Scentsy Workstation login 2023: Access Consultant Dashboard

What is Scentsy Workstation and how Consultants can log in and access their account dashboard page? How to log in and access the Scentsy Pay Portal?

What are the benefits and features of the Scentsy Workstation portal and Consultants can utilize all the features and services? Check the latest updates in this article below.

Note: Enroll from 8 AM August 1 to 8 AM September 1 and get a starter kit that includes Autumn Collection products free of cost. If you want to become a new consultant then join in August and get your free Autumn Collection products.

Scentsy Workstation for Consultants

I hope you are looking for information about the Scentsy Workstation. If you’re a Scentsy consultant, you must have an idea about the importance of managing your business efficiently and effectively.

Now you got all the powerful tools and services in your Scentsy Workstation account that can help you to streamline your business and make profits.

You can easily access your account, manage orders, sell your products, and streamline all operations.

Scentsy Workstation Login

In this article, we’ll guide you through the Scentsy Workstation login process, the features and benefits of the Scentsy Dashboard, and how to use it effectively.

Scentsy Workstation is a consultant portal that allows you to access your account and manage your business.

To log in to Scentsy Workstation, you can visit the official website or you can log in through the direct login link. I am sharing both processes below. Please have a look.

Login requirements:

Before proceeding, consultants must check the below login-related requirements.

  1. Consultants must have their Consultant ID and Password ready to enter.
  2. Consultants must have the latest and Up-to-Date Browser installed on their devices.
  3. Consultants must have access to a Stable Internet Connection from a good ISP.
  4. Consultants must have the correct URL of the Scentsy Workstation login page.

Scentsy Workstation Consultants login

Please follow the below steps to access your Consultant account.

  1. Visit the official Scentsy website.
  2. Move down the web page and click the “Consultant login” link located on the footer.
  3. On the next page, you will find a login screen.
  4. Enter your Consultant ID and Password in the respective fields.
  5. Press the Login button to access your account.

Consultants can visit the direct login link mentioned above and access their account dashboard page.

How to reset the Scentsy Workstation Login Password?

here are the steps for resetting the Scentsy Workstation login password in bullet points:

  1. Go to the Scentsy Workstation login page.
  2. On the login screen, click the “Forgot password” link available there.
  3. Enter the registered email address and click the “Submit” button.
  4. You will soon receive an email including instructions and a link to reset your password.
  5. Click that link and create a new password.
  6. After creating the new password, again open the Scentsy Workstation login page.
  7. Enter your Consultant ID and new password and access your Centsy Workstation Dashboard.

Scentsy Workstation Dashboard

The Scentsy Dashboard is the main hub made specifically for Scentsy consultants. Consultants can manage their Scentsy business, manage the product portfolio they want to sell, place orders, manage accounts, etc.

Your Scentsy Dashboard works like a virtual office and you are managing your Scentsy business through your office. You can set up a personal name for your workstation. Your URL will start with your name.

Dashboard features:

You will see the below-mentioned menu items on your main dashboard page.

  • Dashboard – It is the homepage of your Scentsy Workstation account.
  • Orders – Click the orders link to view your most popular orders, order history, open orders, Scentsy club, and link to your Order dashboard page. You can also place an individual order or a party order.
  • Reporting – In the reporting option, consultants can view their performance, their team information, Sales report, view all reports, downline rollup report, view commission history. You can also create a downline report and leadership report.
  • News – In the news section, consultants can view new announcements, product communication, event details, new consultant information, training resources, business rules, and guidelines. All consultants must check out all the training resources and materials to get an idea of how to start their own business.
  • Marketing – Visit the marketing section to check out the information about limited-time offers, scent, and warmer of the month, catalogs and brochures, join and recruit, party and host details, Scentsy club information, logos, etc information.
  • Training – The training section will provide important training resources you can access. You can choose different topics in the training section such as browse by topic, training events, FAQs, New consultants, Wellness, Product detail sheet, etc.
  • Contacts – You will find all contact details in this section of your customers. You can send emails to all customers and update them about the latest summer or winter collection.
  • Consultant Store – You will see your personalized store in the Consultant Store section where you can showcase the products you want to sell or prioritize. You can also check the Scentsy ProShop powered by Vistaprint.
  • Support – Access the support page by clicking the support link in the top right corner. You can create a support ticket, call, or start a chat on this page.
  • Account – The account option is located at the top right corner after the support option. On the account page, consultants can manage their account, subscribe to their website, subscribe for the scent of the month, scent and warmer of the month, generate pay statements, and international subscriptions for different countries

Below the main menu, you will see information about any bonus you have earned.

Just below that, you will find your performance report for the current month where you can find your earning details in the “Paid at Title” and “Earn promotion” tabs.

You can also see your PRV, and if you have a team, you will see your TWV, and GWV also.

Scentsy Catalog

After logging into your consultant’s account, you can find the latest catalog on the right side of your homepage. You can also view the catalog by visiting the link.

Currently, you can find the Autumn | Winter 2022 catalog.

Note: New Consultants who join in February can purchase a Transition Starter Kit for just £85! In addition to everything you’d receive in the typical Scentsy Starter Kit, the Transition Starter Kit includes both Autumn/Winter 2022 and Spring/Summer 2023 Catalogues, Fragrance Testers, and 10 new Spring/Summer 2023 Scentsy Bars.

How to join Scentsy

You can join Scentsy in two ways and become a consultant.

1-First way:

  1. Visit the Scentsy website
  2. Click the Join link at the top right side or visit the link.
  3. On the next page, choose your consultant sponsor who will help you set up your business and tell you all the information, tips and tricks, Scentsy products, training information, etc.
  4. Select your Starter Kit and make the payment.
  5. Complete your enrollment process and create your Consultant ID and Password.

What is the price of the Scentsy starter kit?

The Scentsy starter kit comes for £85. Taxes and shipping charges will be extra.

Our traditional Starter Kit includes everything you need to start your Scentsy business: best-selling warmer, scented wax testers, catalogs, order forms, three months of your own PWS, product samples, and more.

2-Second way:

Another way to join Scentsy without paying for the starter kit is to host a party and earn Host Rewards that can be used toward the purchase of a Host-Exclusive Starter Kit with our Earn a Kit option.

Scentsy’s Compensation Plan

Your monthly responsibilities will determine your compensation according to the criteria given in the below table.

Personal Retail Volume (PRV)1,000500500500500500500
Group Wholesale Volume (GWV)100025006000100003000080000
Team Wholesale Volume (TWV)2000600010000
Active Frontline Consultants123333
First Generation Directors24


Monthly rewards criteria:

Commission from
Bonus from Personal
Wholesale Volume
Frontline Escential or
Certified Consultant TWV Bonus
Frontline Lead Consultant
TWV Bonus
Frontline Star Consultant
TWV Bonus
Frontline SuperStar Consultant
TWV Bonus
Frontline Director (Q) TWV Bonus333
First Generation Director TWV Bonus333
Second Generation Director TWV Bonus44
Third Generation Director TWV Bonus5

As per the above table, if a Consultants make the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) he earns 20% commission and 25% on PRV after that.

The consultant will also get up to a 9% bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) based on rank, and a 5% sales award when sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV in any given month.

In addition to the commission you earn on your sales, you can earn multiple bonuses based on your team’s performance.

If you want to know the expected earning then please check the below table for an easy overview.

SalesPotential income

Scentsy Consultants Income Disclosure Statement

Scentsy has conducted a survey related to the consultant’s dashboard. In this survey, Scentsy got some surprising results that are given below.

  • Independent consultants earn more if they work for a longer time as shown below. You can see clearly that consultants in Group 1 got £2,132.24 on average.
  • Minimum Annual Commissions are also very high for the consultants in Group 1.
  • Other criteria are also very impressive if we see the Group 1 data.
  • Overall all independent Scentsy Consultants earn between 10% and 36% commissions and bonuses on personal sales.

United Kingdom

2022Group 1Group 2
Number of Consultants5,09313,536
Minimum annual commissions£149.02-£16.41
Maximum annual commissions£163,739.68£5,520.67
Average annual commissions£2,132.24£189.46
Median annual commissions£980.07£117.31
Number of Consultants who had a PWS subscription*5,02010,006

All currency is listed in British pounds.

Scentsy pay portal

Scentsy Pay Portal is designed to manage all the payments that consultants get through commission from selling Scentsy products. It is done through an online web and app-based interface.

It is connected to the Consultant Workstation account and offers a user-friendly and secure way to manage and process all the payments. Consultants can also apply for a prepaid credit card to receive their payments.

Consultants can use this debit card anywhere to purchase to get cash from the ATM. Real-time monitoring and reports are also available on the Scentsy pay portal.

Scentsy pay Portal login steps

  1. Visit the Scentsy pay portal at
  2. Enter your Consultant ID and Password in the login fields.
  3. Press the Sign In button.

How to log in to the Scentsy Pay mobile app?

You may follow the below steps to log in.

  1. Download the official Scentsy mobile app.
  2. Open the mobile app on your smartphone.
  3. You will see a login page on the mobile screen.
  4. Enter your Consultant ID and Password.
  5. Tap the Sign In button to access your account.

How to download the official mobile app?

You can download the Scentsy mobile app by searching on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also download the app through the direct download links given below.

PlatformDownload link
iOSClick here
AndroidThe Android app is not available at the moment

Who is Scentsy?

Scentsy is a direct-selling company that sells its scented products through its consultants and party events. The popular products Scentsy sells are wax warmers, diffusers, and fragrances.

1,00,000+ consultants are working with Scentsy and selling these products through their personalized shops.

Consultants use their networking power and the marketing and training resources available through their Scentsy dashboard page after logging into their consultant accounts.

All the business is managed through the online web portal called the Scentsy Workstation.

Scentsy Consultant Customer Support

Please call 080-0917-6204, 08:00 to 16:00 (GMT) Monday through Friday

If you are a customer and are unable to reach your Consultant, please call 080-0917-6204 or email [email protected] for assistance.

Home Office: 208-472-0800

Toll-free: 877-895-4160, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (MST) Monday through Friday

Fax: 208-888-4306

Scentsy pay helpline:

  • USA and Canada Toll-Free: 1-866-277-1790
  • Mexico: 554-163-7575
  • Puerto Rico Toll-Free: 1-866-278-8825
  • United Kingdom Toll-Free: 0808-189-1353
  • Germany Toll-Free: 0-800-182-8518
  • Australia Toll-Free: +61283105960
  • New Zealand Toll-Free: 098-010-994
  • International: 1-778-373-5389

What is PWS?

Scentsy offers a personalized website where consultants can market their products more efficiently and sell more products which in turn provides higher revenue.

This website is called a PWS, or “Personal Website,”. PWS is a Consultant’s personalized Scentsy website extension hosted by Scentsy.

PWS service is not free but is an extra tool to improve income. PWS is a paid service and consultants have to pay £15/month. Although the PWS service is free for the first three months.

I was a Scentsy Workstation Consultant, can I rejoin again?

All consultants can join again if he/she wants to join but consultants have to wait for 3 months.

After three months consultants can again join. If your account was canceled or blocked then you will have to check the reason for that.

What is PRV?

PRV stands for Personal Retail Volume, and it is the global point value of commissionable products you sell and how Consultants are paid commissions.

All products are assigned a PRV point value, which is then converted to local currency using a peg rate specific to each country.

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