How to use the Walmart Pay App? [❤️2023 Guide]

What is the Walmart Pay app and how to use it to pay your bill in the Walmart store? Check all information and the step-by-step guide in this article.

What is the Walmart Pay app?

Walmart Pay is a mobile app built by Walmart to pay the bill at the Walmart cash counters in a digital cashless form. There is no need to carry cash, credit, or debit card. Just scan the QR code through your Walmart Pay app and pay the required bill amount.

Due to digitization, everyone is focusing more on a cashless and contactless payment system to help consumers by providing them the opportunity to pay without carrying any card physical form.

No one wants to carry their credit card or debit card as there are chances of stealing these cards or misplacing them. Now if you are a regular Walmart shopper then you don’t need to carry anything with you except your mobile phone.

Walmart Pay benefits:

Walmart Pay provides many types of benefits in terms of ease of use, security, and cashback facility. Some of the important benefits customers will get are mentioned below.

Get 5% cash back:
If customers add their Capital One Walmart Rewards Card as a payment method in their Walmart pay account then they will get 5% cashback every time they pay through Walmart Pay.

This 5% cashback facility is an introductory offer for the first 12 months and is available only with the Capital One Walmart credit card. After 12 months customers will get 2% cashback.

Enjoy the cashless system:
All customers will get the benefits of the cashless, contactless payment system which is more convenient and easy to use at Walmart stores.

Get rid of carrying cards:
Previous payment methods that required carrying a physical credit or debit card have been fully eliminated by Walmart and customers can now shop freely without worrying about card stealing incidents.

Highly secure system:
This app was made by keeping the security concern a high priority and all information and data are kept secure through the latest encryption technology.

Walmart does not store any personal or transactional, or card-related information on its server. Customers will use their PIN and Touch ID to use the app for making a purchase which adds an extra layer of security.

Access all digital transaction details:
All transaction details are available through the app whenever required. This makes it very easy for the customers to use the information with just a touch of their finger.

The product return process is very easy now as customers can show their purchase e-receipt at the cash counter through the app. There is no need to carry any receipt in physical form.

Customers can also keep track of their spending and get an idea of how much they are spending every month so that they can reduce their spending to start saving their hard-earned money for future purposes.

By using an online digital payment system, Walmart is reducing paper use which is highly beneficial for the environment and helps in reducing carbon emissions.

How to Register and Use Walmart Pay?

To register for Walmart Pay, you will have to download the official app and set up your profile online.

How to download the Walmart Pay app?

Walmart Pay is not a separate app instead it comes built-in along with the official Walmart shopping app. Customers can download the Walmart app from the play store or app store according to the mobile device they are using. After downloading the compatible Walmart app, customers can set up Walmart Pay within the Walmart app.

How to download the Walmart app?

Customers can easily download the latest mobile through the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Visit the official Walmart website
  2. If you move the homepage down and reach the footer side, you will find a Get the Walmart App. Click this link to open the Walmart app page.
  3. On the Walmart app page, customers will find the links for both Android and iOS platforms.
  4. Click the app link which is compatible with your mobile device and install the app on your device.

Alternatively, customers can search the Walmart app on google play or the Apple app store and download the official mobile app.

Customers can also use the below-mentioned direct download links to download the Walmart Shopping mobile app.

PlatformSizeDownload linkVersion
Android70.0 MBClick here23.14.2
iOS426.8 MBClick here23.15

How to set up the Walmart pay profile?

Once you have downloaded the mobile app, you can set up your profile to use it.

Please check the below steps.

  1. Open the Walmart app on your smartphone.
  2. Now look for the Walmart Pay link and click this link to open the Walmart Pay page in the app.
  3. Click the Setup Walmart pay link at the bottom to open the Walmart pay setup options.
  4. On the next screen, enter your email ID, and password and click the Sign In button.
  5. On the next screen, you will see a list of cards (credit or debit) already connected to your Walmart app. You can select which card you want to use to pay through Walmart Pay.
  6. You can also add a new card by clicking the Add another credit or debit card link.
  7. After the selection, click the Use these cards & continue button to proceed with the next step.
  8. On the next screen, you will get the option to add a gift card with your Walmart Pay. Click Add a gift card link to add a new gift card to your Walmart Pay or click the Not Now link if you wish to do it later.
  9. On the next screen, create a passcode to use your app. You will have to enter this passcode every time you want to pay at the Walmart billing counter.
  10. On the next screen, you will get the option to use your Touch ID to sign in to Walmart Pay next time. You can set up the Touch ID login option if you wish.
  11. On the next screen, you may read the Walmart privacy policy and Terms of use if required otherwise click the Continue button.

Your Walmart Pay setup has been completed now and you can take your phone to the shopping lane along with the items you want to purchase.

You may also watch a demo video below on how to register a Walmart Pay account.

How to pay through the Walmart Pay app?

If you have downloaded the Walmart app and registered for the Walmart pay account then you can use it to pay for anything at the Walmart store.

  1. Collect all the items you want to buy and take them to the checkout lane.
  2. Scan all items one by one
  3. Open Walmart Pay and log in by using your Touch ID
  4. Check which payment method will be used at the bottom side of the app. You can change this payment method to use another payment available in your account or you can also add a new payment method that is not available in your account.
  5. After that, scan the QR code to complete your payment.
  6. You will soon receive an e-receipt which will be available in your mobile app.

You can also apply for a Walmart credit card and add it to the Walmart Pay app as a payment method.

Frequently asked questions

Will I get cashback through the Walmart Pay app?

No, You will not be eligible to earn any cashback if you pay through the Walmart Pay app. Walmart Pay does not connect directly with your bank account.

Due to the same fact, Walmart pay can’t be used at Walmart fuel stations.

Can I add a gift card as a payment method?

Yes, you can add a gift card as a Walmart Pay payment method. You can use one or more than one gift cards to pay through the Walmart Pay app during checkout.

How do returns work if items purchased through Walmart pay?

If you want to return a product purchased through the Walmart pay payment system then you will have to show the payment receipt to the cashier in the checkout lane.

An e-receipt is saved in your Walmart Pay app for every order. You can just open your mobile app and show this receipt to the concerned person.

What technology Walmart pay is using?

Walmart Pay does not use near-field communication (NFC) for payment processing. They use QR code scanning which is more secure and provides a reliable data security service.

There is no financial information transferred at the time of the transaction. 

Can I use apple pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay at the Walmart store?

No, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, etc wallet payments can not be used at the Walmart store to make a payment.

Walmart does not allow these Mobile wallets for payment processing at their store or online.

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