Tekmetric Login – Auto Repair Shop 2023 [❤️Ultimate Guide]

What is Tekmetric and how to log in to your account? What type of benefits does it provide to Auto Repair Service providers? Please have a look at the latest information given below.

In this article, you will find…

  • How to access and log in to Tekmetric shop software?
  • How to manage your account and recover your login?
  • How to access different auto repair-related services?
  • How to use important services such as time management, scheduling, etc.
  • How to access Tekmetric support in case of any issues?

Please read below to check the latest and updated information including step-by-step processes.

What is Tekmetric?

Tekmetric is an online cloud-based shop management system developed specifically for auto repair shops. It helps shop owners improve overall efficiency and service quality by streamlining all services.

Auto shop repair work

It provides a digital platform that connects persons from different service departments of an auto repair shop such as mechanics, managers, technicians, service writers, etc and shows a streamlined workflow of all processes.

Tekmetric supports multiple platforms and all data syncs in real-time across all devices. It is also a very lightweight platform and works smoothly even on a dial-up internet connection.

Tekmetric’s advanced features include inventory management, digital vehicle inspection, time tracking and scheduling, different types of vehicle-related reports, etc. To access all the features through the Tekmetric dashboard, you will have to log in to your Tekmetric account.

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Tekmetric Login

All staff in a shop who are using Tekmetric can access their account online by logging in to the official website. Please check the below steps.

Login requirements:

  • Please arrange your login password from the shop owner.
  • Always use a properly working internet connection that offers a continuous supply.
  • You can use any device having a Chrome web browser for the best compatibility. You may also use Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. The device screen must be a 10″ screen

A step-by-step guide to Tekmetric Login:

You can easily access the Tekmetric login page by visiting the official website www.tekmetric.com and clicking the Sign In link located at the top right corner. The complete login process is given below.

  1. Open a secure web browser on your device and visit the Tekmetric website.
  2. Click the Sign In link in the top right corner of the website.
Tekmetric login page on the official website
  1. Enter your login credentials (email address and password) and click the Sign In button.
  2. If your login credentials are correct, you will be redirected to your Tekmetric user dashboard page.

How to reset the Tekmetric Login password?

In case a shop employee forgot the account password then please check the below steps to easily create a new password.

  1. Visit the Tekmetric login page and click the Forgot password link located on the login form.
  2. A password reset form will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Password reset page on the Tekmetric website
  1. Enter your email address complete the captcha verification and press the Reset Password button.
  2. You will get an email on your email address including a link to reset your password.
  3. Open your email inbox, click the password reset link, and create a new password for your account.

How to activate a new Tekmetric account?

New employees must activate their accounts before logging in. An account activation link will be sent to all new joiners and will be valid for 24 hours. Check your email click the activation link and activate your account.

If you do not activate your account then a new activation link will be required. Shop admin can resend a new activation link anytime by visiting the employee profile section.

Tekmetric Features

Some of the useful features are listed below.

  1. Real-Time Reporting: Get real-time reports and quickly analyze your shop performance by viewing the key metrics available in the reports related to various aspects. It is helpful to find key metrics related to sales, revenue, labor costs, etc.
  2. Workflow: This auto shop software offers a workflow that can be customized as per the specific needs of the shops. This customized workflow further helps to improve the overall efficiency and operations consistency.
  3. Digital Vehicle Inspection: The digital inspection feature helps to maintain better transparency between the shop and customers by taking pictures and videos and showing them to customers along with the repair orders. It makes Tekmetric a better communication system.
  4. Mark-Up Matrices: Tekmetric offers different types of Mark-Up options based on factors such as labor costs, overhead expenses, profit margins, etc helps shops manage their pricing for the services they offer.
  5. Tekmerchant: Tekmetric also offers payment processing services built within the Tekmetric software. It is a great way to make online secure payments for their service.
  6. Centralized Communication: There is a centralized communication system that enables all employees to effectively communicate and collaborate discuss the repair orders and manage their tasks.
  7. Tekmessage: There is a messaging system facility available for customers where customers will get important communication related to their repair orders such as appointment reminders, repair status, etc.
  8. Inventory: Keeping track of the inventory of the important parts and supplies is very easy now with the help of the Inventory management system available within the Tekmetric software suit.
  9. Integrations: Now the integration with third-party solutions such as Quickbook, Carfx, etc can be done easily with Tekmetric. It makes Tekmetric a more efficient system.

How to Clock-In, Clock-Out through Tekmetric Time Clock?

Tekmetric Time Clock helps employees to keep track of the time they are in the shop. Employees can manage their time clock and easily clock in and clock out through the Tekmetric Time Clock. There are three important events Tekmetrik Time Clock records.

  1. The time you come into the shop.
  2. The time when you take a break.
  3. The time when you clock out. 

Employees can manage the time clock with the help of the below steps.

Steps to Clock-In

  1. Visit the Tekmetric login page and access your account.
  2. After login, click your profile link at the top right corner.
  3. Click the “Clock In” link to start your clock.
  4. If the Red icon turns Green, you are in the shop and Tekmetric starts recording your time.

Steps to Pause and Resume Time Clock:

There are times when employees need a break for lunch or any other work. Employees can pause their time clock and resume that when they return to their shop.

  1. Log in and click your profile icon at the top right corner.
  2. Click the “Take Break” link to pause your clock.
  3. The Green icon must turn Yello while taking a pause.
  4. When an employee returns to work, click the End Break to resume the clock.
  5. It will again turn the Yellow icon into Green.

Steps to Clock Out

  1. Log in and click your profile icon at the top right corner.
  2. Click the “Clock Out” link. You will be clocked out and Tekmetric will stop recording your time.
  3. Please ensure that the Green icon turns Red.

Tekmetric Pricing

Tekmetric pricing is based on the four different available plans for customers. All four plans are available for all shop owners irrespective of the number of users and the number of devices. The different plans and their costs are simply based on the extra features and services.

The four plans Tekmetric offers are

  1. Start
  2. Grow
  3. Scale
  4. Multi-Shop

Pricing for all plans is mentioned below.

Multi-ShopRequest pricing

Note: “Tekmerchant Integrated Credit Card Processing & Text-to-Pay” and “Quickbooks Integration” are add-ons that need to be purchased separately and available with all four plans.

Tekmetric support

Phone number: For any type of issue related to the portal, please call 832-787-0900 or Speak with a Shop Advisor at 832-930-9400.

Email support: Send an email to the customer support team at [email protected].

Send a message online:

Customers can send a message To the customer service team online through the contact form available on the official website. Customers can fill out this contact form and submit their inquiries. Please follow the below process.

Open the official website and click the Contact Us sub-menu item available under the Resources menu item. You may also click the support link available at the footer of the website.

You will be redirected to the Contact Us page, Where you’ll find an online contact form.

contact form on the Tekmetric website

Just fill out this contact form and submit your inquiry to Tekmetric. It’s a fully secure way of communication so don’t worry about data security.

Chat support facility:

Customers can also use the in-app resource center to chat with the support team. Please Log In to your account and access the chat facility.

I am getting a “New Version of Tekmetric Please Refresh Banner” notification.

This type of notification comes when Tekmetric updates its application and releases some new features. To get rid of this notification, please follow the below steps.

1- Right-click any blank part of the browser and select the Inspect option. It will open a toll bar at the bottom part having some codes.
2-Leave the Inspect toolbar as it is. There is a browser refresh button on the top left side. Put your mouse cursor on it and press the right click of your mouse.
3-You will see three options after right-clicking, select the “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” option.

That’s it, you can now use the updated application.

What if I forgot my Tekmetric login email address?

In case you forgot your email address then please contact the Shop admin. Shop admin has access to all email addresses of all employees.

How an employee can edit the profile information?

All employees can edit and update their personal information after logging into their accounts. Please follow the below steps.

1-Visit the official Tekmetric login page and log in by using your account email address and password.
2-After login, click the profile icon at the top right corner and again click the Account Settings option.
3-In the phone number section of the account settings page, click the edit icon at the top right section to change your phone number or name. Click the Save button.
4-In the next email section, type a new email address and click the Update Email button.
5-In the next section, employees can change their current password and create a new password.

How to access employees’ login history?

Shop admin can access the login history of all employees. Tekmetric records important employee activities such as the login date, time, IP address, user agent, etc on every login.

This information will be shared with the shop owners in an easy-to-view way so that they can make important decisions based on this set of data.

It will tell shop owners at what time their employees are accessing their accounts. Please follow the below steps to check the login history.

1-Login to the admin account and click the Employees section on the left menu bar. 
2-Click on the employee you want to see login history for.
3-Go to the ‘Permissions‘ table available at the bottom of the page.
4-Go to the “Login History” tab and check the login activity.

How can I access my Tekmetric account?

If you have your login credentials then, Click the Sign In link on the top menu of the Tekmetric website www.tekmetric.com, and enter your email and password to access your account.

Can I access my account through a mobile app?

Currently, there is no Tekmetric mobile app available. You will have to use the Tekmetric web portal to access your account. The web portal is fully responsive and works perfectly on every device. You will have no issues accessing your account from a smartphone.

What are the tips for successfully logging in to your Tekmetric account?

We have already shared how to log in to your Tekmetric account. To avoid any login issues and enjoy a successful login experience, you may follow the below tips.

-Please ensure that you are entering the correct login credentials. Your account may get locked by entering the wrong email address and password.

-Before login, please check that you are accessing a secure web page that starts with HTTPS.

-While logging in to your Tekmetric account, always use a stable and high-speed internet connection to avoid login issues that are generally caused by a weak internet connection.

-Sometimes browser cache and cookies cause login issues. It is a good idea to clear your browser’s cache and cookies and try logging in again if you are facing any issues.

-Please use a secure and up-to-date web browser. Most modern browsers are compatible with Tekmetric software so you can use anyone from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

-Tekmetric support is always there for you, please take help of the Tekmetric support if you are not able to solve the login issue.


We have shared Tekmetric login, account recovery, and troubleshooting tips, features, and benefits in this article. The login process is simple if you follow the exact steps given in this article. Please let us know your views about this article.

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