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BSW Mychart Login | MyBSWHealth: Check Baylor Scott and White MyChart Login, Sign Up, account activation guide, and other related information available in this article.

What types of services this portal provides to patients and What are the benefits to patients? How to access all important health-related services online? Check all latest and updated information on this page.

What is My BSW Health Mychart?

My BSW Health or Baylor Scott and White Health MyChart portal is the upgraded version of the MyChart portal which has been developed to provide all essential health records and other health services to patients through a secure and easily accessible medium.

Patients can access the MyBSWHealth portal online through different ways such as a website, mobile site, or mobile app.

Baylor Scott and White Health homepage

All health records of patients are saved in the online database with the help of advanced encryption technologies that make this platform highly secure and the best choice for all patients.

There are no issues with data security now and all the data is fully secured and available only to patients by using the username and password of their MybswHealth account.

Please check below how to log in, Sign Up, activate your account, and access important services such as bill payment, download health documents, etc.

My BSW Health MyChart login

Before proceeding to log in, patients must check the below-mentioned important points.

  • Always use the latest version of modern secure browsers such as google chrome or Firefox.
  • Always access your account through a personal and secure device such as a mobile phone.
  • Always use an uninterrupted internet connection for a smooth login experience.
  • Register first if you have not done yet to get your username and password.

There are different ways to access your MyChart Baylor Scott and White Health account.

  1. Login through a web browser.
  2. Login through the mobile app.
  3. SSO Login
  4. Login through the MyChart official portal.

1-BSW Mychart Login through a web browser:

Login through the online website is an easy process and all patients can use the login URL to access the portal and log in to their account. We are sharing the login process below. Please have a look.

  1. Visit the official login page in your web browser.
  2. You will see a Baylor Mychart patient login form on the right side of the homepage.
MyBSWHealth login page

  1. You may also access this login page directly by visiting web page.
  2. Enter your username and password and press the Sign In button.
  3. You will see your patient dashboard page if the login credentials are correct.

2-Login through Baylor Scott and white Mychart app:

Baylor Scott and White Health have developed a customized mobile app where patients can use their MyChart login credentials to access their accounts. To log in, you will have to first download the mobile app and after that, you can easily access your account.

App download links are available at the footer on the MyChart login screen. Patients can click on the Android or iOS app link and download the app to their devices.

Direct link to download the MyBSWHealth App:

PlatformDownload linkSizeCurrent version
AndroidClick here113 MB7.0.2.125732
iOSClick here207.7 MB7.0.2

Mobile app login process:

  1. Open the Baylor Scott and White app on your smartphone
  2. Enter your username and password in the app login screen and press the Login button.
  3. After login, implement additional security features such as fingerprint scan or face scan.

Note: Patients can also download the mobile app by sending the “BETTER” text message to 88408.

3-MYBSWHealth SSO Login:

All patients can use the Single Sign-On login option where they can use their MyChart login credentials also to access their account. Please check the below steps.

MyBSWHealth SSO login page
  1. Open the SSO login page.
  2. You will find a login form as shown above.
  3. Enter your username and password and hit the Log In button to access your account.

4-BSW Mychart Login through the MyChart official portal:

In this process, patients can search the Login link through the MyChart product website

Baylor Scott & White search result on my chart website
  1. Visit the official MyChart portal and click the Access MyChart link.
  2. On the next page, enter “Baylor Scott & White” in the search form and you will see the Log-In and Sign-Up link just below the search form.
  3. Click the Login to open the login page.
  4. Enter your username and password and press the Sign In button to access your MyBSWHealth MyChart account.

Baylor Medicine Mychart login

Visit the above URL to access your Baylor Medicine Mychart login page. Once you visit the above URL, enter your Username and Password to access your Mychart account. After login to your Mychart account, you can access your test results, Communicate with your doctor, get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home, Request prescription refills, and Manage your appointments

Note: Effective August 1st, 2022, Baylor Medicine requires payment for Video Virtual Visits prior to the appointment.

Baylor Scott and White My Chart Sign Up

There are two ways to Sign Up on BSW MyChart.

  1. Sign Up through an activation code
  2. Online Sign-Up

Sign Up through an activation code:

Patients can easily register Mybswhealth accounts with the help of the activation code. The activation code is sent to the patients through an email after a visit or patients can find it on their billing statement.

Sign-Up through an activation code process is very easy and can be completed within 2 minutes.

Step 1: Visit the registration page. You can search the registration link through the MyChart official website or visit the MyBSWHealth login page and click the Create account link.

Step 2: On the registration page, select YES if you received an activation code from Baylor Scott & White Health. You will find a Sign-Up form on the next page (as shown below).

MyBSWHealth registration through an activation code

You will have to complete all three steps here to create your account.

  1. Account info
    Enter your activation code, date of birth, Phone number, and ZIP code. Click the Continue button after that
  2. Verify account
    You need to verify your account information online in order to proceed to the next step. Please follow the on-screen instructions and click the Continue button after the verification.
  3. Credentials
    Create a new username and password for your account that you can remember easily.

Online Sign-Up:

Patients can use this method if they did not receive an invitation code. This registration takes more time to Sign Up. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Open the MyBSWHealth registration page and click the NO button if you don’t receive the invitation code from Baylor Scott & White Health.

Step 2: On the next page, enter your mobile number and click the Text Me button. You will receive a security code on your mobile. Enter this security code in the given space and proceed with the registration process.

If you don’t have a mobile number then you can click the “I don’t have a mobile phone” link.

Step 3: On the next page, you will find an online registration form where you will have to complete your registration process by using your demographic information.

MyBSWHealth account SignUp form without an activation code

This registration process requires completing it in two steps.

  1. Account Info – Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, SSN, select gender, email address, mailing address, and phone number. Click the Continue button.
  2. Credentials – Create your login credentials such as a new username and a strong password.

Please take the help of the on-screen instructions and finish your registration process.

Benefits of My BSW Health MyChart

There are many benefits of MyBSWHealh that help patients to receive important health information 24/7 through their account.

All patients can access all information anytime anywhere and all the health data and documents are fully secured through the proper encryption.

Schedule your appointment:
Patients can log in online and schedule their appointment by checking the availability of doctors. Patients can fix an appointment as per their preferred time and day.

Access lab reports:
All lab data are uploaded to the BSW Health portal which is always accessible by the patients online. These lab results are available through an online website or mobile app whatever patients preferred.

Fix online appointment:
An online appointment facility is also available where patients can take the necessary consultation through the video meet facility. This feature is helpful in the case of non-emergency conditions.

Manage your kid’s health information:
Parents or legal guardians can access their kid’s accounts and manage all account information.

Manage personal data and profile:
All patients can edit their personal information online if they found any incorrect entries or if they want to update the old contact information such as email address or mobile number.

View health data and medical records online:
Patients can log in to their accounts and check all health records online. All previous health data are available online and can be easily viewed.

Follow up with the Doctors:
Patients can send a secure email through their MyChart account to doctors in case of any inquiry related to their treatment.

Important information such as lab test results, prescriptions, medication changes, etc can be asked for through the email facility.

How to pay the My BSW Health bill?

All patients can take the help of the easy bill payment facility. There are two ways you can pay your healthcare bill.

  1. Pay Bill
  2. Pay a bill as a guest

1-Pay Bill through BybswHealth MyChart portal:

All patients can pay their health treatment bills, check previous billing-related details, manage their statements online, and enroll in the paperless statement facility through the BSW My Chart portal.

  1. Visit the login page and log in by using your username and password.
  2. On the dashboard page, visit the payment section through the Menu.
  3. Check the latest bill and complete the bill payment online.
  4. All your statements will be available online in your account which you can check anytime.

2-Pay a bill as a guest:

MyBSWHealth guest payment online form
  1. Visit the Guest payment page.
  2. Enter the Guarantor ID or account number and the Guarantor’s last name and click the Look-Up button to verify the account details.
  3. Once you are sure about the account you are paying for, click the Next button and pay the required bill online through a bank account, credit/debit card, or any other medium.

Note: The guarantor number can be found on the billing statement which is a unique number for every account.

Patient Helpline

General help: In case of any type of login or sign-up-related issue or any other type of inquiry, please call the help desk at 855-744-4364.

Technical help: For any type of technical issue Call the MyBSWHealth technical help desk at 855.691.0180.

Important links:

Official MyBSWHealth login
New registration
Registration through activation
Registration by demographic
Username recovery
Password reset
Guest payment


Name of the portalMyBSWHealth MyChart
Original productMyChart
Developed byEpic Systems Corporation
Developed forBaylor Scott and White Health
PurposeTo provide all healthcare-related services to all patients through an online mode
BeneficiaryAll patients of Baylor Scott and White Health
Official OR

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