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Are you looking for the information about Activate Wisely Card on If you want to use your Wisely Card then you will have to first activate it.

Wisely Card activation is the first and most important step to take advantage of all benefits and services it offers to customers. In this article, You will find all information and processes for activating your Wisely Card online and by phone.

In this article, you will learn…

  • What is Wisely Card?
  • How to activate it easily with step-by-step instructions?
  • Different methods to activate your Wisely card.
  • Benefits and features of Wisely Card.
  • Other important information related to card activation.

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Quick Activation

  • If you got a new Wisely card, you can call customer service number 1-866-313-6901 and follow the activation instructions. Alternatively, visit the website and activate your card online.

What is Wisely Card?

Wisely Card is a prepaid debit card that can be used to access funds in urgency, make purchases, withdraw cash, and pay bills. It is a convenient and easy way to manage your finances and is helpful for those people who do not have a traditional banks account.

Wisely Card is linked with a digital account where you can add funds and uses that fund later whenever required. With your online digital account, you will get many financial tools and services that will help you manage your budget and spending and keep track of overall money.

There are many services available through this card that customers can access online such as…

  • Access your pay early
  • Earn cashback rewards on your purchases
  • Pay bills
  • Withdraw cash from ATMs.

It also comes with features such as security and fraud protection, and there are no hidden fees for using the card or account. Overall, the Wisely Card and digital account can help you to manage your finances and control your spending.

Wisely Card Activation Requirements

To activate your Wisely Card, you will need to have the following information:

  • Your Wisely Card number: Your 16-digit Wisely card number will be required which is written on your card.
  • Your Wisely Card expiration date: You will have to enter the expiration date during the activation process.
  • Your personal information: Some personal information such as your name, address, Social Security number, etc may be required.
  • A valid email address: If you don’t have an account then a valid and personal email address will be required. You will also receive activation confirmation through email.
  • A phone number: A phone number may be required to verify your identity.

How to Activating Your Wisely Card

You will follow the below steps.

  1. Get Your Card
  2. Check the Activation Instructions
  3. Activate Your Card Online
  4. Activate Your Card by Phone
  5. Wait for Confirmation
  6. Use Your Card

Details of each step are given below.

i. Get Your Card:

First of all, you must have your card. If you apply for a new card then you will get it through Mail within 7-10 business days. Please allow 7-to10 days for the delivery. Once you receive your card check that it is the Wisely card that you have applied for or something else. If everything is fine then you can proceed with the activation process.

ii. Check the Activation Instructions:

The next step is to check all the documents and information you receive in your Wisely card kit. You will get some important documents including the new card activation instructions and process and the customer service phone number. You must read all the instructions carefully and start the activation process.

iii. Activate Your Card Online:

Now if you have read all the instructions then you must be aware that there are two ways to activate a new card. Online and phone. If you choose the online activation method then you can activate it by visiting the official website On the website, provide card-related details such as the card number and the expiry date. You may also be required to provide your personal information. Complete all the steps and activate your card.

iv. Activate Your Card by Phone:

You can also call the phone number you got in the Wisely card kit to activate your card through phone calls. It will be an automatic dialer machine and you will have to provide your card information during calls such as card number, expiration date, name, address, etc. You can also create a PIN during the activation process.

v. Wait for Confirmation:

Once you have completed all the steps of the activation process, you will receive a confirmation that your Wisely Card is activated now. You can start using your card now to make purchases and bill payments after adding funds to it. If you don’t receive the confirmation then call the customer service number and check whether the card has been activated or not.

vi. Use Your Card:

Your Wisely Card is a prepaid debit card and you can use it anywhere like a debit card. Just add funds through multiple channels and purchase anything or get cash from ATMs, ETC.

Above we have mentioned a general process. Let’s check out the simple steps for the online and phone activation process particularly.

Wisely Card Online Activation:

To activate your Wisely Card online, you will need to follow the below steps.

To activate your Wisely Card online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the activation website at
  2. Enter your card information.
  3. Provide your personal information.
  4. Choose a PIN for your Wisely Card.
  5. Review and accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Wait for the activation confirmation.

Let’s check out the description of all steps.

Step 1: Visit the Wisely Card activation website at You will see the website homepage (as shown below). homepage

Step 2: Enter your 16-digit card number and expiration date. The card number and the expiration date are written on the front side of your Wisely Card.

Step 3: Provide your personal information, including your name, address, and Social Security number.

Step 4: You will have to create a new PIN (Personal Identification Number) for your Wisely Card. The PIN must be 4 digits long. You will use this PIN while Withdrawing money from the ATM.

Step 5: Review and accept the terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement. You will see all the terms & conditions that you can read and accept.

Step 6: Finally, Submit your information and wait for confirmation. Your card will be activated instantly in most situations.

Activation by Phone:

To activate your Wisely Card by phone, follow these steps:

  1. Call the Wisely Card activation phone number at 1-866-313-6901.
  2. Follow the instructions you receive through the automated phone line.
  3. Provide your card information such as card number and expiry date.
  4. Provide your personal information.
  5. Create a 4-digit PIN.
  6. Review and accept the terms & conditions.
  7. Your card is activated now and you can use it.

Benefits of Activating Your Wisely Card?

Activating your Wisely card provides you with many benefits and facilities. You can use all the benefits to manage your finances. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below.

  1. Convenience: With a Wisely Card, you will get options for digital payments anytime anywhere without even the need for a bank account. It’s a very convenient and faster way to use your money to purchase anything or pay your bills.
  2. Security: After the activation, you can create a PIN for your card that provides you with an extra security feature. Money that is currently available in your Wisely card digital account can be used only by using the PIN. There are additional security measures implemented by ADP to protect customers’ personal information and fraudulent activities.
  3. Budgeting: Customers will also get many budgeting tools through their account dashboard page. These tools will help customers to manage their budgets and finances and help them to spend their money as responsible customer. Tracking the spending will help to save money.
  4. Rewards: You will have to check your offer that you are eligible to earn rewards or not. Some customers may get rewards points opportunities also that will help them to save some amount from their hard-earned money.
  5. Flexibility: You will also get the Visa or Mastercard benefits as per your offer such as no fraud liability. You can also use your Visa/Mastercard powered card at a wide range of locations.

Overall, activating your Wisely Card can provide a range of benefits and features that can help you manage your money more effectively and conveniently.

Wisely Card activation problems and solutions

Sometimes customers face many types of issues while activating their cards. Although the activation process is very simple, there are also possibilities for many issues. Please check the below details.

a. Invalid card number or expiration date: Customers must check that they are entering the correct card number during the activation process. The card number is 16 digits long so there are possibilities of entering the wrong card number. Please check the expiry date also.

b. Incorrect personal information: Your personal information must be correct and must match with your government-issued documents such as identity proof. Your card will not be activated if you enter the wrong information.

c. Technical issues with the activation website: You may also face technical issues while accessing the official website. It is possible that the website is not working due the routine maintenance or there are issues with your browser or system. You may try clearing your browser cache or using any other system and browser.

d. Card not received: If you don’t receive your card then you can not activate it. Please call customer support and check why you don’t receive your card or ask for a replacement card.

e. Card already activated: If you receive an error message saying that your card has already been activated then it is a serious issue and you must immediately contact the customer support team.

Finally, for any type of issue, you can call the customer support team.

Wisely Card customer service:

For any type of issue, Wisely card customers can call the below phone numbers.

  • Customer service: 1-866-313-6901.
  • Wisely Direct customers: 1-866-313-9029.
  • Wisely Cash call: 1-877-431-5860.


What information does Wisely Card collect while activating a prepaid card?

Collecting customer information during the issuance of a financial product is mandatory as per federal and other state laws. You will have to provide your personal and card-related information during the activation that Wisely Card collects.

Information such as your name, contact information, address, and social security number will be collected by the ADP to verify your identity and prevent any fraudulent activity.

What if I don’t activate my Wisely Card?

If you do not activate your Wisely Card, you will not be able to take advantage of all benefits associated with this card. You can not use it for purchases.

Your card will also be expired and your account will be closed with the activation. In this case, you will have to apply for a replacement card that incurs an additional fee. All customers must activate their card as soon as they receive it.

What are the advantages of using a Wisely prepaid card?

There are several advantages of using a Wisely prepaid card over a traditional bank account such as:

No credit check or minimum balance requirement: There is no credit check performed while issuing the card and there are also no requirements to maintain a minimum amount of funds in your account.

Easy to get: It is rather easy to get a Wisely prepaid card as compared to a bank account. Just fill out the online application form and your card will be delivered within 7 to 10 days to your location.

Security: Customers get security and fraud protection that comes with Mastercard and Visa.

Budgeting and control: There are budgeting tools online that help customers to set a limit on their spending to stop unwanted overspending or going into debt.

No hidden fees: Some traditional bank accounts come with hidden fees, such as monthly maintenance fees, transaction fees, or ATM fees. Wisely card shares everything that provides more transparency and builds trust.

Is there any fee for the activation of the Wisely Card?

There is no fee for the activation and customers can activate their card free of cost. After the activation, they can add funds and start using their fund.

How to use your Wisely Card after activation:

You can use your card in different ways after the activation. Some of the ways are mentioned below.

Bill payment: You can make online bill payments and set up recurring bill payments also.
Direct Deposit: You can receive your paycheck two days early in your Wisely digital account.
Add funds: You can add funds to your Savings Envelope.
Get cash: You can withdraw money from ATMs.
Online/Offline shopping: You can now shop with confidence from your card.
myWisely mobile app: You can download the myWisely mobile app and keep track of your finances on the go. Download links are mentioned below.

myWisely Android app download
myWisely iOS app download

Security features of Wisely Card:

Wisely card comes with many security features that are very helpful to prevent unauthorized access and privacy issues.

-Customers will get the benefits of an EMV chip-enabled card. This technology provides an added layer of security for card transactions by generating a unique code for each transaction. It makes it very difficult to decode it and perform any kind of fraud.

-Wisely card also comes with zero-liability policies of Visa and Mastercard. It protects cardholders from unauthorized transactions on their card

-Customers will also get the benefits of Geo-fencing technology that also provide an additional layer of security. It allows card issuers to track the location of a card and block any suspicious transactions that occur outside of the cardholder’s designated geographic area.

Does Wisely card helps build credit score?

Wisely is a prepaid card, that works like a debit card. It is also associated with a digital account that offers the management and servicing of your prepaid card online digitally or through a mobile app. Wisely is not a credit card and does not build credit.

Which type of card I will get?

You will get either a Wisley Pay card or a Wisley Direct card. Check on the back of your card for the small print on the lower half. The Wisley Pay card is a Visa card issued by Pathward and Wisley Direct card is a Mastercard issued by Fifth Third Bank.

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In conclusion, We have shared all the steps in a simple and straightforward manner. Customers can follow the given steps and activate their Wisely cards very easily. Please don’t share your PIN with anyone.

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