IKEA Projekt Credit Card by Comenity Bank: Review ❤️2023

Check complete details about the Ikea Projekt Credit Card offered by Comenity Bank in this article. What are the features and benefits of this credit card?

What are the different types of fees and charges customers have to pay? Check the complete review below.

Ikea Projekt Credit Card

Ikea operates worldwide and there may be different Credit Card offerings by different banks. In the United States Ikea has a Partnership with Comenity Bank and offers two credit cards to its customers.

  • IKEA Visa credit card
  • IKEA Projekt credit card

Ikea Projekt Credit Card:

Projekt credit card is designed for large purchases. Customers can make purchases for their favorite products by using the Ikea Projekt card and pay the total amount in a split payment method. Customers will be enrolled in different monthly payment plans and pay the monthly installment without paying any interest charges.

Salient features:

  • Customers will get the split and pay facility for large purchases of $500 or more.
  • There is no annual fee for the Projekt credit card.
  • Customers will not be liable for any unauthorized transactions.
  • Customers will also get the Ikea Family Member Program benefits.
  • Customers will be automatically enrolled in the Ikea Family Loyalty Program once they open their Ikea Projekt account.

Fee & charges:

Fee typeCharges
APR for Purchases21.99%
Penalty APRNone
APR for Cash AdvancesN/A
APR for Balance TransferN/A
Minimum Interest Charge$2
Annual FeeNone
Balance transfer feeN/A
Cash Advance fee N/A
Foreign Transaction FeeN/A
Late Payment penaltyUp to $41
Returned Payment PenaltyUp to $41
Over the limitNone

Promotional financing:

Ikea offers promotional financing plans to its customers for different durations. Customers can pay the total payment in 6, 12, or 24 months as per the below criteria.

Purchase amount0% interest Duration
$500 or more6 months
$1500 or more12 months
$5000 or more24 months

Customers will be enrolled in the promotional financing plan as per the above-mentioned plans if they make a purchase worth $500 or more at any Ikea store or ikea.com website. There will be no no-interest charge during the financial period.

Note: If the customers fail to pay the total purchase amount at the end of the promotional financing duration, A purchase APR of 21.99% will be applied and customers will have to pay the applicable interest charges on the remaining balance.

Promotional financing calculations:

We are sharing some simple examples to get an idea about the monthly payment during the financing period.

Example1: If a customer makes a $700 amount purchase.

Estimated monthly payment$117
Duration6 months

Example2: If a customer makes a $2000 amount purchase.

Estimated monthly payment$167
Duration12 months

Example3: If a customer makes a $5500 amount purchase.

Estimated monthly payment$230
Duration24 months

Note: Projekt Credit Card can be used at IKEA stores in the United States and IKEA.com/us/en website only.

Customer Service

For any type of help, please call the below-mentioned customer service number.

Customer service1-866-337-5539

Mail Inquiries: Customers can also send a Mail to the below address and ask their questions.

Comenity Capital Bank,
PO Box 183003,
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

Official websitehttps://www.ikea.com/us/en/
Credit Card page on the Ikea websitehttps://www.ikea.com/us/en/customer-service/services/finance-options/
Ikea Projekt Comenity account pagehttps://comenity.net/IKEAprojekt
Ikea Projekt cardholder agreementhttps://d.comenity.net/ikeaprojekt/pub/requestCca/requestCca.xhtml


Name of Credit CardIkea Projekt Credit Card
Issued byComenity Capital Bank
Serviced byComenity Capital Bank
Credit card network providerNone
BeneficiaryAll Ikea customers
Who can applyAll eligible Ikea customers
Official websitewww.ikea.com/us/en/


Will I get any Introductory offer on the Ikea Projekt credit card?

Currently, there is no introductory offer on the Ikea Projekt credit card. Customers can use it for special financing only at the Ikea stores or online Ikea websites.

How can I get my Ikea Projekt cardholder agreement?

Customers can request a copy of their cardholder agreement anytime by visiting the official Comenity website or by calling the customer service phone number.

1-Visit the Ikea Projekt Cardholder Agreement page.
2-General terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement are available on this page.
3-To request your account-specific cardholder agreement, fill out the form available on this page and submit it.
4-Its a secure way to request the cardholder agreement which will be Mailed to your address on file.

Can I withdraw cash through the Ikea Projekt credit card?

A cash advance facility is not available on the Projekt card. Customers can not use their Projekt card to withdraw cash from ATMs.

What if I lost my card?

In case you lost your Projekt credit card, please inform customer service immediately. You may call the customer service phone number mentioned above or send a Mail to the customer service address. You will not be liable for any unauthorized activity that happens on your credit card.

How can I close my Ikea Projekt account?

All customers can close their Projekt credit card account anytime by sending an account closure request to the customer service team. Customers can request the account closure by calling to customer service team or by sending Mail to the customer service address.

How promotional financing works for multiple items purchased through Ikea Projekt credit card?

Promotional financing offered on the Projekt card is valid for a single transaction only.

If there are multiple items in a single transaction then all items will be treated separately and all shipments will be placed on a separate credit plan if the purchase amount is greater than $500.

All individual shipments worth $500 or more will automatically be placed on a credit plan as per the promotional financing terms and conditions.


Ikea Projekt credit card is suitable for those customers who want to make large amount purchases and also need an option to pay the total amount in monthly installments. Customers will get promotional financing benefits through the Ikea Projekt credit card and they can split their purchase into equal monthly payments for 6, 12, or 24 months according to the purchase amount.

The drawbacks of the Ikea Projekt credit card are that it can be used only at Ikea stores and the Ikea.com website and it does not offer any rewards points, cash advance, or balance transfer facility.

Overall it’s a good option to get an interest-free financing facility. To get rewards points and other facilities, customers can check out the Ikea Visa credit card.

About Ikea

Ikea is a retail chain that operates worldwide and sells home furniture, home improvement, etc related items through its stores and online website. Its main business is selling different types of home and office furniture that it sells through the different franchises available in different countries.

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