Old Navy Credit Card Review, Customer Service, Barclays Bank

Old Navy Barclays Credit Card complete review, fee & charges, interest rates, customer services information, and other important related information are available in this article.

All customers who are looking forward to applying for the Old Navy Credit Card can find all benefits and details about this Card in this article.

New update: Gap Inc is moving its credit card program from Synchrony Bank to Barclays bank. All customers will get a brand new credit card from Barclays. Visit the Barclays Gap credit card page to know more about this announcement.

Old Navy Barclays Credit Card

Now GAP Inc is operating many different brands and selling fashion products through its offline retail stores and online e-commerce websites. To make customers’ shopping experience better and provide them with more convenience Old Navy is offering a Credit Card to everyone who is eligible.

Old Navy had a partnership with Synchrony Bank and VISA company. Synchrony Bank was the issuer of the Old Navy Visa Credit Card. Recently, Gap Inc has moved its credit card program from Synchrony Bank to Barclays Bank.

The move has been completed in June 2022 and all cardholders can use their new Barclays account from 20th June 2022. Now Barclays Bank will manage the Old Navy credit card accounts.

The credit card network has also changed and Barclays uses the Mastercard network to issue new credit cards. If you want to apply for a new Old Navy Credit Card then you must fulfill the necessary eligibility criteria set by Barclays Bank.

Currently, two types of cards are issued by Barclays Bank on behalf of GAP Inc.

  1. Old Navy Credit Card
  2. Old Navy Mastercard

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Benefits of Old Navy Credit Card:

Some of the important benefits are mentioned below. Please have a look.

  • All Old Navy Customers will get an opportunity to earn 5 points on every $1 spent at Old Navy stores or other Gap Inc Brans stores and online websites and they can also redeem these rewards points at any Gap Inc brans store or website.
  • As an introductory offer, a 20% discount coupon will be shared with new Credit Card customers.
  • This card comes without any annual fees and customers will get the Zero fraud liability facility also.
  • Mastercard Cardmembers can also shop outside of Gap Inc brands and earn more rewards points. Outside purchases will be qualified for 1 point on each $1 spent. World Mastercard Cardholders will get 2 points on each $1 spent outside the GAP Inc brands.
  • NavyIst Card members will enjoy free shipping through purchases at any brand and will earn 20% more bonus points of the total rewards points every quarter.
  • In addition, Cardmembers will get other promotional or event-based benefits from time to time.

Fee and charges:

Please check the below-mentioned fees and charges for different GAP Inc credit cards.

RatesOld Navy credit cardOld Navy Mastercard
APR for purchases28.99%28.99%
Annual fee$0$0
APR for a balance transferN/A28.99%
APR for cash advancesN/A29.99%
Minimum interest charge$2$2
Cash advance feeN/A$10 or 5% of the cash advance amount, whichever is greater
Balance transfer feeN/A$5 or 5% of the balance transfer amount, whichever is greater.
Foreign transaction feeN/A3% of each transaction in the U.S. dollars
Late payment penalty$30 if there is no penalty in the last six billing cycles otherwise $41$30 if there is no penalty in the last six billing cycles otherwise $41

Customer Service Phone Number

Enjoy fast and 24/7 customer service and ask for any type of help by calling 866-386-8679. Customers can also get their account information through the Customer Service Phone Number. To activate a new card, please call the card activation service at 866-828-5985.

In case you lost your Credit Card or it has been stolen then immediately contact Customer Service and inform that about that.

Customers must check regularly if there are any unauthorized transactions going on through their Credit Cards. If it is the case then also inform Customer Care at the above-mentioned Phone number.

Customer service Mail address:

Please write to the below-mentioned address. Please include your account information while writing.

General Correspondence
Card Services
P.O. Box 8801
Wilmington, DE 19899-8801

Send a secure message:

Customers can send a secure message through their online accounts. Just log in to your Barclays account and click the CONTACT US link to send a new message securely. You will soon get a revert from the customer service team and you can check that by clicking the NEW MESSAGES link.

Customers can also visit the secure message web page directly at https://oldnavy.barclaysus.com/servicing/securemessage.

Important links:

Old Navy’s official websitehttps://oldnavy.gap.com/
Old navy website login pagehttps://secure-oldnavy.gap.com/my-account/sign-in
Secure message linkhttps://oldnavy.barclaysus.com/servicing/securemessage


Name of credit cardOld Navy credit card
Old Navy Mastercard
Credit card issuerBarclays bank
Issued toOld Navy, LLC
Parent organizationGAP Inc.
Credit card networkMastercard
Required credit scoreOld navy store card: Fair credit score
Old navy Mastercard: Good credit score
Official websiteoldnavy.gap.com

Old Navy GAP Inc

Old Navy is a part of the GAP Inc group of companies and sells fashion-related products through online stores and e-commerce websites. Started in 1969 with the initial offerings of its most world-famous Jeans Brand Levi’s.

The first old Navy store was opened in 1994 and reached $1 billion in sales within just four years of duration. Now the company has several brands under GAP Inc including Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta.

Oldnavy.com’s online e-commerce website was launched in 2000 and later redirected to the oldnavy.gap.com subdomain.

NAVYIST Rewards membership program:

In the past, customers were using different brand-specific reward memberships such as Gap Good Rewards, Banana Republic Rewards, Navyist Rewards, or Athleta Rewards. Now all reward members will be a part of Navyist Rewards.

Note: Credit Cards and rewards programs are two different things. Old Navy Credit Card, Navyist, and Gap Inc. World Mastercard Signature® Cardmembers will also be a part of Navyist Rewards.

You will be awarded different membership statuses based on the qualifying purchases at the Gap INC family of brands. Please see the below table for more information.

Membership StatusQualifying Purchases
CoreNo qualifying purchase required
EnthusiastFor non-credit cardmembers, the minimum Qualifying Purchases must be $500 to $999 at Gap Inc Family of Brands. If you have a Credit Card you will be automatically awarded the Enthusiast status.
IconAll Credit Cardmembers who completed minimum Qualifying Purchases of $1000 at Gap Inc brand stores or websites and earned 5000 points in a calendar will be upgraded to Icon Card member status.

How rewards points are calculated?

As there are a lot of opportunities to earn rewards points. you must have an exact idea of how much you will save through these reward points. To simplify things we have shared the calculations below. Please have a look.

PointsTotal Rewards
100 points$1 discount or reward
1000 points$10 discount or reward
1200 points$12 discount or reward

You can redeem these rewards points while purchasing anything at Gap Inc brands and there is no limit on earning rewards points but you can redeem $250 rewards through one transaction. All points will be expired after 12 months for inactive accounts.

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