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Discover Credit Card Login: How to log in to your Discover credit card and access your online account? How to set up account access? How do apply for a new card? Check all the latest details and updated information in this article.

You may read this article to get an idea about all features and benefits of Discover Credit Cards.

Discover Card Login Products

Currently, Discover Bank offers banking, credit card, loans related products to its customers and a credit card network for credit card payment processing services. Discover’s primary focus is always on its credit card offerings and credit card network to facilitate payment processing.

Discover credit card login

Discover Bank which is one of the largest credit card issuers in the United States launched its credit card services nationally in 1986. Discover also provides card network services under the Discover Financial Services name. If we talk about the major credit card issuers then Discover comes in the top 10 list. Discover has partnered with more than 20 credit card network companies around the world to help merchants grow their customer base. Discover was the first credit card company that offers FICO scores free of cost to its credit card members.

Discover card login and account access

If you are using a Discover bank product such as a credit card or loan then you will get the facility to set up an online account on the official website. You just have to follow the Discover account login steps. There are many benefits of an online account. We are sharing the credit card account benefits below.

Discover credit card login account benefits:

  • A lot of services are available for the credit card account holders such as managing your profile, editing personal information, etc.
  • Customers can easily check the account summary after login into their Discover bank account.
  • Customers can enroll for the paperless statement.
  • Bill payment was never been as easy as it is today through the online account. Just log in to your credit card account and pay your bill within minutes.

Discover Bank Account Login?

Since Discover provides different financial products so there are different login options available for customers.

  • Discover card login:
  • Discover online banking login:
  • Discover saving account login
  • Discover home loans login:
  • Discover student loans login:
  • Discover personal loans login:

Discover Card Login Requirements:

  • Customers must be registered members and have set up their profiles.
  • Customers have created a User ID and Password to access their accounts.
  • Customers must use a secure device to log in.
  • The operating system and browser must be updated and antivirus software would be an added advantage.

Discover has also implemented a Single login facility for all products at the login screen on the official website. You can just select which type of account you want to access. Please check the below steps.

Discover credit card login online steps:

Step 1: Open the Discover Bank website

Step 2: There is a secure login option available on the homepage. If you don’t find any login form then click the login link available in the top menu bar.

Discover bank login page

Step 3: On the login screen, enter your User ID, and Password, and select the account you want to manage.

Step 4: Click the login button to access your account.

Other ways to log in:

Discover Universal login link: You may access the Universal login link below to log in to any Discover account.

Login link 1
Login link 2
Login link 3
home loan account login page
student loan login page

How to access different Discover products directly?

You may access the different Discover products through the direct links given below. These links will help you access the specific information related to a product and you can directly log in or register through the same page.

Discover credit cards
Discover online banking
Discover personal loans
Discover student loans
Discover home loans

How to Activate Discover Credit Card?

This is a very simple process and can be accomplished through the login form itself.

Step 1: Open the official website.

Step 2: Click the Activate credit card link available on the login form. A card activation form will appear on a new page.

Discover card activation form

Step 3: On the activation page, customers can activate their credit cards in two ways.

i-Activation without logging in – Enter all required details such as date of birth, SSN, card number, card expiration date, 3 digit sequence ID. Click the Continue button to activate your credit card.

ii-Activation after login – Select the login option. On the next page, enter login credentials and a 3-digit Sequence ID. Click the Continue button to activate your credit card.

How to Register and Set Up an Online Account?

All Discover customers can register online and set up an account to access account-level features and benefits. The registration process defers on a product-by-product basis. Please check the below links for different product registrations.

Credit card registration
Online banking registration
Student loan registration
Home loan registration
Personal loan registration

How to set up a credit card account?

Step 1: Click the credit card registration link given above. On the next page, you will find a registration form.

Discover credit card registration form

Step 2: Fill out this registration form completely and click the Continue button.

Step 3: In the next steps you may need to verify your account. After that, you can create a new User ID and Password for your account.

Discover Card Login Recovery

If somehow you are not able to recall the user id and password then you can recover them through the below steps.

Direct links to recover user IDs and passwords for different accounts are given below.

Discover productRecover User IDReset Password
Credit CardsClick hereClick here
BankingClick hereClick here
Student LoansClick hereClick here
Personal LoansClick hereClick here
Identity Theft ProtectionClick hereClick here

How to reset the credit card User ID and Password?

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Forgot User ID/Password? link located on the login form. Alternatively, visit the direct link

Step 2: On the next page, you will find links to recover the user id and passwords for different products.

Recover User ID:

Click the Forgot User ID link under the Credit Card option. On the next page, enter the account number, expiration date, date of birth, and SSN. Click the Continue button and you will find your user ID on the next screen or through an email.

Reset password:

Click the Forgot Password link under the credit card option. On the next page, enter your credit card information and click the Continue button. You will receive an email including a link to reset your password. You can easily create a new password by clicking the password reset link in your inbox.

Reset both User ID and Password: Use this option available under the credit card option if you don’t remember both.

How to apply for a new Discover credit card?

There are three ways to apply for a Discover credit card.

  • Accept a Mail invitation
  • See if you are pre-qualified
  • Online application
  • Apply through phone call

Apply through Mail invitation:

Just visit the Discover credit card page and click the Respond to my Mail offer link. You can find this link after the credit card list. Mail offers are those which are already shortlisted by the Discover bank based on the data and information available through the different credit bureaus.

However, this data provides a lot of information related to the current financial position and credit profile but it does not guarantee 100% approval. But your chances of approval will be higher for sure. You may also click the direct link to visit the Mail offer page directly. You will see an online application form as shown below.

discover card application through mail offer

Enter your 23 digits invitation number which you have received through Mail and click the Start your application button. After that, you can fill out the online application form and submit it for further review.

You can also search the exclusive offers for you through the link. Enter your name and the last four digits of your SSN and click the Find my offer button.

See if you are pre-qualified:

Customers can also check if they are pre-qualified for a credit card. Customers can check their pre-qualification through the official website which creates a soft inquiry on your credit profile and will not impact your credit score. You can visit the pre-approval online form at Fill out this form and click the Check Now button.

According to your credit profile, you will get a list of credit card offers including APR and other charges details. You can select which card offer you want to accept and you can submit a further application to apply for your selected card offer.

Online application:

Online application is the direct application to apply for a credit card. Customers can directly fill out the complete online application or they can initially check if they are pre-qualified or they can use their Mail offer invitation code to proceed with the full online application process.

An online application creates a hard inquiry that directly affects your credit score. Other lenders can also see that in your credit profile. If you are applying through a pre-qualification check or Mail offer then you will automatically be redirected to the online application form.

You may also directly apply by visiting the Discover credit card page and clicking the Apply Now button on the credit card you want to apply for. We advise you to first check if you are pre-qualified for any credit card so that your chances of approval will be higher and there will be only one hard inquiry on your credit profile.

Once you click the Apply Now button, you will be redirected to the credit card application page where you can fill out this form and submit it. Please check the card fee and terms and conditions before submitting the application.

For more information please go through the below links.

Apply by phone: Just call the customer service number 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) and submit your application.

How to check the application status?

If you have applied for any Discover credit card and don’t have any idea about the approval status then you can check your application status through the below steps.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the check application status link located on the login form. You may also click the direct link

Step 2: An online application status tracking form will appear on the screen.

check application status page on discover website

To check application status, simply enter your social security number, and ZIP code, and click the Continue button. It is a great facility provided by Discover Bank and there is no need to call the customer service team.

Discover Credit Card Login Customer Service

Contact us page: You may simply visit the link and find all contact details in one place.

Phone number: You may call the below-mentioned contact details.

U.S. customers1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683)
OUTSIDE U.S.1-224-888-7777 (English/Espanol)

Secure message: Use the secure message link to login into your account and send a secure message.

Live chat: Customers can also visit the live chat page to chat with a customer service representative.

Social Media Links:

FacebookClick here
InstagramClick here
TwitterClick here

Billing error help: If you think there is an error in your Discover card bill then you can get the necessary help through below contact details.

i-Online inquiry: Send a message to the Discover customer service team by visiting the link.

Discover Card Mobile App Login

Download Discover mobile app and access all services and some exclusive features including access to your credit account. The mobile app is a convenient and safe way to access the Discover account. Discover app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Customers can download the mobile apps through the below steps.

  • Open any browser on your mobile or tablet device.
  • Open the Discover mobile app page
  • You will see mobile app links on this page.
  • Click any app link which is compatible with your device. An app page will open in the respective app directory.
  • After that Install the app on your device.

Customers can also click the direct link below to download the app.

PlatformDownload linkCurrent versionSize
AndroidClick here2202.0113 MB
iOSClick here2203.0115.4 MB

Customers can send a text message “APP” to DISCOV (347268) to download the app on their phone.

App features:

  • Use exclusive authentication services such as passcode, fingerprint lock, facial recognition, etc to protect your account.
  • Fast login facility for any Discover account by using a passcode, Discover Touch ID, face scanning, etc.
  • Login and manage Discover credit card accounts and other bank accounts anytime anywhere.
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card with just a touch if your card is misplaced.

If customers are not using an Android or iOS device then they can use the mobile website

About Discover

Initially, the Discover card was launched through a Subsidiary of Sears Roebuck and Co. in 1986. In 1993 Sears and its subsidiary separated and becomes an independent publicly traded company. After two years portal was launched and offered important facilities such as card payment, redemption rewards, etc. Discover card service inc changed its name to Novus and later again changed its name to Discover Financial Services Inc.

Discover financial services merged with Morgan Stanly Group Inc and later separated in 2007. Discover is popular for its cashback credit card offerings and it was one first of its kind offering through any credit card issuer.

How can I view my card member agreement?

Simply visit the link and log in by using your username and password. After login, you can view or download your cardmember agreement document. You may also call the customer service number call 1-800-DISCOVER and ask for your card member agreement.

What if I don’t use my account for some time after login?

You will be logged out from your account. This is a security measure and happened automatically to prevent your account from any unauthorized use.

How to resolve the “No Cookie Found” error?

This is another security measure implemented by Discover Bank. While logging into your Discover account a small cookie is stored in your browser to log in securely. Sometimes cookies are disabled on your browser that’s why customers get the “No Cookie Found” error.

You have to allow cookies from the website to resolve this error. Simply allow cookies for all websites or if you don’t want to allow this for all websites then add to the trusted website list and allow cookies through browser settings.

Google chrome example: Click the three-dot on the top right corner. After that navigate to Settings>Cookies and other site data and select allow all cookies option. Move down the page and click the Add button after Sites that can always use cookies option. Type “” and check “including third-party cookies on this site” and click the Add button.

I got, the “You have exceeded the maximum number of unsuccessful sign-in attempts?” error while login on to my Discover account.

It is a security feature and is implemented across all Discover login accounts. There are limits on the number of unsuccessful login attempts. If you exceed this limit then your account will be locked for one day and you will not be able to access your account. If you have any emergency then you will have to reset your password to log in immediately which is possible only by calling the customer service team. You can call 1-800-347-2683 and ask them to reset your password.

What are the possible measures I can take to protect my Discover login account?

There are several things you can keep in your mind.

1-Always try to use a trusted device to Sign In to your Discover account.
2-The device must be secured and it would be great if there is antivirus software installed.
3-After opening the Discover login page always check if there is HTTPS before the website address. It shows that the website you are accessing is using an SSL certificate to protect data.
4-Always log out from your Discover account after finishing your work.
5-Close the Browser window after logout.
6-If using a public computer then delete all website data and cookies from the browser after logging out from your account.
7-Always create a strong password by using letters, numbers, and special symbols.
8-Never share your username and password with anyone.

How can I pay my Discover Card bill?

There are different options available to pay Discover card bills and customers can use any option at their convenience. Please ensure that the payment is submitted before 5 PM to post into your account on the same day.

i-Online payment: Online payment is the most convenient method preferred by maximum customers these days. You can make your Discover card payment by visiting the official Discover portal. Just log in to your account and visit the Payment section. After that enter Payment related details and add a checking or saving account to debit the payment.

ii-Mail a payment: Customers can also Mail a check or Money order. Please include the payment coupon code on the check or money order to confirm your account. Customers can Mail checks or money orders at the below address.

Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 6103
Carol Stream, Illinois 60197-6103

iii-Payment through a mobile app: Download the mobile app and pay your card bill through the mobile app. You can log in by using the same login credentials that you use on the online website.

iv-Phone payment: Customers can call the Customer service number 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) to pay their card bill. Please check if there is any fee for phone payment. If there is any fee associated with phone payment, it will be shared with you while payment.

How can I edit and update my personal information?

Customers can use their login credentials to access the account center and update the below-mentioned information.
Phone number
Email address
User ID
Bank account details.

Just log in through the universal login link and visit the profile section. Click the Edit Profile & Settings link and update your information.

How can I close my Discover card account?

If you are not happy with the services or there is any other reason then you can simply call the customer service number 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683) and ask them to close your account. Please note that you will have to clear current dues on your account if there are any before sending the account closure request. Once the account is closed it will be permanent and you will have to apply again for a new Discover card.

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