Activate Victoria Secret Credit Card

Are you looking for the easy steps to activate your Victoria’s Secret credit card? You are at the right place. We are sharing easy steps so that you can easily activate your new credit card and start using it to purchase your favorite products.

Victoria’s Secret / PINK Credit Card Activation

Victoria’s Secret credit card is issued by the Comenity Capital Bank. Comenity Bank also manages all credit card accounts. If you recently received your new credit card then you can activate it by visiting the official Comenity Bank website.

There are two types of credit cards issued by Comenity Bank.

  1. Victoria’s Secret credit card
  2. Victoria’s secret Mastercard

We are sharing the activation process for both cards.

How to activate Victoria’s Secret Credit Card?

Please check the card activation process below.

There are two ways to activate your card.

  1. Online Activation
  2. Phone Activation

1-Online activation process:

  • Visit the official Victoria’s Secret web page of Comenity’s website at
  • On the top menu, click the Activate Card link.
  • The card activation page will appear on the screen (as shown below).
victoria secret credit card activation page
  • Enter the below information in this online activation form.
    • Account number
    • Expiration date
    • Last four digits of your social security number
    • ZIP code
  • Press the Continue button to instantly activate your credit card.

Direct link to activation page:

Customers can visit the credit card activation page directly at

2-Activation through phone call:

New cardholders can activate their credit card by calling customer service phone numbers. Please call the Comenity bank customer service number at 1-800-695-9478 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788) and activate your card through on-call instructions.

How to Activate Victoria’s secret Mastercard?

Some customers having a good credit profile receives a Mastercard from Comenity Bank. The Mastercard activation process is given below. Please have a look.

You can activate your Mastercard through any one of the two methods.

  1. Online Activation
  2. Phone Activation

1-Online activation process:

Step 1: Visit the official Comenity web page for Victoria’s secret Mastercard at

Step 2: Click the Activate Card menu item, and a Mastercard activation form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

victoria secret Mastercard activation page

Step 3: Now enter all required information in this activation form and complete the activation process by clicking the Continue button.

Direct link for online activation page:

Please visit the Mastercard activation page directly through the below links.

2-Phone activation process:

All Mastercard customers can instantly activate their card by calling the activation number 1-855-546-9544. Please keep your credit card with you during the activation process because you have to share some card-related information. Follow all the instructions of the automated call and activate your credit card.

You may also take customer service help at 1-844-271-2596 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788) if you are facing any issues while activating your Mastercard.

After the activation, you can use your credit card to make online transactions.

How to register a new account?

If you are a new cardholder, you must register a new account on the Comenity Bank website to take the advantage of all online services. You can follow the below steps to register a new account.

  • Visit the Comenity Victoria’s Secret account page
  • Click the Manage Account link for the credit card you are using.
  • On the next page, click the Register Now button at the top right side.
  • You will see an online registration form on the next page.
  • Fill out this registration form and create a new Username and Password for online access to your account.

After the registration, you can log in and manage your new credit card online.

After activating your new credit card, you can now link your card to your victoria’s secret account. It will help you to manage both victoria’s secret account and credit card account from one place. You can check the credit card account summary and pay the monthly charges through victoria’s secret account.

You can link your victoria’s secret credit card account with your account through the online website or mobile app. Login to your account and link your credit card account.

Customer service

In case of any type of inquiry or if you are facing any type of issue during the activation process, you may get assistance through Comenity customer care. Please call the below-mentioned customer care numbers

Victoria secret credit card1-800-695-9478,
1-800-695-1788 (TDD/TTY)
Victoria secret Mastercard1-844-271-2596,
1-800-695-1788 (TDD/TTY)


What information is required to activate Victoria’s Secret credit card?

Whether you have Victoria’s secret card or a Pink card, you will have to activate it before making any transaction. Some credit card and personal information are required during the activation process. Please keep ready with the below information.

-Credit Card account number
-Identification-related information such as SSN.
-The expiry date of the credit card

How to activate an authorized buyer’s card?

There is no need to activate the cards of any authorized buyers separately. All cards will be activated while activating the primary credit card. You just need to add the last four digits of the other cards on the account during the activation process of the primary credit card.

I have lost my card. do I need to activate the replacement card?

Yes, If you have lost your Victoria’s secret credit card and got a new replacement card then you will have to activate it again to make it eligible for any type of transaction. Without the activation, you can not use your replacement card.

About Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

If you are a regular shopper at Victoria’s Secret, Pink, or VS&Co. Lab then you can apply for a credit card to get extra cashback and other benefits. If you are a member of the Victoria’s Secret credit card program and shop on the online website or at the store then you will get 5% cashback on all purchases.

If you are a Mastercard holder then you can use your credit card everywhere and you will get extra cashback. Customers can also choose from two card designs ‘The Victoria Card’ and ‘The Pink Card’. Some other benefits include free shipping, a birthday surprise, and early access to special sales.

Further, there is a Silver and Gold cardmember program where customers will get some exclusive benefits and cashback.

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