Banter by Piercing Pagoda Credit Card Comenity Review 2023

Check the Comenity Bank credit card details offered to Banter by Piercing Pagoda customers in this article. What are the features and benefits customers get through this credit card?

What are the important fee, charges, and interest rates? Check the full review below.

Banter by Piercing Pagoda Credit Card

Banter by Piercing Pagoda which was rebranded from the earlier name “Piercing Pagoda” is offering a credit card to its customers in partnership with Comenity Capital Bank.

Earlier, customers received the Piercing Pagoda credit card which is still working now and customers can use it to purchase anything at Banter stores and online. All types of benefits and services are still available for customers.

Now after the rebranding, all new applicants will receive a brand new Banter credit card that also offers the same exciting facilities for customers.

Salient features:

  • Customers can take benefit of promotional financing plans.
  • Birthday special discount of $25 on a purchase in the Birthday month.
  • Cardholder anniversary gift as $50 off on a purchase in the month a customer becomes Banter’s cardholder.
  • Credit cardholders will also receive exclusive offers throughout the year.
  • Multiple payment options including payment through Banters credit card, lease purchase program, Loan through Affirm

Fee & charges:

  • The annual Purchase Rate (APR) will be 29.99%.
  • If interest is charged, it will be a minimum of $2.
  • There is no annual fee for the Banter credit card.
  • Late and returned payment penalties will be Up to $41.

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  • Currently, there is no reward points facility.
  • Banter credit card is not associated with Visa or Mastercard so customers will not get any cash advance or balance transfer facility.
  • The Banter credit card is a store-specific credit card and can be used only at the Banter store or online website.
  • The current Purchase APR is very high and customers will have to pay a very high-interest amount whenever applicable.

How does the Banter Credit Card Promotional Financing work?

Promotional credit plans are available through Banters credit card that offers Equal monthly payment at a $0 interest rate if all the plan balance is paid within the promotional period.

Currently, two types of monthly plans are available based on the minimum purchase amount.

Plan NameDown PaymentMinimum Purchase AmountInterest Rate
6 Month Special Financing$0$300$0
6 Month Special Financing$0$500$0

Note: For the above-mentioned plans, all payments must be paid in full within the promotional plan duration otherwise customers will have to pay the interest on the total payment.

  • Banter cardholders can apply for promotional financing at any Banter location and online website.
  • Interest will be charged at the current APR of 29.99% if the purchase amount is not paid by the customer within the financing plan duration.

Deferred Interest-based plans:

Apart from the $0 interest-based plans, equal monthly payment plans are available on deferred interest rates for different durations such as 18, 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. Deferred APR may be 9.99%, 14.99%, or 16.99%. Deferred financing plans are different for different customers.

It also depends on the customer’s payment history and creditworthiness. Customers can check what type of specific deferred interest-based financing offer is available for them at the time of applying for a deferred financing plan.


  • If you are purchasing more than one product then the Deferred interest plans will be applied and calculated separately for every purchased item if eligible for the financing plan.
  • There will be different minimum payments for different products that a customer will have to pay every month along with any other revolving credit balance.

What would be my minimum payment in case of a financing plan?

Please note that the minimum payment will be calculated by adding all revolving balances and the monthly payment amount of the financing plan you have opted for.

If there is more than one item purchased through a deferred interest plan then the minimum amount of all items will be calculated and added separately to the other revolving amount. Your minimum payment will likely be very high in this case.

If you pay more than the minimum payment and you have enrolled in more than one deferred interest-based plan and one plan is going to expire in 60 days or less then the extra amount will be applied to the plan that will expire within 60 days.

If more than one plan is going to expire within 60 days then the extra payment will be applied to the plan that will expire early.

Customer Service

Customers can call the below-mentioned phone number for any kind of help or inquiry.

Customer service1-844-271-2718 

Mail Inquiries:

Comenity Capital Bank,
PO Box 183003,
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

Official website
Comenity account
Secure message center


Name of Credit CardBanter by Piercing Pagoda Credit Card
Issued byComenity Capital Bank
Serviced byComenity Capital Bank
Credit card network providerNone
BeneficiaryAll eligible Banter by Piercing Pagoda Cardholders
Who can applyAll eligible Banter by Piercing Pagoda applicants


Is there any reward program?

Banter is not offering any reward program for its customers as of now. All existing credit card customers can apply for Promotional financing plans if they want.

What type of credit limit will I receive?

There is no clear information about the credit limit Banter’s customers will get through the Banter credit card but customers will be able to buy anything for sure through the current promotional financing plans.

How can I cancel my Banter credit card?

Although a Banter credit card is very useful and provides an attractive financing facility to customers, customers can cancel their credit program anytime if not happy with the service or if the service is not required at all.

Just call the customer service number or send a Mail and request the account closure.

Don’t forget to clear any outstanding due before submitting any account closing request otherwise the request will not be accepted and the interest and penalty will continue to apply to the remaining balance.

How can I withdraw cash from an ATM?

Sorry to say that the Banter credit card does not offer any cash advance facility. Customers can not use it to withdraw cash from any ATM. Please apply for any other credit card that is powered by the credit card networks such as Visa or Mastercard if want to use the cash advance feature.

What if I lost my Banter credit card?

If a customer lost his credit card somehow or the card is stolen then the first step must be to inform call and inform the customer service team. Customers can also lock their accounts by logging into their Comenity account to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

After that customers can request a replacement card and the new card will be delivered soon. To speed up the card delivery process, customers can also request an expedited delivery service to Comenity Bank by paying the required fee.

Please note that customers will not be responsible for any unauthorized transaction and will not be liable to pay the unauthorized transaction amount.


The Banter credit card is very useful for those customers who can not pay the entire purchase amount for the products or services purchased from the Banter and looking for a financing plan.

Banter offers zero-interest financing plans that help customers to pay the total amount in equal monthly payments without paying any interest charges.

There is no annual fee on this credit card. So if a customer wants to purchase anything from Banter or is a regular customer of Banter then the Banter credit card is a must-have.

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