How to Register and Apply for New Voter ID Card NVSP Portal?

To get a new Voter ID card, Applicants can visit the official ECI Voters website, and fill out the online application form. The voter ID card will be delivered to the applicant’s address.

In this article, we will discuss how to register a new NVSP portal ( account. How to apply for a new Voter ID card online, eligibility criteria and required documents list, process to track application status, etc

Check all the updates and latest information in this article.

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New Update July 2023: As per the new update from the Election Commission of India, the Old NVSP portal is not working now. ECI has developed a new portal which is available at All the services have been migrated to the new portal.

This article has been updated with the latest information and step-by-step procedures.

Voter ID Card

Voter ID card is an important document that is used as a citizenship proof in India. It is also used at different places to get other documents including an Aadhaar card, PAN Card, etc. The main purpose of the Voter ID card is to get the right to vote in elections in India[1]. Citizens get a chance to exercise their vote for the winning of their favorite candidate in any type of election and participate in making a government through a democratic process.

ECI has started issuing hard plastic-based EPIC cards similar to PAN cards in place of laminated voter ID cards [2].

At present, the laminated Elector`s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is made of paper with the voter`s black and white photograph. Now we are considering changing it at the pan- India level to a hard plastic card, something like a driving licence or a credit card, with colour photo.

Deputy Election Commissioner Alok Shukla

All 18-year-old Indian citizens must have a Voter ID card which is made available by the Election Commission of India through the Online and Offline application process.

We were used to making Voter ID cards through the offline application process by directly visiting the electoral office in their constituency. But now ECI has developed an online portal that allows citizens to submit their applications through a complete online process[3].

  • Applying online is a convenient option as compared to the offline process.
  • It saves a lot of time.
  • Online Now citizens can get their Voter ID card by just filling out an online form.
  • There is no need to visit any Electoral Registration Officer(ERO) of the Assembly Constituency (AC)/Parliamentary Constituency(PC).
  • The online process is very fast and applications can be submitted within a few minutes.
  • Applicants can also track their Voter ID card status online.

Eligibility Criteria for Voter ID Card

  • Applicant must have attained the age of 18 years on the qualifying date i.e. 1 Jan, 1 April, 1 July, and 1 Oct of the year of revision of the electoral roll[4].
  • Applicant must be an Indian citizen[5].
  • Applicant must have a valid email address and phone number.
  • A secure device and a good-quality internet connection will be required to submit the online application.
  • Applicant must be ordinarily resident of the part/polling area of the constituency where he wants to be enrolled.
  • Applicant must not be disqualified to be enrolled as an elector.

Required documents:

  • Applicant must gather all the required documents that need to be uploaded online.
  • The applicant will need an address proof, age proof, and a recent passport-size color photograph (4.5cm X 3.5cm) with a white background.

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Steps to Apply for a Voter ID Card on the new portal?

Since the Election Commission of India has migrated all the NVSP portal services to the new portal, If you want to access any service then you will have to register a new account on the new portal. If you have already registered an account then you can proceed to log in and apply for the Voter Card6.

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Register a new account.
  3. Login to your new account.
  4. Select the application form.
  5. Fill in personal details.
  6. Upload required documents.
  7. Submit your application.
  8. Track your application.

Let’s check out all the steps in detail.

Step 1. Visit the official website.

Visit the new ECI Voter portal at You will see the homepage of the new portal. portal homepage

Step 2. Register a new account.

There is a sign-up link in the top right corner. Click this link to open the Sign-Up form. registration page

Enter your mobile number, email address, and the given captcha code in the sign-up form. Click the Continue button.

On the next page, enter your First name and last name, and create a new password. Click the Request OTP button. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP to register your account.

Your account registration process is completed now and you can log in to your account.

Step 3. Login to your new account.

  • Visit the official website and click the Login link.
  • Enter your registered mobile number, password, and captcha code.
  • Login to your account through the OTP verification process.

Step 4. Select the application form.

After login, you will have to find the correct application form to get a new Voter ID card. There are different types of application forms available on the Voter portal used for different purposes. We are sharing the form description and download link below in a table.

Form NumberDescription
Form 6New registration for general electors (for 18 years or above or if you will turn 18 in a few months)
Form 6ANew registration for overseas(NRI) electors
Form 7Object to the inclusion of this entry or Apply for deletion from the electoral roll
Form 8For the corrections in electoral roll entry/replacement/shifting of residence/marking of PwD

Note: In the new Voter portal, ECI has changed its forms. It is advised to download the new form from the official website if you are applying through an offline method. Form 001 which we used to get a replacement of Voter ID card is not available now. Citizens can use Form 8 to get a replacement EPIC.

Step 5. Fill in personal details.

If you are an Indian citizen and 18 years or above then fill out the Form 6 to get a new Voter ID card. ECI has also shared the Guidelines to fill the Form 6 you can check[7].

Fill in all personal information including your original name, relative name, Aadhaar number if have one, gender, date of birth, current address details including PIN, etc.

Step 6. Upload required documents.

Applicant must upload all required documents including a recent color photograph, address proof, and age proof as mentioned in the form.

Step 7. Submit your application.

After filling in the form and uploading all the documents, you can submit your application for further processing. The application will be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer(ERO) of the Assembly Constituency (AC)/Parliamentary Constituency(PC) in which the applicant is ordinarily residing.

After the verification of all the applicant information, the Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) will be delivered to the applicant’s address free of cost through speed post under proper acknowledgment.

Step 8. Track your application.

After applying, the applicant will get a reference number that will be used to check the application status. An online facility is available on the Voters portal that applicants can use to keep track of their applications.

  • Visit the Voters website
  • Click the Track Application Status link.
  • On the next screen, enter your login credentials to access your account.
  • After that, enter the reference number and select your state.
  • You will get the current status of your Voter ID application.

Note: There is another portal which is the ECI Voter Portal accessible at This portal is just similar to the and you can also apply for a new Voter ID Card on this portal if you want.

Other Forms on the Voters Portal

Similarly, applicants can submit an application in Form 8 For correction of mistakes/shifting of residence, and EPIC replacement in electoral rolls[8]. For shifting of residence, if the new residence is in the same constituency, please fill out Form 8A, otherwise fill up Form 6, and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer of the area of your new residence[9].

Apply for a Voter ID Card through the Voter Helpline App

The Election Commission of India has developed the Voter Helpline App to provide all services through smartphones. Now citizens can access ECI services conveniently anytime anywhere. The Voter Helpline app was started in 2016 with the launch of the new Election Commission website.

The main objective in 2016 was to show the ECI content through the mobile app. Later, services offered through different web portals such as, the Electoral Search website, the Citizen Grievance Portal, and the ECI SVEEP Portal have also been integrated into the Voter Helpline app.

The app was officially launched on 8th February 2019[10].

Citizens can also submit their Voter ID applications through the mobile app.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent version
AndroidClick here10.2.9
iOSClick here4.6.0

The application process through the Voter Helpline app is similar to the process through the online portal. There is no difference.

How to register to vote offline

  1. You can also enroll offline. Fill two copies of Form 6. This form is also available free of cost in offices of Electoral Registration Officers / Assistant Electoral Registration Officers and Booth Level Officers.
  2. The application accompanied by copies of the relevant documents can be filed in person before the concerned Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer or sent by post addressed to him or can be handed over to the Booth Level Officer of your polling area.
  3. Call 1950 for any help. For more information read the Voter Brochure on 11.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Apply Offline Also?

Yes, If you are not feeling comfortable with the online applications then you can download the offline forms[ 12 ] we have shared above in this article and visit the Electoral Officer / BLO office along with the relevant documents and submit your application by hand.

Can I enroll in two places and get two Voter ID cards?

Ans. No. As per Sections 17 and 18 of the Representation of People Act, of 1950, A person cannot be enrolled as a voter in more than one constituency and also can not enroll twice in a constituency[13].

While applying for new enrollment, citizens acknowledge that they are not enrolled in any electoral roll in any other constituency. Failing the statement will apply punishment under section 31 of the Representation of the People Act, 1950[14].

I got another country citizenship, can I apply for a Voter ID in India?

If someone gets citizenship of another country then the Indian citizenship will come to an end. In this case, the person can not apply for a Voter ID card15.

What is NVSP Form 8?

If there are incorrect data in your Voter ID such as Name, Father’s Name, Address, etc then you can apply for a correction through Form 8. Form 8 is also used if you are shifting to a different constituency assembly. It is available on the new Voters portal.

How to get an EPIC number?

All new applicants will get an EPIC number once their application has been approved by the concerned electoral officer. The EPIC number will be your Voter ID Card number and can be used everywhere as identity proof.

What is the size and dimension of the EPIC?

ECI has set a standard format for the EPIC card. The EPIC size should be 5.0 cm horizontal x 8.4 cm vertical. The photograph should be of size 2.4 cm x 1.8 cm and the resolution should be 320×240 pixels with 75% area covered by the full frontal scape of the face of the elector in a light background16.

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