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Check the complete details about the Forever 21 credit card online application and account activation process. How to apply for a new credit card and submit an online application.

We are sharing the complete step-by-step process below. Please have a look.

How to Apply for a Forever 21 credit card?

All Forever 21 customers who want to apply for a new credit card can visit the official Forever 21 website and fill out the online application. Customers can also apply offline by visiting the nearest Forever 21 store. New credit cards are issued by the Forever 21 credit card partner Comenity Capital Bank.

After submitting the full application, Comenity Bank will verify the application data based on the cardholder’s credit profile. The benefit of the online application is that customers will immediately get the status of the approval of their credit card.

Basic eligibility criteria:

To apply for a Forever 21 Credit Card

  • All applicants must fulfill the minimum age criteria of their state or territory.
  • Applicants must have a valid United States mailing address including street, rural route, or APO/FPO.
  • Any P.O. Box mailing address will not be accepted.
  • Applicants must have a valid Taxpayer ID proof such as SSN or SIN.

Application process:

There are two ways customers can submit a new credit card application.

  1. forever 21 store credit card apply online.
  2. Offline application in the Forever 21 store.

Let’s discuss both processes below.

1-Online application process:

A customer can apply for a Forever 21 credit card online which is a very easy process and takes a few minutes to submit the Forever 21 credit card application. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the official Forever 21 website and move down the page.

Step 2: At the footer side, there is an Apply Now link located under the Forever Rewarded section. Click the Apply Now link to start the online application process.

Step 3: Customers will see the credit card summary such as rewards points, benefits, etc in a pop-up window. Again click the Apply Now link located a the bottom of the pop-up window.

Step 4: Customers will see an online form where they can fill in their contact number, SSN, and ZIP code and click the Continue button. Complete the mobile number verification on the next page by entering the security code received on your mobile phone.

On the next page, customers will find an online application form with some prefilled sections.

Step 5: If customers want then they can start a fresh application by clicking the Apply Without Pre-Fill link. On the next page, fill out the online application form completely and submit it for further verification by Comenity Bank.

After submitting the online application, the customer will be informed immediately if he is eligible for a credit card or not. The new credit card will be received within 10 days. However, customers can use the new credit card just after the approval without getting a physical copy.

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2-Offline application process:

Customers can visit any Forever 21 store to apply offline.

  • First of all, Find the nearest Forever 21 store online and visit there.
  • After reaching the store, meet the customer service representative.
  • Inform the representative that you want to apply for a Forever 21 credit card.
  • The representative will ask you for some information such as your Taxpayer ID proof, Address proof, Email address, and Phone number.
  • Your offline application will be filled out and reviewed. You will soon get the application status on the same day whether you are approved for the credit card or not.
  • If approved, you can use your credit card on the same day to take the benefit of the 20% off introductory offer.
  • Your credit card will be mailed to you and will reach your mailing address within 10 days.

How to activate a Forever 21 credit card?

New customers can make a transaction on their credit card only after activating it. Forever 21 customers can activate their credit cards in two ways.

  1. Forever 21 card activation by calling customer service.
  2. Forever 21 credit card activation through the Comenity website.

Activate by calling the customer service phone number:

Please call the below card activation phone numbers.

  • The primary cardholder of the Forever 21 Credit Card can call the card activation number 1-800-291-3986.
  • The primary cardholder of the Forever 21 Visa Credit Card can call the card activation number 1-866-512-6284.

Activate Forever 21 credit card through the Comenity website:

Note: For any kind of help related to activating your credit card, please call the customer service number given below.

Customer Helpline

If a customer is facing any issues while submitting the online application then call customer service at 1-866-512-6286 (Forever 21 card) or 1-866-412-5563 (Forever 21 visa) and ask for help.

Privacy policy: Please review all important Comenity Bank’s Financial Privacy Policy and Online and California Privacy Policy before submitting the credit card application.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for both Forever 21 and Forever 21 visa credit cards?

Comenity Bank issues two credit cards to Forever 21 customers. One is a store-specific credit card and the other is a visa-powered credit card that can be used anywhere a visa is accepted.

Customers can not apply for a particular credit card. Customers can apply online or offline but there is only one application possible for both credit cards.

After receiving the applications, Comenity Bank first considers customers for the Visa credit card. If a customer is not approved for the Visa credit card then a store credit card is given.

Is online application safe?

Yes, there is no need to worry about data security and privacy. All online applications will be submitted through advanced security mechanisms and encryption methods. All customer data are fully secured.

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