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University Phoenix Login: What is Phoenix University Student Portal and how to log in to eCampus Phoenix account? What are the features and benefits Phoenix University provides to students through this portal?

How students can log in and access all important Phoenix student portal services? We are sharing easy steps to access all services and other related academic information in this article. Please have a look.

Phoenix University Student Portal Login

The Phoenix University Student Portal is a web-based online platform that provides students of the University of Phoenix with access to many academic services and resources.

Students can log in to their account and access all features through Phoenix Univeristy’s secure platform and manage their academic journey easily.

University of Phoenix website homepage

There are many important features and services the Phoenix student portal provides to students such as:

  • The course materials and assignments.
  • Student’s grades and transcripts.
  • An online learning platform Blackboard Ultra Access.
  • Secure communication with professors and peers.
  • Find financial aid and tuition information.
  • Finding career-related resources, etc.

Students can also log in and check their academic calendar and schedule and make themselves prepare for upcoming assignments. Students can register for courses and pay their tuition fees.

Overall, the student portal helps students to complete their academic journey successfully.

How to login to University of Phoenix Student Portal?

All students can visit the official My website and access their student accounts. There are a few important pieces of information required before logging in.

Login requirements:

  • Please arrange your login credentials to access your account.
  • You must be enrolled in any course to access the student portal.
  • Please check that the device you are using is secure and trusted.’
  • Please ensure that the web browser is updated and secure. Students can use the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Edge.
  • A properly working internet connection is highly recommended.

If you don’t know the web address of the student portal then there are different ways to access it. Please check below.

Click on any link and you will be redirected to a login page.

University Phoenix Login Process

The login process is very simple,

  1. Just visit the student login page through the above links.
  2. Enter your Username OR Email address and password.
  3. Press the Sign In button.

After successful login, you will see your student dashboard page.

Student Portal Phoenix University account recovery

In case a student is not able to log in to the student portal due to the wrong password or incorrect username error then he will have to recover the login credentials to regain access to the student account.

The account recovery process is very easy and all students can use the self-service password and username recovery process. Please follow the below steps to recover your login credentials.

  1. Visit the Phoenix University student login page.
  2. Click the Forgot username/password? link located on the login page.
  3. On the next page, enter your email address which is registered with your student account.
  4. Press the Submit button.
  5. You will receive an email including a password reset link and your username.
  6. To reset the password, click the password reset link.

Note: Please use the personal email address that you entered while enrolling at Phoenix University.

Common errors and troubleshooting while logging in to Phoenix University Student Portal

Below are the common errors students/faculty gets sometimes while accessing their online accounts.

  • The student or Faculty Portal Login Page Will Not Load.
  • 401 Access Denied when Accessing Web Pages on the Student or Faculty Portal.
  • Error Logging Into Student or Faculty Portal.
  • Redirect Loop Message When Logging into the Student or Faculty Portal.
  • Receive a blank white page.
  • Receive a timeout or similar error.
  • The page does not load, fully or at all.

If you are also getting any one of the above-mentioned errors while logging in then try the below-mentioned general troubleshooting steps.

  • Clear browser cache & cookies
  • Disable/remove excess browser extensions/add-ons
  • Flush DNS Cache
  • Power Cycle Internet Connection
  • Troubleshoot internet browser settings
  • Reset the internet browser to default settings
  • Try an alternate web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  • Verify the settings on your existing firewall
  • Verify the date, time, and time zone are correct

Note: The most important thing is that you should first verify your enrollment application if it is successfully processed. Please contact your Enrollment Representative. New students can navigate to the student portal directly at

How to access Courses on Phoenix University Student Login Portal?

Phoenix is using the Blackboard Ultra LMS (Learning Management System) to provide online learning facilities to students. Students can access and attend their classes and view their courses and schedules after login into Blackboard Ultra.

How to log in to University Phoenix Blackboard?

Students can access the Blackboard through the below steps.

i-Blackboard access through the Phoenix student portal:

  • Login to
  • After login, click the Go to Class link on the home screen.
  • The Go to Class link is also available in the top right menu.
  • Students can also click the Academic Plan link after login into the student portal and select the course from the Time Line Chart.

ii-Direct access:

In case the student login is not working and is unavailable then students can also use the direct login method to access the courses on Blackboard.

After login, you will see the Blackboard dashboard page (as shown below).

Blackboard Ultra Dashboard University of Phoenix

You can navigate to different services and information through the links available on the left sidebar. Blackboard Ultra offers a student-centric, simple, and modern interface that is very easy to use and students can easily get familiar with it.

The links below are on the left side of your Blackboard dashboard Ultra view.

1-Institution Page:
Find your Institution related important information in this section. Check the latest news, resources, and useful links related to your academic journey. Check what type of other information is available for you.

2-Student Profile:
Next is the student profile section where students can view and update their profile information as mentioned below.

  • Profile picture: Students can upload a new profile picture.
  • Basic Information: Students can update their personal information if it is required.
  • Password: Students can also change their system password.
  • Global Notification Settings: Manage your course activity notifications in this section.

3-Activity Stream:
The activity stream is the most important section of the Blackboard Ultra. It shows you important updates and notifications about your courses, emails, SMSs, etc. Students will get real-time updates so that they don’t miss important notifications.

Students can also manage what type of notifications, they want to receive in their activity stream. Please note that you must update your email address and mobile number to get the email and SMS notifications.

Students will also get push notifications if they are using the Blackboard app.

The courses section is available in the next tab of the left sidebar and is the next important tool on your Blackboard Ultra view. Students will find course-related resources such as online lectures, multimedia, tests, assignments, and links to websites and social media.

Students can also manage their course view and add more content in this section. The course is an important section where students will be able to access the below-mentioned important information.

  • Find and access course content easily.
  • Check your course calendar.
  • Drop in on class discussions.
  • Find your course grades.
  • Send a message.

The organization section is managed by the organization leader and your institution. It is similar to the courses section where students will find content, information, messages, etc.

The calendar is another helpful section where students can mark important tasks such as homework deadlines, sports events, field trips, and study sessions.

This information will be organized according to dates and you will get a reminder about your task. Instructors can also send reminders to all students through the calendar.

The messages section is very helpful where students can check the important messages sent by their instructor. Students can view messages in each of their courses.

Students can also send messages to the instructor or class if allowed by the instructor.

The grades section allows you to access your grades. Students can also access their grades on the Course Grades page on the navigation bar. Select the Gradebook icon to view the grades that your instructor posted.

Find important helpful tools in this section.

10-Sign Out:
Students can sign ut from their account by clicking this link. It’s a good idea to sign out after completing your work.

eCampus Student Registration – Phoenix University Login Portal

If you are a new student and haven’t created your student account or you have requested a username removal or your username has expired then you will have to register again.

Required information:

  • The Individual Record Number (IRN): IRN will be required to complete the registration process. All students get a 5-10 digit IRN during their admission to the University of Phoenix.
  • Date of birth of the student
  • Personal Email address

Student Sign Up process:

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the registration web page at
  2. Enter a unique 6 to 20-character, alpha/numeric username.
  3. Enter a new password.
  4. Enter your Date of Birth, Email ID, and IRN.
  5. Press the Register button.

After registration, you can log in to your account by using the new username and password.

Password requirements: your password must be at least 8 characters long and must fulfill the 3 out of 4 requirements mentioned below.

  1. Password must have at least 1 upper case letter.
  2. At least 1 lowercase letter.
  3. At least 1 number.
  4. At least 1 special character.

Note: Your university email address will be [email protected]. For example, if you have created a username Willdoe12 then your email address will be [email protected].

University of Phoenix Enrollment Application

If you want to be a part of the University of Phoenix then you can submit an online enrollment application through the official website. The enrollment process takes around 20 minutes.

A University account will be required to submit the online application. If you don’t have an account then you can create one during your application process.

You will have to complete the below-mentioned steps to submit your enrollment application.

  1. Personal Information: In this step, you’ll have to provide your personal information such as your name, contact information, email, phone number, date of birth, citizenship status, etc.
  2. Program Selection: You can select the program you wish to pursue in this step such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a certificate program.
  3. Education History: You will have to provide your previous education details such as schools and the degree or certificate you have got.
  4. Work Experience: You will have to share your work experience details in this step. It will help to determine your scholarship eligibility.
  5. Financial Plan: This step involves reviewing your financial aid options. You can check out which type of scholarship, financial aid, or payment plan is available for you.
  6. Review and Submit: You can review all the information and make changes if required. Finally, submit your application for verification and approval to the University of Phoenix.

Phoenix University Student Login Helpline

All students who are facing any type of login, registration, or any other issue related to the student portal can get assistance through the technical support service by calling 1-877-832-4867 (Toll-Free) or 1-602-387-6040 (Local).

This facility is available from 5:00 a.m. through 1:00 a.m. 7 days a week.

Other phone numbers:

  • Applicant – 1-800-613-1637
  • Faculty – 1-800-800-3493

Social Media:

Important links:

University of Phoenix website
University of Phoenix student portal
Student Sign Up page
Phoenix University Privacy Policy
Phoenix University Terms and Conditions
Request Info – International Students
Financial Aid


Name of the portalPhoenix Student Portal – eCampus
Developed byUniversity of Phoenix
Registration modeOnline
PurposeTo provide all academic and learning resources to students
BeneficiaryAll students studying at Phoenix University
Official website

Phoenix University Student Portal FAQs

How can I access my email without logging in to the student portal?

All students can visit and access their email by using their university email address and password.

Students can also access their email through the Outlook application or through the email application on their Android or iOS phones.

How can I change my student portal username?

A username is associated with many important services such as email addresses, online classes, etc and it is not advised to change the username.

There are some situations where username change requests can be accepted such as

-Mistyped email addresses during registration.
-No longer having access to the email address used as the username.
-Vulgar or offensive usernames.

In these types of situations, you may contact the technical support team at 1-877-832-4867 and request for change in username.

How can I change my Phoenix Student Portal password?

Students can change their password after logging in to their student accounts. It is advised to change your password at regular intervals of time due to security reasons.

To change your password, please follow the below steps.

-Visit the eCampus login page and log in to your account.
-After login, click the Financial Plan tab.
-After that, Click Change Password under Account Settings.
-Create a new password and save changes.

How can I update my profile picture in the Phoenix student portal account?

Students can update their Student Portal and Office 365 profile picture after login into their account. Please follow the below steps.

-Log onto the Student Portal by going to:
-In the top menu, select Office 365 and click on your name at the top right side.
-After that, select My Microsoft 365 Profile.
-Select the photo that you want to upload and click the upload new photo.
-Click Apply
-Log out and log in again to check if the new profile photo has been updated or not.

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