Brookwood Baptist Health Patient Portal

Check everything you want to know about how to log in to Brookwood Baptist Health patient portal and access all important health-related services and patient data.

How to activate a new account online and create new login credentials? What are the main features and benefits of the Brookwood Baptist Mychart portal that patients can access through their accounts?

Check all the latest updates and step-by-step guides that will help you get the most out of your Brookwood Baptist patient portal account.

Brookwood Baptist Health Patient Portal

Brookwood Baptist Health is using a Patient Portal to provide healthcare services that are available for patients. It is Mychart software which is a popular Electronic Health Record system specifically developed for Hospitals and healthcare organizations to manage their patients’ data.

With the help of the Mychart patient portal, Brookwood Baptist Health is now offering all patient-related services in an online form such as…

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Online bill payment
  • Speaking to provider
  • Get access to medical records
  • Checking the lab test results, etc.

Patients can access the Brookwood Baptist Mychart web portal at the web URL.

Steps to login

Patients can log in to their Mychart account and view all patient-related data, lab results, prescriptions, appointment details, etc. To log in to your Mychart account, please follow the below steps.

After login patients can access their health data, lab test results, medical history, prescription details, appointment history, get a new appointment, pay their medical bills, etc

Login through the mobile app:

Patients can also download the mobile app and access their accounts. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Move down this page, you will see the mobile app link at the bottom side.
  3. Click the app links and download your smartphone’s Android or iOS app.
  4. You can also download the app through the below links.
  5. Now open the app on your smartphone.
  6. Enter your Brookwood Baptist Health MyChart username and password.
  7. Press the Sign In button to access your account.

How do I recover the Mychart account?

In case patients forget their usernames and passwords, they can recover them. Please follow the below steps.

Reset password:

Visit the password reset page and enter all required information. A password reset link will be sent to your email address. Click the link and create a new password.

Recover Username:

Visit the username recovery page and enter all required information. The username will be sent to the registered email ID.

Account Registration

Visit the Mychart sign-up page enter your Mychart activation code and other details and activate your account.

Bill Payment

Patients can make an online payment anytime through their Mychart account or as a Guest. To use the Guest payment facility, visit the guest payment web page.

Find your account by entering the account number and guarantor’s last name. After verifying the account, press the Next button and make an online payment.

Patient helpline

For Mychart-related tech support, please call the helpline number at (205) 264-2046.

By using the Mychart account, patients are now able to manage all their health-related issues. Patients get timely medical treatment and all required information through their accounts including prescription details, lab test details, etc.

Mychart ultimately minimizes the number of visits patients used to complete at the hospitals as all the essential services are available through Mychart web portal and mobile app.

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