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What is mySNHU? How students can log in and access their accounts? What are the features and services available for the students? How students can recover their mySNHU online accounts? Check all the latest updates in this article.


MySNHU is a student portal developed by Southern New Hampshire University for its students. It’s like a virtual gateway where students can access everything at SNHU. Students can access the student portal at

SNHU student portal is a one-stop solution and offers a wide range of features and resources to help students manage their academic and administrative needs. Students can access important university services such as the SNHU email account, financial aid offer details, Brightspace academic portal, and bill payment system.

mySNHU Objectives:

Below are some objectives to develop the mySNHU student portal.

  1. To provide students a facility to access all important and essential information so that their academic progress will run smoothly and the student does not face any issue related to any latest updates and news.
  2. To provide important services such as bill payment for tuition fees, registration of classes, and other work in a way that students can access them digitally in a single place and there is no need to access multiple portals and no need to visit multiple offices.
  3. Smooth and effective communication is another objective that SNHU fulfilled by implementing the mySNHU student portal. Now students can easily communicate with their advisors, faculty, and staff members through the communication tools and services such as email, etc.
  4. To make the initial onboarding process convenient and easy for the new students. mySNHU student portal also provides necessary resources and support services to new students.

Let’s take a closer look at how to log in, key features, and how to get help with technical issues.

mySNHU Student Login

mySNHU student login is another important feature that helps students easily access their accounts through their login credentials. Initially, students get their login credentials at the time of their enrollment to the university which helps to access their accounts, and later they can manage their accounts through the self-service feature that helps students to create their own passwords and recover their accounts in case students lost their login information.

Login requirements:

  • Students must be registered on the portal.
  • Student login credentials will be required.
  • A secure device to access the mySNHU student portal.
  • A secure web browser to open the official website.
  • A working internet connection.

Login process:

There are different types of login options available as per the different types of courses students enrolled in. The login process for online and campus students is different. Please check more details below.

mySNHU Online Students Login:

  1. Visit the official portal web page at
  2. On my SNHU web page, click the “online students” login link.
  3. You will be redirected to the login page on Microsoft website.
  4. Enter your Email address and press the Next button.
  5. On the next page, enter your password and access your account.

mySNHU Campus Students Login:

  1. Visit the official portal web page at
  2. On my SNHU web page, click the “campus students” login link.
  3. You will see a login page (as shown below).
my SNHU campus students sign in page
  1. Enter your Email address and Password in the login form.
  2. Press the Submit button to access your student account.

mySNHU Competency-based or Stride Students Login:

  1. Visit the official portal web page at
  2. On my SNHU web page, click the “Competency-based or Stride Students” link.
  3. On the login page, enter your email address and password and click the Submit button to access your account.

Create or reset the mySNHU password

To log into your mySNHU account, you will need the credentials that were emailed to you shortly after you were accepted to SNHU. The first time you log in, click on ‘use this link to create/reset your password’ located on the login form at and follow the prompts to create your personal SNHU password. You can also reset your password through this method if you forgot your password.

mySNHU portal Student Helpline

If you have problems logging into your MySNHU, SNHU Email, Office365, or Brightspace account, you can contact the SNHU Help Desk by calling 1-855-877-9919. For help with your credentials, reach out to the Campus Admission office at 603-645-9611.

Chat support: Please access the chat support facility by visiting the link.

mySNHU Student Portal dashboard features

The mySNHU portal offers a wide range of features and resources to help students manage their academic and administrative needs. Some of the important features and services of the portal are mentioned below.

Once you log in to your account, you will find many important service links under the menu link at the top left side.

Student profile: your profile link is available at the top right corner of your mySNHU dashboard page.

Related links: There is a related links section at the right side of your dashboard page where students can find important services links such as Brightspace, Webmail, Saphire Library, Bookstore, etc.

Notifications: The notification link is available just left to the profile link. You will see unread notification reminders through the notification link for the latest announcements.

Academic advisor: On the right side panel, you will find details about your Academic Advisor including the contact information such as email link and phone number. You can send an email or directly call your advisor if required.

Quick links: On the left side there is a quick links section where you can access important self-service options such as

  • Contact the IT service desk
  • Pay my bill
  • Request a transcript
  • See my account summary
  • View my Bill/statements
  • View my GPA by Term
  • View my Program Evaluation

Current courses: Just below the quick links, you will find information about the current courses you have enrolled in. You will also find information about the instructor, course section, term, and credit hours.

SNHU News: You can find the latest SNHU news information just below the Courses section.

Top Menu: On the top left side, there is a menu link. Once you click this link, you will get links to Webmail, Brightspace, Shapiro Library, and Bookstore. Just below these links, there are sub-menus for

  • Academics
  • Student financial services
  • Career services
  • Support and resources
  • News
  • Events
  • Student involvement
  • Electronic Student SNHU ID card
  • Profile link

Search: There is a search option available at the top side. It is very useful if you want to quickly search for anything that you are not able to find on your mySNHU dashboard.

Please note that it’s a personalized dashboard and can be customized as per students’ requirements by visiting the settings section.

Overview of mySNHU important services

Key Features:

Some of the key features include access to grades, class schedules, financial aid information, and online resources in Brightspace. For example, by logging into the portal, students can view their grades, check their class schedules, and access the academic calendar. They can also view financial aid information, such as their award letter, and make online payments.

SNHU Email:

It is important for students to regularly check their SNHU email account as it is used by academic advising and residence life to connect with students about class schedules and campus housing assignments. Students will also receive an email about registering for orientation.

Get in the habit of checking your SNHU email account regularly so you don’t miss any important information. On the mySNHU home page, click on the ‘SNHU webmail’ link to access your inbox.

SNHU Bill Payment System:

Students can access the bill payment system through the mySNHU portal. The system offers different options for making payments, such as online payments, mail payments, and phone payments. Students can also view their account balance and transaction history.

SNHU Technical Support:

If students have technical issues or questions related to the portal, they can contact the IT help desk for assistance or access online tutorials. The IT help desk is available to assist students with any technical issues or questions related to the portal.

How to submit medical requirements to attend a class?

If you are a regular student and will attend the physical classes then you must submit the required medical record requirements prior to the start of classes on campus.

Beginning in late February 2023, you can submit your Medical Requirements by completing the following steps:

  • Log in to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on Patient Portal/Medical Records under the Wellness heading
  • Complete all forms under Required Forms, including the SNHU Medical Record Form
  • Click the Upload tab and submit your documentation
  • For COVID-19 vaccination information, enter into CoVerified and follow the instructions

SNHU Brightspace

SNHU Brightspace is an online learning management system (LMS). Students can access Brightspace through their mySNHU account.

  • Visit the official portal web page at
  • Select the appropriate login link and enter your login credentials.
  • Now navigate to the Brightspace link located in the “Applications” menu.
  • Now you can choose your course. Just click the “My Courses” link and select “Access My Courses.”
  • You will be redirected to your Brightspace learning dashboard page where you can see all of your courses, learning materials, and navigation links to other resources.
  • Explore your dashboard and the courses available for you.

mySNHU Overview Video

Students may also view the below video to check out the important details and how mySNHU works.


Finally, the mySNHU student portal is an essential resource for students at Southern New Hampshire University. It offers a wide range of features and resources to help students manage their academic and administrative needs. Students must log in and check their student portal and email regularly to find out the latest news and announcements.

mySNHU Login

Sign in to mySNHU – Campus students

Sign in to mySNHU account – Online students

Southern New Hampshire University website

SNHU Academic Support Services for Students

Accepted Campus Students | SNHU

How to Pay for College | SNHU

Academic Calendars | SNHU

Apply Now | Online Application | SNHU

mySNHU Highlights:

Name of the portalMySNHU
Developed bySouthern New Hampshire University
Developed forAll online and campus students
PurposeTo provide all academic and learning-related services to student
Access modeOnline

What services I can access after login into mySNHU student portal?

Students can access the below-mentioned information through their accounts.

-Register for classes
-Check-in with your advisor
-See your schedule
-Check Blackboard & Brightspace
-Check your SNHU email, etc.

What type of academic support are available for students?

Students will get the below type of award-winning academic support.

Writing Center
STEM Center
Business Center
24/7 Drop-in tutoring
Peer tutoring
Written feedback
Live Chat
Academic Coaching
Live workshops
Study halls and group coaching
Resource library of YouTube videos and PDFs for on-demand learning

What other academic services students can access?

Apart from the above-mentioned services, students will also have access to below mentioned facilities.

Academic Advising
SNHU Career Services
Office of Student Involvement
Online Accessibility Center
Online Shapiro Library
Online Bookstore
Online Wellness Center
Virtual events

What are the admission requirements for a first-year?

There are some specific requirements that SNHU will look into. Students must be from a solid academic background. Some of the academic background-related requirements are mentioned below. .please have a look.

If you are applying to SNHU, you must have completed 16 college-prep courses, including:
Four years of English
Three or more years of Mathematics
Two or more years of Science
Two or more years of Social Science

How can I access my SNHU email?

All students can visit the direct link to access their email and get informed about the latest news and notification. It is the SNHU webmail link and students can find it under the Related Resources heading. The webmail link is also located in the top menu. You can log in to your mySNHU account and check it.

I can’t access my SNHU login.

If you are not able to access your mySNHU login then first of all check that all systems such as Brightspace, mySNHU, email, etc. are working properly by visiting the SNHU system status page. If all systems are working then you may take help from the technical support services through a phone or chat facility. We have shared all contact information in the student helpline section above. Please have a look.

You may also try the below additional troubleshooting tips to regain access.

Log out of mySNHU.
Clear the cookies and history in your browser.
Close your browser.
Reopen your browser and log back into mySNHU

What is SNHU ID?

SNHU ID is a 7-digit unique identifier every student gets after their enrollment. It is also issued to each Faculty and Staff. Students’ SNHU ID is written on their ID card and they can also find it in their profile section of the mySNHU student portal.

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