter your User ID, Password, and the given captcha code.
  • Click the Submit button to access your PICME account.

How to reset the PICME account password?

A password recovery option is available on the login form. You will have to verify your identity first, after the identity verification, you can create a new password for your PICME account.

Just click the Forgot Password after you visit https://picme.tn.gov.in/. You may also visit the direct account recovery web page https://picme.tn.gov.in/index.php/Change_passwordfirst.

PICME password recovery web page

Enter your User ID and press the Generate OTP button. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter that OTP in the given space and click the Submit button. After the successful verification, the user can create a new password.

How to register on the PICME platform?

There are different ways to register on the PICME portal.

  • Registration by directly approaching Village Health Nurse
  • Online registration on the PICME web portal
  • Registration through e-seva centres
  • Registration by calling call Centre (102)
  • Registration through Government Hospitals

Let’s discuss each registration process in detail.

1-Registration by directly approaching Village Health Nurse:

Visit the nearest Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse in your area and register your pregnancy. After the complete registration, Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse will issue an RCH ID.

2-Online registration on the PICME web portal:

An online registration facility is also available through the PICME web portal at https://picme.tn.gov.in. Below steps are required for online pre-registration.

  • Visit the official website https://picme.tn.gov.in.
  • Click the Pre Registration by Public link located at the top right corner.
  • On the next page, click “Click here” under the Pre-Registration of Pregnancy section.
  • On the next page, you will find a registration form that a mother can fill out this form either in English or Tamil language. The below-mentioned details must be entered in the registration form.
    • Pregnant Mother Name
    • Address
    • Preferred day to Visit VHN
    • Email ID
    • Mobile number (mother’s mobile number)
  • Verify your mobile number through the OTP and click the Save button to complete your pre-registration process.

Note: The pre-registration details you will enter in the online registration form will be shared with your area Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse for registration of pregnancy. After registration, she will give you the RCH ID.

3-Registration through e-seva centres:

There are e-seva centers in each district of the Tamilnadu state. The pregnant mother can visit any nearest e-seva center and complete the pre-registration for her pregnancy. Registration through the e-seva centers is completely free of cost.

4-Registration by calling call Centre (102):

A call center service has been started by the Tamilnadu government. This service is available through the 102 phone number. The pregnant mother can call 102 and pre-register her pregnancy.

5-Registration through Government Hospitals:

Government hospitals also provide a registration facility. The pregnant mother can visit the nearest government hospital and complete the pre-registration process.

On completion of pre-registration, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number of the mother. The Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse of your area will register you on the portal. After the registration, each mother will get a unique ID, “RCH ID”. All the benefits and additional schemes and services will be given through this RCH ID.

How to generate an RCH ID through the PICME portal?

RCH ID Self Generation facility is also available on the PICME portal. The pregnant mother can generate an RCH ID by visiting the official website. RCH ID will be given by the Village Health Nurse after the registration and properly follow up with the mother. RCH ID is very important as to get a Birth Certificate, RCH ID is mandatory now.

Please follow the below steps to generate an RCH ID.

  • Visit the public registration page on the official web portal at https://picme.tn.gov.in/picme_public/.
  • Click the Click Here button under the RCH ID Self Generation section.
  • Complete the Aadhaar number verification.
  • After the Aadhaar verification, enter all required details and complete the rest of the process.

Your details will be shared with the area Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse for further follow-up.

Benefits of the PICME portal

The PICME portal is very useful and automates a lot of tasks that required a manual method. By using the automated system a lot of things in the system have been improved a lot. Some of the benefits are mentioned below. Please have a look.

Automatic submission of data:
State Birth and Death software (CRS) is also linked with the PICME portal. As soon as any RCH ID generates by the system, the PICME server shares this RCH ID with the Birth and Death Registration Server. The birth and registration server also shares the birth registration number with the PICME server as soon as the birth is registered.

MRMBS eligibility calculation:
Since all the data is already available in the PICME portal so is very easy now to determine the eligibility of poor mothers for the Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme. As per the MRMBS scheme, Mother will get the below maternity benefits.

  • Rs.18,000/- payable in five installments for all eligible mothers under MRMBS.
  • Rs.8,000/-payable in three installments (1,2 & 4) for the primi mothers under Cobranded PMMVY-MRMBS scheme and the remaining installments (3&5) under MRMBS.

Delivery and medical service:
All pregnant women will get the proper delivery care services from pregnancy to child care. It helps to track the high-risk mothers and reduce the overall maternal mortality rate in the Tamilnadu state by providing timely medical support and service.

Get mothers’ details anytime:
By using the RCH ID number, all details related to the mother such as current status, number of children, birth certificate issued or not, etc and more details can be viewed anytime through the PICME portal.

Emergency Ambulance service:
EMRIs (Emergency Management and Research Institutes & 108 Ambulance service) have been given a login ID for using PICME. y using their login, they can easily check the pregnancy status and provide an ambulance or other emergency service whenever needed to poor women.

How to get the acknowledgment on mobile?

How to check the application status?

All mothers who have completed the pre-registration can check their application status online through the official website. Please check the below steps.

Customer Helpline

Phone number: Please call 24/7 call center service at 102.

Technical Assistance: For any kind of technical support, please send an email to [email protected].

Contact Address:
Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
359, Anna Salai, DMS Complex, Teynampet,
Chennai 600 006
(PBX Nos 24335075 & 24334818)


Scheme NamePregnancy and Infant Cohort Monitoring and Evaluation
Portal Developed byNIC, Tamilnadu State Unit, Chennai
Current versionPICME 2.0
Developed forTamilnadu government
First launched2008
Authoritative departmentDepartment of Public Health & Preventive Medicine,  
Government of Tamilnadu, India 
BeneficiaryAll pregnant women in Tamilnadu state
PurposeTo keep track of pregnancy and childbirth in the Tamilnadu state
Official websitepicme.tn.gov.in


Which is the latest PICME version?

Currently, a new PICME 2.0 version has been launched by the NIC Tamilnadu and is currently in use. Version 2.0 has some additional modules that provide some extra functionality.

Which areas of the state are covered through the PICME portal?

The PICME portal covered all Rural and urban areas of the entire state of Tamil Nadu and upload all data on the PICME server.

How much data have been uploaded on the PICME portal?

Every year, around 11 lakh pregnant mother’s data is uploaded on the PICME server by the different institutions, government hospitals, Village Health Nurses / Urban
Health Nurse, etc.

Around 8713 VHNs (Village Health Nurses) in rural areas and 1846 UHNs (Urban Health Nurses) in urban areas have been given a user ID and password so that VHNS and UHNs can upload the data on the PICME servers.

Apart from the VHNS and UHNs, all government health institutions got their login ID and password and they are also uploading their data directly on the PICME server.

How Tamilnadu government is tracking pregnant women?

Tamilnadu government is using the PICME portal to upload pregnant women’s data on the PICME server. All women will get a unique ID called RCH ID and the Tamilnadu government can track all pregnant women by using this RCH ID. Tamilnadu government has made it compulsory to register information about all pregnancies in the PICME portal.

What is RCH ID?

RCH stands for Reproductive and Child Health. Tamilnadu state has made it mandatory to issue an RCH ID to all pregnant women in the Tamilnadu state. All Married/Pregnant Women in the age group of 15 to 49 will be issued a unique identification number (RCH ID).

It is a only one-time registration and there is no need to register again in case of further pregnancy. The Village Health Nurse / Urban Health Nurse is the authoritative person to issue an RCH ID.

If somehow a mother did not get any RCH ID at the time of the delivery, she must register immediately at least after delivery, and submit the RCH ID to the hospital concerned. Birth certificates can be issued only after issuing the RCH ID.

How to apply for Birth And Death Registration in Tamilnadu?

Visit the Tamilnadu Birth and Death Registration portal https://crstn.org/birth_death_tn/ and apply online.

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