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SSM Health (or Slucare) Mychart login-related information is available in this article. How to access the SSM Mychart portal through the account?

How to access other services such as sign up, activation of a new account, bill payment, account recovery, etc. Check all updated links and information in this article.

SSM MyChart login

Patients can log in to their Mychart account through the online Mychart portal or through the Mychart mobile app. Both options are available for patients. Please check the direct login links and login steps below.

SSM Health (or SLUCare) Mychart Login through the online website:

Visit the above web page to access the Mycart login page directly.

Please follow the below steps to log in to your Mychart account.

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Visit the official SSM Health Mychart web portal

  2. You will see a login form on the Mychart homepage.

    ssm health mychart login page
  3. Enter your Mychart username and password in the respective fields.

  4. Press the Sign In button to access your Mychart account.

SSM MyChart mobile app login:

Patients can download the official Mychart app and log in to their accounts. We are sharing the direct links to download the official app. Just click the Android or iOS app link which is compatible with your mobile device and download the app.

Direct download links:

PlatformDownload linksVersion
iOSClick here10.5.2
AndroidClick here10.5.2

Mobile app login steps:

  1. Open the mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your Mychart username and password.
  3. Tap the Sign In button to access your account.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions to use the mobile app.
  5. After login, patients can use the additional login security features such as biometric scan, Face ID scan, etc to access their account.

MyChart – Login Page – SSM Health Terms and Conditions

This website and related services are provided by SSM Health to its patients subject to compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read the following information carefully. MyChart contains selected, limited health information from a patient’s medical record.

MyChart – Login Page – SSM Health FAQ

Access MyChart Frequently Asked Questions such as:

  • What is MyChart?
  • How is MyChart secure?
  • How do I sign up?
  • Can you send me a new activation code if I have lost it, let it expire, or did not receive it?
  • My activation code does not work. What should I do?

Already signed up? – MyChart – Login Page

Establishing a MyChart account consists of three steps:

  1. Complete the sign-up below.
  2. Receive an activation code by U.S. Mail within 7-10 business days.
  3. Activate your account.

MyChart – Login Page | Notice of Privacy Practices

This Notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review this Notice carefully. If you have any questions about this Notice, please contact a registered representative at the hospital, physician’s clinic, or other SSM Health entity where you are receiving health care services.

Login recovery page – MyChart

Please attempt to recover your username. If after attempting the recovery workflow you are unable to regain access to your MyChart account, please contact the Mychart helpdesk.

Password Reset page – SSM MyChart

Please verify your personal information and create a new password. If you are unable to reset your password, please contact the Mychart help desk.

Sign Up – SSM MyChart

We need some information from you to grant you a personal MyChart account. Enter your personal information and press the Next button to complete the further third-party verification process.

MyChart : SLU – SLUCare

MyChart is a free service that gives you personalized online access to portions of your SLUCare medical record — 24/7. Through a secure Internet connection, you can use MyChart to help manage and receive information about your health.

MyChart for SSM Health or SLUCare

Get quick access to login into your SSM Health or SLUCare MyChart account. Learn about the latest features in SSM Health MyChart and how they make accessing and managing your health easier:

Patient Helpline

For Mychart-related support, patients can call the help desk number at 1-888-972-4278.

SLUCare Physician Group website
SSM Health website
SSM MyChart login page
MyChart registration by an activation code
Registration by demographic verification
Username recovery page
Password reset page
Guest bill payment page
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What is SSM Health (or SLUCare) MyChart?

SSM Health is a not-for-profit health system that operates in the Midwest region of the United States. SSM Health MyChart is an online patient portal provided by SSM Health for its patients. The portal allows patients to access their medical records, communicate with their healthcare providers, schedule appointments, and view test results.

Saint Louis University also has a physician practice with the name of SLUCare. SluCare also uses the Mychart portal developed by SSM Health. Both SSM Health and SLUCare are using the SSM Mychart portal to manage their patient’s electronic health records and provide them essential patient services such as medical records, communicating with their healthcare providers, scheduling appointments, and viewing test results.

MyChart also provides patients with the ability to request prescription renewals, pay bills, and receive health reminders. It is a secure and convenient way for patients to manage their healthcare and stay connected with their healthcare providers.

Whether you are taking your medical treatment from the SSM Health or Saint Louis University physician practice, you will have to sign up for a new patient account on the SSM Mychart portal to access your medical health data.

SSM Health (SLUCare) MyChart offers a variety of benefits for patients:

  1. Access to medical records: Patients can view their medical history, lab results, and visit summaries in one place.
  2. Secure communication with healthcare providers: Patients can communicate with their providers and receive answers to non-urgent medical questions.
  3. Online appointment scheduling: Patients can schedule, view, or cancel appointments online.
  4. Medication renewals and prescription refills: Patients can request medication renewals and prescription refills online.
  5. Bill pay: Patients can view and pay their medical bills online.
  6. Health reminders: Patients can receive reminders for upcoming appointments, vaccinations, and preventive care.
  7. Convenience: Patients can access their health information 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, making it easy to stay on top of their health.
  8. Enhanced Coordination of Care: Patients can share their health information with other providers, which can enhance the coordination of care.
  9. Secure Access: Patients can access their health information in a secure way, protected by a username and password.


Name of the portalSSM My Chart
Original productMyChart
DeveloperEpic Systems Corporation
Developed forSSM Health or SLUCare
PurposeTo provide all patient services to SSM Health or Slucare Healthcare patients
BeneficiaryAll patients of SSM Health or SLUCare

Frequently asked questions

What are the objectives to develop the SSM Mychart portal?

The main objective of SSM Health MyChart is to provide patients with convenient and secure access to their medical information and to facilitate communication with their healthcare providers.

By giving patients access to their medical records, test results, and appointment information, SSM Health MyChart aims to empower patients to take an active role in managing their own health.

The portal also allows patients to communicate with their healthcare providers, request prescription renewals, pay bills, and receive health reminders, which can help improve the coordination of care and increase patient satisfaction.

Additionally, SSM Health MyChart is also intended to reduce administrative burden and improve efficiency for healthcare providers by allowing them to interact with patients electronically, reducing the need for in-person appointments, phone calls, and paperwork.

What is the direct login page of the SSM (SLUCare) Mychart portal?

Patients can visit the login page directly by clicking After visiting the login page, patients can access their accounts by using their usernames and password.

Why did my SSM Mychart login fail?

There may be different reasons for your failed login. You may be entering the wrong username or password. Your caps lock is enabled. You did not clear your browser cache and there is old login-related data in the cache memory.

Your account is still not active or your account has been locked or blocked to prevent unauthorized access. Please call the Mychart help desk for any kind of login-related issue.

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