Tnreginet marriage registration, download certificate online (complete process)

Tnreginet online portal provides many services to the citizens residing in the Tamilnadu state. Marriage registration is one services where a lot of people apply for the registrations on a daily basis.

Now registration process has made online through the Tnreginet portal and anyone can submit the marriage registration application.

In this article we will show you how to submit a marriage application and download marriage certificate.

Types of marriage registration available on Tnreginet portal:

Registrations for the below-given types of marriages can be done online on Tnreginet portal.

  • Hindu Marriage
  • Tamilnadu marriage
  • Tamilnadu Muslim marriage
  • Special marriage

How to apply for Tnreginet marriage registration online 2021?

Please check the complete step by step process given-below. We will show you Hindu Marriage registration process. Registration process for other types of marriages is also same.

Hindu Marriage registration guidelines:

Please check the guidelines before starting the online registration process.

  • The Bridegroom and Bride must be Hindus, Buddhist, or Sikhs for Hindu marriage
  • The bridegroom must be 21yrs old and Bride must be 18yrs old.
  • Proof of Marriage such as a marriage invitation card
  • Residence, and Age proof such as employer’s ID, Ration card, Driving License, Passport, etc must be provided for both the Bride and the Bridegroom.

Step #1: Login on the portal

First of all you will have to login on the portal by using your login credentials which you got after the registration.

tnreginet login form

Fill in your user name, password, and captcha code and click on the “sign in” button.

Note: If you have not registered yet you may check the Tnreginet article to read about the registration process.

Step #2: Create application

Now navigate to Registration > Marriage registration > Hindu Marriage > Create Application. A new registration page will open.

Step #3: Enter Husband’s details

On the next page you will have to click on the proceed for registration button. After that you will have to enter husbands details in the application form.

tnreginet marriage registration husbands details

Fill in below given Husband’s details.

  • Select the marriage date
  • Enter Name, Date of Birth, Age, Religion, caste
  • Marital status (at the time of marriage)
  • Occupation
  • Address details such as country, state, district, pincode
  • Father’s name, age, address
  • Husband’s mother details

After filling in all details click on save and then click on next button.

Step #4: Enter Wife’s details

On new page enter wife’s details such as

  • Personal details
  • Address
  • Fathers details
  • Mothers details

Again click on save and next button.

Step #5: Enter Witness details

On the next page you will have to fill in the witness details.

tn marriage registration witness details
  • Enter witness name
  • fathers name
  • mothers name
  • witness address

After that click on the add button and again add another witness details. A total of 3 witness is required for the Hindu Marriage registration.

Step #6: Enter other details

Now enter other details such as Solemnized by Parents if applicable. If Solemnized by someone else then please enter all details

  • Address
  • Place of marriage
  • Act under which the marriage was Solemnized
  • Select Sub-registrar office where the marriage is being registered
  • Enter the number of copies of the marriage certificate required
  • Applicant details
  • Enter mobile number and email id

Step #7: Enter NRI details (if applicable)

If Husband or Wife is NRI then enter NRI details such as.

  • Passport number, Passport issued by, Passport valid up to
  • Enter the Visa details
  • Residentials address
  • If Permanent resident then enter the Social Security number.
tn marriage registration NRI details

Click on save and next button.

Step #8: Enter Proof details

Enter Husbands proof details such as

tn marriage registration proof details
  • Proof Type and the identification type
  • Enter the Identification Number

Click on add button and add wife’s proof details.

Step #9: Acknowledgement

After submitting the proof details your application is created. You will see an acknowledgment page. You may take a printout of this acknowledgment and proceed with the payment.

Step #10: Payment

Now you can pay the required fee online. Check the fee details and click on the Pay Now button if you want to pay the fee now. Select the payment mode offline or online and select the mode of payment. Complete the payment.

After the payment you can print the application form.

After that you will have to initiate token for the appointment at the sub registrar office.

Complete further process by providing all necessary details and appointment time and date.

tn marriage registration appointment page

You can also download the appointment pdf and take a print out of it.

Check the marriage registration status

To check the status of the marriage registration login on the Tnreginet portal and Navigate to the Registration > Marriage registration > Search application from the top menu.

You can see the marriage status under the status tab.

Check more details about the Tnreginet portal at the linked article.

Also check how to view and apply Encumbrance Certificate online.

Thanks for reading this article. Please let us now if you found this article helpful.

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