Forever 21 Credit Card login❤️Manage Comenity Account 2023

How to login and access the Forever 21 credit card account? How to manage your Comenity account and access different services?

What are the precautions customers must take to securely log in, protect account data, and maintain their privacy? Check all the latest updates in this article.

Forever 21 Credit Card login

Forever 21 customers get two credit card options, Forever 21 store credit card and Forever 21 visa credit card. Both credit cards are associated with different Comenity accounts and customers will have to visit a different website to log in and access their credit card accounts.

Login requirements:

Before login in, please check the below-login-related prerequisites and suggestions that will be useful for safe and secure login.

  • Always use all updated applications and browsers that will be used to access your account.
  • Customers must keep ready with the login information. Please register first if you don’t have a Comenity account and create your login username and password.
  • Please use only modern and secure web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.
  • Please take the service of a reputable internet service provider and try to avoid any public WIFI or internet connection that is not trusted.

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If you have read all the above suggestions, let’s move to the login process.

Please check the below-given login steps to access your account.

Step-by-step login process:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Visit the official website

    Forever 21 Comenity account page

    Customers can open the official web portal There are two ways to access the official credit account web page.

    1-Visit the Official Forever 21 website and move down the page. Credit card links for both Forever 21 and Forever 21 Visa are given at the footer. Click the link and open the Comenity account web page.

    2-Visit the Comenity account web page directly by clicking the below links.
    Forever 21 Comenity account web page
    Forever 21 Visa Comenity account web page

  2. Open the login form

    Forever 21 credit card Sign In link

    By default the login form is invisible. You will have to click the Sign In link available just below the top menu to make it visible.

  3. Sign In to your account

    Now once you have opened the login form, Enter your username and password in the login form and press the Sign In button. You will be redirected to the Comenity account dashboard page.

Note: All new customers will have to enter a secured code in order to access their account the first time. After the first login, there is no need for any security code for further login events. Security code will again require if you change your device or browser.

Account recovery process

In case a customer forgets the account username or password or both and is not able to access his account, There are username and password recovery options available on the official Comenity website and customers can easily recover their account.

Please check the username and password recovery process given below.

How to recover the username?

  • Visit the official Forever 21 store credit card or Forever 21 Visa credit card page.
  • Open the login form by clicking the Sign In link.
  • Click the Forgot username/ password link available on the login form.
  • On the next page, you will find an online account recovery form (as shown below).
Forever 21 Comenity account recovery form
  • Enter card account information such as account number, ZIP code, and Social Security Number in this form and press the Find My Account button.
  • You will have to verify your account and after the verification, you will be able to recover your username and create a new password for your account.

How to register and create a new account?

Customers can log in and access all account-related information and services only after login into the official website. If customers don’t have an account then a new account can be registered by visiting the official website.

We are sharing simple steps to register a new account. Please have a look.

Online account benefits:

There are a lot of benefits to registering an online account.

  • An online account provides important account information such as account balance, credit limit, transaction details, history, etc.
  • Customers can pay their Forever 21 credit card bill.
  • Customers can enroll in important alerts and automatic payment services.
  • Customers can edit their profile information if there is incorrect data or outdated contact information.
  • Customers can contact Comenity customer service through a secure communication channel.
  • Customers can request different services such as paper communication, etc.

Forever 21 Comenity account enrollment process:

Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official Forever 21 store or Forever 21 Visa credit card page.
  • Click the Register Now link located at the top right corner.
  • First of all, you will have to verify your account through the account verification online form on the next screen.
  • Enter your credit card information and verify your account.
  • After the verification, You will have to fill out an online sign-up form.
  • You can create your username and password while submitting the sign-up form.

After registration, customers can log in and manage their accounts.

Secure login, data, and privacy protection tips

All customers must take some necessary actions to access their accounts securely. We are sharing some important tips below that will help customers to protect all customer data.

  • Check web URL
    Always check your Forever 21 Comenity web page URL and check the HTTPS before the URL. If it’s there then you can proceed to access your account.
  • Create a strong password
    If you are creating a password for your account then always try to make a complex password that you can remember easily. A complex password may contain special characters, numbers, and upper and lowercase letters. Also, change your password if you haven’t changed it for a long time preferably 6 months.
  • Take care of Malware and Phishing activities
    A lot of Malware and phishing activities are growing day by day and affecting a large number of online users. To protect your account, don’t install any application on your device from any unknown or untrusted sources. Always check the legitimacy of the source before downloading anything.
  • Don’t share sensitive account information
    Comenity Bank never asks account related sensitive information from Forever 21 customers. Customers are requested to not share their PIN, account number, CVV, etc through a phone call or email. If customers got any call or email and require customers to share this information, immediately call the Comenity customer service phone number mentioned below and verify the email ID or phone number.
  • Login and log-out tips
    Always use a reputable ISP to access your account. Don’t use any public WIFI or untrusted network. Always log out from your Forever 21 Comenity account once you finish your work and also clear the browser cache memory and history of using any public device or internet connection.

The above information will help Forever 21 credit card customers to access their Comenity account securely and maintain data privacy.

Customer Service

For any type of login-related issue, please take customer service help by calling the below-mentioned phone numbers.

Forever 211-866-512-6286
Forever 21 visa1-866-412-5563

Mail address:

Please ask your login or sign-up-related questions by writing to the below address. Please include your full name and account number in the Mail.

Comenity Capital Bank,
PO Box 183003,
Columbus, OH 43218-3003

Official website –

Forever 21 credit card link:

Comenity Forever 21 card page –

New account registration page –

Forever 21 Credit Card Sign-in page –

Forever 21 Credit card activation page –

Forever 21 Comenity account recovery page –

Send a secure message –

Transaction details –

Statement details –

Set up or manage – Alerts

Forever 21 credit card payment –

Forever 21 credit card pay by Mail page-

Forever 21 Comenity EasyPay –

Forever 21 credit card agreement (CCA) –

Forever 21 visa card link:

Comenity Forever 21 Visa card page –

New account registration page –

Forever 21 Visa Credit Card Sign-in page –

Forever 21 Visa Credit card activation page –

Forever 21 Visa Comenity account recovery page –

Send a secure message –

Transaction details –

Statement details –

Set up or manage – Alerts

Forever 21 Visa credit card payment –

Forever 21 Visa credit card pay by Mail page-

Forever 21 Visa Comenity EasyPay –

Forever 21 Visa credit card agreement (CCA) –


What if my account is locked?

To maintain online account security, Comenity Bank has introduced an account lock feature. If a customer attempts to log in multiple times by using the wrong password Comenity account will be locked and customers will receive an email at the registered email address. Customers will receive information about how to unlock their accounts.

Does Forever 21 offer any mobile app to manage credit card accounts?

Forever 21 does not offer any app to manage the credit card account. Customers can log in to the Comenity website by using a web browser. Customers can use the mobile browser to open the Comenity account web page. The Comenity Bank website is fully responsive and there will be no issue in accessing and managing your account.

Can I recover my username and password if I lost them?

Username and Password recovery options are available and accessible directly through the login page. Customers can easily recover both their username and password.

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