Ikea Credit Card Pre Approval, Online Application ❤️2023

How to apply for an Ikea credit card? What are the eligibility criteria to apply for an Ikea credit card? Check complete details about the Ikea Visa and Projekt credit card pre-approval and online application process in this article.


Visit the above URL to check if you are pre-qualify for the Ikea credit card. Fill out the online form and check your pre-approval status within minutes. After checking the pre-qualify status, you can submit an online application.

Apply online for a new Ikea Visa/Projekt Credit Card

The application process for a new Credit Card is very easy and can be completed through the official website. We are sharing the steps for the online application process. Please have a look.

Step 1: First of all you will have to open the online application page. You can reach there in two ways.

i-Through the Comenity Bank bank page:

  • Open the Credit Card selection page and click the Credit Card you want to apply for.
  • On the next page, click the Apply link to start the online application process.

ii-Through the Ikea official website:

Step 2: After opening the application form you may follow the below process.

i-Ikea Visa Credit Card application form:

You will see an online application form as shown below.

ikea visa credit card application form

You will have to complete all three steps of this online application form. After filling in all the required details submit this application form.

ii-Ikea Projekt Credit Card application form:

You will see an online application form as shown below.

ikea projekt credit card application form

Fill out the application form according to the instructions available and submit it. Please fill in all details carefully and finish all three steps in order for the successful submission of the Credit Card application.

Step 3: After the submission of the Credit Card application form, if approved you will receive your credit card within 15 business days.

Apply in-store

Customers can also apply in any Ikea store. Just visit any nearest Ikea store and ask the customer representative to fill out your credit card application. The representative will submit a credit card application on your behalf and inform you if you are eligible for a credit card or not. After the approval, you will receive your new credit card by Mail within 15 days.

Note: If you have applied in an Ikea store then you can get a temporary credit card from the store to use your new credit account immediately.

How to activate a new credit card?

If you just received a new Ikea credit card then you must activate it first. After the activation only you can make any transaction. The activation process is given below.

Step 1: Open the Ikea credit card selection page.

Step 2: Click on your credit card link. You will be redirected to your comenity credit account management page.

Step 3: Click the Activate card link available in the top menu. You will see a card activation form on the next screen (as shown below).

ikea credit card activation form

Step 4: Enter your credit card account number, expiry date, last four digits of your SSN or SIN, and ZIP code. After that click the Continue button. Your card will be activated immediately and you can now use it for any type of transaction.

Activation by phone: You can also activate your new credit card by calling the customer service number. Just call 1-866-395-9774 and activate your card by sharing your card account details.

Apply through a pre-approved offer for Ikea Visa/Projekt credit card

Some eligible Ikea customers may receive a pre-approved offer from Ikea or Comenity Bank. This offer is sent through Mail including a 12-digit Prescreen ID. If you also get a pre-approved offer then you can accept the offer and apply for the credit card through the below steps.

  • Visit the Ikea Credit Card page.
  • Click the I have a pre-approved offer link for the Ikea Visa or Ikea Projekt credit card whichever offer you received.
  • On the next screen, Enter the 12-digit Prescreen ID found on your prescreen offer.
  • Click the Accept Offer button to continue with the further process.
  • On the next page, submit an online application form for further review and to determine your credit limit.
  • Your application will be further reviewed by Comenity Bank and you will get your credit card after the approval.

Check if you are pre-qualify for an Ikea Projekt credit card

Customers can also check if they are pre-qualified for the Ikea Projekt credit card through the online website. If customers found themselves pre-qualified after checking online then the chances of the final approval will be very high. Please check the below steps.

Note: Checking if you are prequalified does not impact your credit score. It is done through a soft inquiry on your credit profile.

  • Visit the Credit Card page on the Ikea website.
  • Now you will find a link “See if you pre-qualify” below the Ikea Projekt credit card listing.
  • Click this link to open the online form.
  • Fill out this form and check if you are pre-qualified or not.
  • It will immediately inform you whether you are pre-qualified or not.
  • If you are pre-qualified then you will get an option to submit the complete Ikea Projekt credit card application.
  • The complete application will be done through a hard inquiry on your credit profile and may impact your credit score.

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