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Mythdhr.com My Apron Home Depot ESS login, Associate My Schedule, In this article, we will share information about the Employee Self Service portal of Home Depot. How to log in safely and how to access online information available for associates?

Home Depot ESS: My Apron mythdhr

All active and former associates of Home Depot can use the online portal facility to check their profile, Pay Slip, and Leave Absence information through the Home Depot ESS (Employee Self Service) portal mythdhr.com.

There is a lot of useful information and services available for the more than 385,000 associates currently working at Home Depot. Employees can also check the My Schedule through the Employee login facility.

Some of the important services which can be accessed through the Employee Self Service portal are mentioned below.

  • Check the employee profile and important information such as Address, Contact information.
  • Update employee personal information online
  • Check daily work schedule through the Employee ESS My Schedule
  • Check Leave of Absence (LOA) status and print the information
  • Check and download employee Pay Slip online
  • Check historical Tax statements through the ESS online
  • Associates can also enroll for the Homer Fund Deduction after login on ESS

All of the above information is accessible only after the Employee login to access the Home Depot Associate ESS.

Home Depot ESS login process

You must log in to the network in order to access all Self Service functions. There are some pre-requisites that must be followed.

  • Don’t access the Home Depot ESS from an unauthorized system. It must be accessed from any office computer.
  • Employees must have an AIS ID and Password to access the ESS from any Home Depot store. For other locations, employees must have a LAN ID.
  • If you want to take any print then ensure that the printer is located at a safe and secure location.
  • Use the ESS in a secure way and don’t involve in any unauthorized or illegal activity.
  • Keep your ID and Password secure and don’t share them with anyone.
  • Don’t open the ESS portal on any public computer, Cyber Cafe, Restaurant, etc.
  • Always log out from the network after finishing your work.

To log in on the Employee Self Service portal, Employees can follow the below-given steps.

The login process for Current Associates:

Step 1: Open the My Apron Home Depot ESS portal https://www.mythdhr.com/ESS.html.

Step 2: Move down the page. You will see two login options. Now click the “Current associates, click here to login” link.

Step 3: You can also directly visit the login page after clicking the https://hdapps.homedepot.com/ESSSecurity/logon.do link. You will see a login page on the next screen (as shown below).

home depot associate ess login form

Step 4: Enter the Store location or choose the Other location option. After that, enter your User ID and Password in the Given space and hit the Login button.

The login process for Former Associates:

Step 1: Open the official Home Depot Associate ESS portal.

Step 2: Move down the home page and click the “Former associates and associates on LOA, click here to login” link. A new login form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

home depot former associate ess login form

Former Home Depot associates or Associates on LOA can also visit the login page directly at https://hdapps.homedepot.com/ESSTermSecurity/logon.do.

Step 3: Through this online form you will have to verify your identity to access the Employee Self Service.

Enter all required information such as Last Name, Month and Date of your DOB, Last four digits of your Social Security Number or Social Insurance Number.

Step 4: After entering the above details enter the given security code and hit the “Continue to Security Validation” button. After the identity verification, Former Associates can access the Employee Self Service network.

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How to access Home Depot My Schedule, Attendance, and Time information?

To access My Schedule and Time, Attendance details you will have to access the My Schedule ESS login.

1-Open the official My Schedule login page at https://hdapps.homedepot.com/LaborMgtTools/WFMEssLauncher.

home depot my schedule login page

2-Now in the login form choose the location and fill in your User ID and Password.

3-Click the login button to access MY Schedule. After login associates can access the attendance, Time, and schedule-related information through the employee self-service.

Life events: Employees must update the relevant changes as happened through the different life events. Employees need to access their self-service portal and update as required related to the below types of Life events.

  • Marriage
  • Moving (Change of Address)
  • Birth and Adoption of a Child
  • Gain / Loss of Coverage
  • Leave of Absence
  • Dependent Child Age 26 and Older
  • Death of a Family Member
  • Divorce / Legal Separation
  • Termination

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How to apply for leave?

There may be instances where the employee will not be able to join and needs a leave. The leave for absence facility is available through the Employees Self Service portal in case of any urgent leave such as medical leave or personal leave.

Employees can apply for leave online with the help of the below steps.

  • Open the official My Apron Mythdhr portal
  • Log in with your User ID and Password.
  • After login access the Access Leave of Absence Information Center > Packets.
  • Print Leave of Absence information

For more information on this please contact the HR Manager of your department.

Pay Slip and Tax statements

All former and current associates can access their Pay Slip and Tax-related information and statements after login on to the Self Service portal. Associates can easily download and take a print of their monthly Salary Slip.

Every month Home Depot disbursed the Salary to all employees through a direct bank transfer. If employees do not have any Bank account then they can get their salary through the Payroll Card.

Employees will get the below-mentioned benefits.

  • Access to the W-2 wages and Tax statements
  • Options to print the Tax statements online.
  • View and download PaySlip and take a print-out
  • Update and view Federal, state, or local tax withholding
Home Depot ESSwww.mythdhr.com/ESS.html
Home Depot My Schedule, Time, Attendancehdapps.homedepot.com/LaborMgtTools/WFMEssLauncher
Home Depot Benefitsapps.bswift.com/orangelife/
Home Depot Careercareers.homedepot.com/

Helpline details

Different types of helpline numbers are available for the Home Depot Associates for the different types of information. Please take the help of the below-mentioned customer service options in case of any urgency.

MYTHDHR HR Service Center: 1-866-698-4347 (If you are an applicant and looking for any job-related information then contact at the given number)

Benefits Choice Center: 1-800-555-4954 (Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (EST))

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