SPA Hokie Login – Virginia Tech (VT) 2023 [❤️Easy Guide]

What is the Hokie SPA portal and how to access it online? What type of facilities does it offer to students of Virginia Tech and how students are accessing these services? In this article, we are going to share all related information. Please have a look.

Hokie SPA

Virginia Tech formerly known as Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has developed a student information management system Hokie SPA. It’s an online self-service portal where students can find all important academic, financial, and other useful information.

What are the features or benefits?

  • It’s a self-service portal that allows students to manage, view, and update their academic information after login into their account.
  • Academic performance details such as semester-wise grades information, and course schedules are also accessible online.
  • Faculty members and employees can also use this portal to find related information.

How Student can access the Hokie Spa portal?

Students can easily visit the official portal with the help of the below steps.

i-By navigating through the Virginia Tech website.

  • Open the official Virginia Tech website.
  • On the website homepage, click the “Resources for” link in the top bar to open the sub-menu.
  • In the sub menu, click the Current Students link.
  • On the Current Students resources page, move down the page and click the HokieSpa link in the Tools section.
  • You will be redirected to the Hokie Spa login screen.

ii-Visit directly:

Students can visit the Hokie Spa web portal directly at

Hokie SPA VT login

Step 1: Visit the official Virginia Tech Hokie Spa web portal at You will find a login page (as shown below).

Virginia Tech Hokie Spa login page

Step 2: Enter your Virginia Tech PID in the username and password in the next section.

Step 3: Press the Login button. You will be redirected to your account dashboard screen where you can access different academic and financial services.

How to reset the password?

In case you forget your login passphrase, you can reset and create a new passphrase with the help of the below steps.

  • Click the Forgot your username or password? link available on the Hokie Spa login screen.
  • On the next screen, select I forgot my password option.
  • On the next screen, enter your user name and press the Next button.
  • You will receive further instructions on resetting your password. Follow the on-screen instructions and create a new password.

What is a PID?

Your VT Username (PID) is a unique identification number that can be used to log in to your Hokie SPA and other Virginia Tech services such as Canvas, OneCampus, Office365, Google Suite, etc. Your PID is the first part of your email address (i.e. before the If your email ID is [email protected] then your PID is xyz123.

Note: Please note that VT PID is different from the VT ID. VT ID is a nine-digit numeric number that starts with “90”. You must get an email during your admission process including your VT ID. VT ID number is also available on your ID card

How to create my VT Username (PID) and Password?

All new students can create their PID and password with the help of the below simple steps.

  • Students can create their PID on the OneCampus portal.
  • Visit the OneCampus official Web portal at
  • There is a search form on the top side. Type “create” in the search box, and some search options will be populated in the search form.
  • Click the Create VT Username (OnBoard) link.
  • On the next screen, click the Start button on the top right side and again click the Next button on the next page.
  • On the next screen, enter your 9-digit Virginia Tech ID number and click the Verify button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to create your PID.

How to enroll in 2-factor authentication?

You will have to enroll in the 2-factor authentication to reset your password by yourself. After enrollment, you can use a second device such as your smartphone, landline, or tablet to verify your identity through a secret code.

You may follow the below steps to enroll your smartphone in the 2-factor authentication.

  • First of all, download the Duo mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Click the Duo for Android or Duo for iOS link to download the mobile app.
  • After that, visit the OneCampus website and click the Sign In link at the top right side.
  • Login by using your VT Username (PID) and Password.
  • On the next screen, click the Enroll button to start the 2-factor authentication process.
  • Click the Start Setup button. To enroll your smartphone, select mobile phone on the next screen and press the Continue button.
  • Enter your phone number and click the Continue button.
  • Select your phone type and click the Continue button.
  • On the next screen, click the I Have Duo Mobile Installed button. You will see a Bar Code on the next screen.
  • Open the Duo app, tap the + icon, and scan this bar code. After scanning the bar code, your smartphone will be registered.

Now every time you want to log in, you will receive a push notification or a phone call on your smartphone to authenticate your login.

Hokie Spa Class registration, manage courses

How to register for my classes and add or remove courses in Hokie SPA?

Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the Hokie Spa web page and log in by using your PID and password.

Step 2: In the main menu, You will find some useful links as mentioned below.

  • Guest Account Access – Manage guest access to your academic record and financial aid information.
  • Registration and Schedule – Register for courses, add or drop classes, etc.
  • Grades Menu – View mid-term/final grades, class rank, etc.
  • Degree Menu – Apply for your degree and related links.

Click the Registration and Schedule link.

Step 3: You will find below mentioned related links.

  • Prepare for Registration
  • Register for Classes
  • Browse Classes
  • View Registration Information
  • Browse Course Catalog

Click the Prepare for Registration link.

Step 4: Select the term in which you want to register and click the Continue button. Now you will see a Registration Status screen that displays all the necessary pre-registration requirements. All these requirements must be completed and show a green check mark to fulfill your registration criteria.

Step 5: If you see a green check mark on all requirements, you are ready to register for classes. Select the “Registration” tab in the header or click the Register for Classes link in the previous menu.

Step 6: Complete the steps by using the on-screen instructions.


For technical assistance, contact the 4Help by clicking the Guest Help link at the top of the 4Help portal or call 540-231-4357.

Students can also get technical help through the below contact numbers.

Incoming undergraduate students1-540-231-6267
Incoming graduate students1-540-231-6691
Current students1-540-231-6252

Important links:

Official Virginia Tech website
Canvas web page
Hokie Spa web page
OnCampus web page
4Help web page
Google workspace email
Academic Calendar


Name of the portalHokie Spa portal
Developed byVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Registration modeOnline
PurposeTo provide academic, class registration, financial aid, etc information to students
BeneficiaryAll Virginia Tech students

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