Denton HAC Login: Denton ISD Home Access Center 2023

Denton HAC: How to log in and access your Denton ISD Home Access Center account. How to create a new account online? What are the login and other guidelines?

Check all the latest updates and important information about HAC Denton in this article.

What is Denton HAC?

Denton HAC is the parent access to student information of Denton Independent School District. It is an online portal that parents can access through a web browser or mobile browser. After login, parents can access student data such as grades, assignments, attendance, Report cards, Student schedules, etc.

It provides all necessary services and information that are required to access students’ progress. Parents can now monitor the progress of their kids and help them.

Home Access Center is a software product developed by PowerSchool Group LLC. Denton ISD got the license to use this software. One more interesting feature is that parents can access two or more students’ data from the same HAC account.

Denton HAC Login

All parents who want to access the Home Access Center and manage students’ information online can log in to the HAC Denton web portal. Before login, there are a few requirements that parents must follow for a successful and secure login experience.

Login Requirements:

  • Parents must have a secure and personal device.
  • A latest and secure web browser must be installed on the device and the browser must be updated to its latest version.
  • Internet connection must be of good quality that offers continuous internet supply without any interruption.
  • Parents must be registered members of the HAC Denton portal and must have their login credentials.

If you are already following the above-mentioned login guidelines then please move to the login process directly.

Denton HAC login process:

  1. Open the Denton ISD website
  2. Navigate to Students > Resources > HAC – Student Grades from the top menu.
  3. You will be redirected to the Denton HAC web page on the Denton ISD website.
  4. Again click the Home Access Center (HAC) link to open the login page.
HAC Denton login page
  1. Enter your Username and Password.
  2. Press the Sign In button to access your parent account.

We are also sharing the direct login link to access the Denton HAC login page directly. Just click the above link and visit the login page directly. It will be useful for those who don’t want to follow the longer login process mentioned above.

Denton HAC account recovery

Account recovery options are included for the benefit of parents. Parents can use these self-service options to recover their accounts in case they forgot the login credentials. Please check the process given below to recover the HAC Denton account.

Password recovery:

  • Visit the HAC Denton login page.
  • Click the Forgot Username or Password link on the login form.
  • On the next page, enter your User Name or Email Address associated with your HAC account.
  • Press the Submit button and verify your details.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • You may be asked to answer the security question that you have set up during the enrollment process.
  • You will get further instructions to recover your HAC account.

Click the above link to visit the account recovery page directly and recover your login Username and Password.

How to register a Denton HAC account?

Parents can visit the official website and register a new account by entering their access code. If parents don’t have their access code then please speak to the school registrar’s office.

Registration requirements:

Please have a look at the below registration-related information.

  • Parents can register if their student is enrolled in a class in the Denton ISD.
  • Parents’ information must be available in the school records under the Guardian section.
  • Only students’ guardians can create a HAC account.
  • A Guardian can use one account for multiple students.
  • Parents’ contact information such as email addresses must be associated with students’ records in the school database.
  • Having an email address in school records is also beneficial if you can not access your account. You will get an email only on the registered email address.

If you have read the above information then please proceed to the registration process.

HAC Denton Registration Through Access Code

Parents receive their access code to register a new account. If you also have an access code then please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Denton HAC login page.
  2. Click the “Click Here to Register with Access Code” link.
  3. On the next page, enter your Access Code and Student Birthdate.
  4. Click the Sign In button to follow the further instructions to register a new account.
  5. Set Up security questions that will be required to recover your account.
  6. Create your HAC Username and Password.

HAC Denton features

Once you login to Home Access Center account, you will see your parent dashboard page including sevaral lnks for different types of information and resources. These links will rovide different types of student related information such as Attendance, Grades, Schedule, Report Card, etc.

You can navigate to any page in your account and click the Home tab to visit the homepage.

Calendar will allow you to check the upcoming event and schedule related to your student class.

Some of the important feature of Denton HAC are mentioned below.

Report Cards: The Report Cards section will be available on the dashboard page through a link and share student academic progress for the current year. Parents can access complete detailed information and view students’ grades for different classes and subjects. Past records are also available in the HAC which allows parents to compare the current growth.

Student Information: Student demographic information can be viewed through the HAC account. it shares students’ personal information, name, gender, address, and contact information. Parents can edit this information and make changes if required. It helps to keep the most updated and accurate information in the school record.

Student Schedules: Parents can access their student’s schedule, and class timetable, for the current academic term. It helps to keep track the important events such as exam dates, assignments, etc. Subjects and teacher information will also be available.

Attendance Information: This feature allows parents to access the student’s attendance and monitor the student’s presence in the classroom. Parents get a notification if their student is not available in the classroom. Total present days, absent, tardy, or excused information will be available for parents in their account.

Discipline Information: Parents can access if there is any disciplinary action has been taken against their child. This information is very useful and shares what causes to take disciplinary action so that parents can find and easily resolve the issue. It helps to maintain good discipline and positive behavior in the School.

Transportation: Access the transportation-related information such as what type of arrangements have been made for your student transportation. Access bus details, route, pick-up, and drop-off timing. It also shares information about any changes in the transportation system.

Current Denton ISD Student Registration Information: Parents can also check the current registration information of their students in the Denton ISD. Parents can access which grades their student is enrolled in, school name, location, courses, etc.

After accessing the required information, parents can log out from their account by clicking the log-out link in the top right corner due to safety reasons.

New Student Registration

You can now join a 32,000-member student family and enroll your student for the 2023-2024 session. Denton ISD uses the online enrollment service provided by PowerSchool. All parents are requested to submit an online registration application as soon as possible.

Step 1: Visit the registration web page on the Denton ISD website

Step 2: Check all the registration-related information and guidelines. Click the image link stating “New Student Registration 2023-2024”.

Step 3: Click Create Account link to register a new account on the PowerSchool website.

Step 4: Enter all the required information and create a new account. After that again visit the registration page and log in to your account.

Step 5: Complete the first step of the enrollment process. In the second step, you will have to upload below mentioned documents on the portal.

  • Proof of residency such as a Utility bill (electric, gas, water), A current lease (for 30 days), or a Copy of the purchase contract or monthly mortgage statement.
  • Parent/guardian valid identification, driver’s license preferred.
  • Student birth certificate.
  • Immunization records.
  • Student social security card (If available)
  • Student withdrawal papers from the previous school/district (If available)
  • Report Card or Transcript (If available)

Step 6: You will receive an email from [email protected] including a link to upload all required documents. Upload all the documents and complete the registration process.

Alternatively, parents can visit the registration page directly at and submit their application.

Denton HAC Contact details

For any type of technical issue, please take help through the below information.

Email Address: [email protected]

Power School parent support: 1-866-752-6850.

PowerSchool Community:

For any kind of help, please contact your child’s campus.


131 Garza Road
Shady Shores, TX 76208

Google Map:

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Contact Us

  • Phone: 940-369-1500
  • Fax: 940-498-0050

Family Resources / HAC – Student Grades

Home Access Center (HAC) is our parent portal for student data for all grades. Please contact your child’s campus registrar if you need assistance or login information. You will find HAC-related information and a login link on the above web page.

Home Access Center (HAC)

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Home Access Center / Overview

If you already have an account, you can go here to log in. There are a few things you need to know about HAC: The first screen you come to is the Home screen.

Registration / Home Access Center (HAC)

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Home Access Center(HAC) – McMath Middle School

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Home Access Center Hodge Elementary

Home Access Center (HAC). Page Navigation. HAC. You’re online. We’re online. Let’s connect. Visit Us. 3900 Grant Parkway. Denton, TX 76208.


How can I change my security questions and answers?

It’s very easy to change the security questions and create new questions and their answers after logging in to the Denton HAC account. Visit the profile section and navigate to security question options.

Select the question and write a new question. Similarly, write another question. You can also follow the same process to write the answers to new questions.

Can I access HAC Denton account from a mobile app?

No, Currently there is no mobile app available to download. Parents can use their mobile browser to access their accounts through a smartphone. There will be no issue accessing any information. HAC Denton website is fully responsive and works fine on different platforms such as Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones, etc.

Can I register and access multiple students’ data from a single HAC Denton account?

Yes, If you have already enrolled all students into your account then you can visit the My Students section and navigate to anyone’s student profile through the drop-down menu. If you have only one student then first enroll another student.

Please note that the “My Students” option will be available only if you have more than 1 student in Denton ISD and registered in the Denton HAC.

How to access HAC through a temporary password?

If you received a temporary password from your school’s enrolled campus office then please follow the below steps to access your HAC account.

i- Visit the Denton ISD Website.
ii- Under the Student menu, click the “HAC – Student Grades” link and open the HAC login page.
iii- Enter your registered email address in the username section and your temporary password in the password section.
iv- After login, you can change your temporary password and create a new password for your HAC account.
v- You will have to set up two challenge questions. Please note down the answers to these challenge questions so that next time you can recover your password by yourself without contacting the HAC helpline.
vi- You can now access your student information.

How Denton ISD Home Access Center Attendance system works?

HAC will use the automated calls system to nitify parents about the student absence in the class if a student was marked absent for one or more classes during the day.

Parents are requested to check their HAC account if they receive any automated calls. You can find which class student was not present.

You can also email to teacher if you got automated call but your student was present during the day. It can be correctd if there was a mistake while marking the attendance.

About Denton ISD

Denton Independent School District was founded in 1882 and since then continues to offer the best quality education services to the students in the nearby region. It is located in Denton City and started its journey in 1882 through the construction of the First Denton Public School with the help of a $15,000 bond.

Currently, Denton ISD is the fastest growing school district in North Texas and offers Denton ISD includes four comprehensive high schools, nine middle schools, twenty-five elementary schools, two early childhood centers, an alternative high school, an advanced technology complex, and other specialized schools and centers.

Final Take:

Overall, Denton HAC has proved its abilities to provide all the important necessary information to parents through an easily accessible uuser interface. Parents can now easily involve with their students education and manage their school life. It offers an easy and effective communication system between school and parents which ultimetely helps all parents and help students to get a successful career.

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