My schedule Safeway ESS login: Albertsons myACI [Direct2hr] login

How to log in to Safeway’s My schedule Employee Self Service platform? How to log in to Albertsons myACI formerly the Direct2HR portal? What are the features and benefits of the Safeway ESS and myACI portal and how employees can access different services? Check the latest information in this article.

Safeway My Schedule, myACI Safeway (Direct2HR)

Safeway is a part of the Albertsons group of Companies which is a drug and food retailer and sells its products in 35 states of the United States and other countries. Safeway Inc was incorporated in 1926. Currently, Safeway is a well-known brand that provides many services and facilities to its employees and developed different portals that provide different kinds of employee-centric services and help its employees.

Employees can access the Safeway employee portal at

Currently, employees can access two important services

  • My ACI Safeway (Direct2HR) – It’s an automated HR software solution that can be accessed through employee login credentials.
  • MySchedule – It is to check employees’ weekly schedules so that employees can check their calendars and prepare in advance. Employees can also request time off through the My Schedule portal. Please note that this portal is available for specific locations such as Eastern, Denver, Houston, Intermountain, Northern Cal, Portland, Seattle, Southern, Southern Cal, and South West Retail Employees.

My Safeway Schedule employee login

If you are an employee of the Safeway family of companies then you can log in and access your account through the below steps.

Step 1: Open the official website.

Step 2: Click the For employees link located at the footer of the website. You will be redirected to the Employee Resource Center page of the Safeway website.

Step 3: You will find two employee-specific services on this page.

  • myACI
  • mySchedule

Click the mySchedule service link. You will be redirected to Safeway my schedule page (as shown below).

Safeway myschedule portal

Step 4: Click the Login button to open the login page.

Safeway myschedule login form

Step 5: Enter your Employee number or user login and password in this login form. Click the Login button to access your account.

Benefits of my schedule portal:

  • Employees can access their schedules with just a few clicks.
  • Employees can request for TimeOff, unpaid leave, etc online.
  • Clock in and clock out is very easy now.\
  • My schedule provides an accurate timesheet which further helps the HR department to prepare salary.
  • Employees get shift reminders through email and SMS which helps them to visit the stores as per their schedule.

(Direct2HR Safeway) MyACI employee login

My ACI Safeway portal which was formerly known as the Direct2HR Safeway portal is a Human Resource Management system developed to provide an effective and transparent Human Resource system to Safeway employees. All Safeway employees can log in to the portal and access all available services.

Previously employees were using the link to access the HRMS portal which has been moved to the myACI portal now and can be accessed through the https:/ link.

Employees can use the direct link or the simple steps mentioned below to access my ACI Albertsons portal.

myaci portal login form
  • Open the Safeway Albertsons website and click the For employee link available at the footer of the website.
  • On the employee resource center page click the myACI link.
  • You will be redirected to the Oracle application cloud page login screen.
  • Enter your User ID and Password, and click the Login button to access the HR portal.

Single Sign-On login:

All Albertsons company employees can also log in on the myACI HR portal by using the Single Sign-On facility.

  • Click the Company Single Sign-On link available on the login form.
  • On the next page, enter your company email id and click the Next button.
  • On the next page, enter your password to access the Albertsons my ACI portal.

If you are using the Single Sign-On facility and not able to sign in then click the Can’t access your account located on the login screen. On the next page, select the work account option. On the next page, enter your username or email address, fill in the security code, and click the Next button. On the next page, you can recover your user name and reset your password.

How to reset my ACI Albertsons portal password?

Please follow the below steps to reset your password.

1-Open the myACI portal login page at https:/

2-On the login form, click the Forgot Password link.

3-On the next page, you can recover your username and password both

Safeway myaci portal username and password recovery page

i-Reset password – Enter your username or email ID and select Forgot Password option, and click the Submit button. You will receive an email including a link to reset your password. Click the password reset link in your email and create a new password for your account.

ii-Forgot Username: Enter your email ID and select Forgot User name option. Click the Submit button. Your User Name will be displayed on the screen or you will get an email.

How to reset Albertsons Safeway MySchedule password?

In case you are having trouble accessing your Safeway account then you can reset the password online very easily with the help of different available options. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Safeway mySchedule portal and hit the “Click here” link after trouble logging in.

Step 2: You will see another login screen managed by Microsoft (as shown below).

albertsons companies login screen

Step 3: Read all instructions written on this page and click the here link to open the self-service page to reset your password. On the Self Service page, employees will find different options to manage their accounts (as shown below).

safeway self service options for password reset

there are three important facilities available through the Safeway self-service page.

1-Self Service Password Management:

There are two options available for the employees.

  1. Reset Password Using MFA Registered Device – Use this option to reset your password if you have enrolled in the Multi-factor authentication to log in to your Safeway account.
  2. Reset Password Using Challenge Q&A – Use this option to reset your password if you have already set up the security question while registering your account.

2-Password Change Update:

Employees can get the instructions related to resetting the password by clicking the Reset Password Help link.

3-MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication):

Employees will get two options here.

  1. MFA Registration Link – Click this link to enroll in the Multi-factor authentication. It will help your account to provide an extra layer of security and you will have to enter a security code received on your mobile or email while logging in the first time on a new device.
  2. MFA Registration Help – Click this link to know more about the MFA and how to implement this to secure your account.

Safeway Customer Service

If you are a Safeway employee and facing any kind of difficulty while accessing the My Schedule portal then please contact the Customer helpdesk at 1-877-286-3200. You may also contact your store director for scheduling-related questions.

Important links:

Official Safeway website
Safeway employee resource center page
Safeway My Schedule portal
Safeway myACI HR portalhttps:/


What type of information is available through the myschedule portal?

After the login employees can access their weekly schedule, mealtime, time off, total hours, etc. Employees can access vacation, other time offs, etc.

How to request time off?

1-Login to my schedule Safeway portal and select the TimeOff option in ESS.
2-Select date from the calendar on the left column.
3-Select any one option from the Paid Time Off and Unpaid Time Off through a drop-down menu.
4-Select reason code such as a new request or substitute request from the drop-down menu.
5-If it is a substitute request then enter a comment.
6-Finally, submit your request.
7-To view the status of your request, select the Request History tab.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Albertsons Companies has implemented the multi-factor authentication (MFA) from 24th January 2020 for all employees, contractors, and vendors’ accounts.

If anyone accessing their account or any Albertsons app inside and outside the company network from any device such as computers, tablets, and smartphones then employees will receive a security code on their mobile phone or email id.

Employees will have to enter this code in order to log in and access their accounts.
To enable the Multi-factor authentication, please follow the below steps.
i- Visit the web page.
ii- Enter employee ID/User ID and Password and click the Sign In button.
iii- Select NO on the Stay Signed In screen.
iv- Click Next to start the MFA setup
v- You can download the Microsoft Authenticator app to receive the authentication code or select “I want to set up a different method” to receive the authentication code through a text message.
vi- On the next screen select Phone, enter your phone number, and click the “Text me a code” link. Click the Next button.
vii -Enter the six-digit code received through SMS and confirm the code.
viii- After the verification, click Done to finish the MFA registration process.

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