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Check out the Availity Login and Account access-related key information in this article. Please note that all the information on this page is updated.

Our electronic data interchange (EDI) clearinghouse and API products allow providers to integrate HIPAA transactions and other features into their PMS, HIS, or EHR system or sophisticated custom applications.

If you are a provider and want to access your account then you can find all the important information including the account recovery options.

What is Availity?

Availity provides health plans, healthcare providers, and vendor solutions and offers transparent and better communications. Availity is the nation’s largest health information that facilitates over 11 billion clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually.

Availity offers different types of products such as RCM solutions, EDI Clearinghouse, and Availity Essentials Pro, and offers real-time clinical data, and reports to members and providers. By accessing the clinical data on real real-time basis, members can make intelligent decisions to manage their health coverage.

Providers also get the benefits of lower costs, reduced claims errors and administrative burden,

Availity Services for Providers

Availity offers many helpful services and products to help providers. Please have a look at a few helpful services below.

Availity Essentials

Availity Essentials portal, Essentials Plus, and Essentials Pro solution help providers check eligibility, get authorizations, and submit and track claims.

Providers can connect to payers through the Availity portal, use their easy-to-use interface, and manage their subscriptions and other data.

Submit EDI Transactions Directly to Any Payer

EDI Clearinghouse by Availity offers streamlined claims processing services to providers.

Providers can use the Availity extensive network of around 2,000 payers nationwide, including government payers like Medicaid and Medicare, and securely transmit batch and API transactions from your practice management system.

Availity also offers a competitive pricing structure that helps providers to manage their costs.

End-to-end Revenue Cycle Management

Availity’s Revenue Cycle Management ensures faster payment processing and optimization of the overall revenue cycle. Claims and payment processing has become very easy after introducing the Availity Essentials Pro.

Providers now get proper analytics and reporting related to investment which also helps reduce claim denials, optimize workflows, and increase profitability.

Log In to Availity


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To log in, visit the Availity Provider Portal login page https://apps.availity.com/availity/web/public.elegant.login and click the Log In button after entering your User ID and Password.

Essentials login steps:

Step 1. Visit the Official Availity website.

Visit the official Availity website by opening the web browser on your device. The official website is accessible at https://www.availity.com/.

Step 2. Open the Essential Login Page.

Click the Login to Essentials link in the top right corner. You can also visit the login page directly at https://apps.availity.com/availity/web/public.elegant.login.

Availity login page

Step 3. Access Your Account.

Enter your User ID and Password. Press the Log In button to access your account. Please ensure that you are entering the correct login information.

Availity: EDI Clearinghouse, Revenue Cycle Management


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Patient Management
Providers need access to the most up-to-date payer information available to avoid denials and collect the appropriate payment from the patient.

Availity Essentials Provider Portal


Availity Essentials connects you with payers in a variety of ways. Availity Provider Portal Login. Online, direct data entry with intuitive workflows …

Transactions and Modes
Availity processes all HIPAA and non-standard EDI transactions via multiple modes, including batch, real-time REST APIs, real-time SOAP web services, as well as Direct Data Entry through Availity Essentials.

Availity Essentials – Provider Portal


The Availity Essentials Provider Portal is a secure, real-time platform where payers and providers work together and communicate electronically.

Move from data acquisition to Data Upcycling
Acquiring clinical data is just one part of a comprehensive clinical solution. Raw clinical data from disparate sources typically contain inconsistent codes, syntax errors, redundancies, and other quality issues.

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With Availity Essentials, a free, health-plan-sponsored solution, providers can enjoy real-time information exchange with many of the payers they work with every day.

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Coverage Identification Solution
Eligibility inquiries from coverage identification tools can slow down network traffic for providers who need real-time information.

Availity Essentials Portal Registration


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Analyze clinical data source quality in near real-time
Before inputting clinical data from outside sources, health plans should assess the quality of that information.

Make the switch to Availity EDI Clearinghouse


Just log in to your Availity account and submit enrollment for this health plan. If you currently only use Availity for the Availity Portal, you have the …

Availity Dental Providers


This new provider portal allows you to check eligibility and benefits, manage claims, view remittances, and complete other secure administrative tasks online.

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Retrieve your user ID. … Enter your email address, and we’ll send you your user ID. If you have not set up and verified your email address, contact your …

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