GAP Barclays Credit Card Login, Bill Payment

How to log in to Barclays Gap Credit Card account at and make a bill payment? How to find the customer service phone number and pay the card bill? How to register a new account and activate a new Gap Good Rewards Credit Card?

What are the benefits & features of this credit card and what kind of card-related services are provided by Barclays? Check all latest and updated information in this article.

Gap Barclays Credit Card

Gap Inc has partnered with Barclays to provide a credit card to its existing and new users. Previously Synchrony bank was the official credit card provider for Gap Inc which issued popular credit cards such as the Old Navy Credit Card.

Now all existing Gap credit cards and other family-brand credit cards will move to Barclays bank. All accounts will move automatically and you don’t have to do anything.

All existing cardholders will receive a new credit card with a new beautiful design in mid-June.

Since Synchrony offers multiple credit cards so Barclays bank will issue three new credit cards to replace the old credit cards issued by Synchrony bank as mentioned below.

  1. Gap Good Rewards Credit Card – It will replace the old Gap Good Rewards Credit Card.
  2. Gap Good Rewards Mastercard – It will replace the old Gap Good Rewards Visa® Credit Card.
  3. Gap Good Rewards World Mastercard – It will replace the old Gap Inc. Rewards Visa Signature® Credit Card.

If you have branded credit cards such as Old Navy or Banana Republic or Athleta credit cards then they will also be replaced by the new credit cards.

How you will earn rewards points:

You will enjoy the same types of rewards benefits through the new Barclays credit cards. Rewards will be given as per the below-mentioned criteria.

Credit CardRewards
Gap Good Rewards Credit Card5 rewards points on every $1 spent on Gap Inc’s family of brands
Gap Good Rewards Mastercard5 rewards points on every $1 spent on Gap Inc’s family of brands + Earn 1 rewards point for every $1 spent everywhere Mastercard is accepted.
Gap Good Rewards World Mastercard5 rewards points on every $1 spent on Gap Inc’s family of brands + Earn 2 rewards points for every $1 spent everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Note: As an introductory offer by Barclays, new Gap Good Rewards Mastercard customers who apply by 9/30/2022 will earn 5 Rewards on every $1 spent outside Gap Inc brands until 31st January 2023.

After 31st January 2023, they will earn 1 Reward point on every $1 spent outside Gap Inc.

Your existing rewards points will remain in your account which you can check by login into your existing account.

Gap Good Rewards program:

Your rewards program will remain in the same state during the transition from Synchrony bank to Barclays bank.

To get the Good rewards program benefits you will have to join this program by visiting the link.

There are three levels in the Good Rewards program.

Joining criteriaSpend $5000 annually on Gap Inc’s family of brandsGet a Good rewards credit card or spend $500-$999 annuallyEarn 5000 points as a cardmember or spend $1,000+ annually
Introductory offerN/AGet 20% off within 14 days of account opening on your first purchase at Gap Inc’s family of brandsGet 20% off on your first purchase at Gap Inc’s family of brands within 14 days after issuing the card
points earned on every $1 spent1 point5 points5 points
Zero fraud liabilityN/AYesYes
Quarterly bonus125 points250 points500 points
Double Reward Day offerN/AN/AYes
Create Your Own Sale Day: Receive an extra 15% offN/AN/AYes

Other benefits:

  • There will be no annual fee.
  • Free fast shipping on the order valued at $50 or more
  • Exclusive member-only benefits
  • Get Birthday Bonus
  • Early access to special sale events
  • Redeem 100 points for a $1 value at any Gap brand.

Fee & charges:

Fee TypeGap Credit CardGap Mastercard
APR for Purchases27.49%27.49%
Penalty APRNoneNone
APR for Cash AdvancesN/A28.49%
APR for Balance TransferN/A27.49%
Minimum Interest Charge$2.00$2.00
Annual Fee$0$0
Balance transfer feeN/AEither $5 or 5% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater
Cash Advance feeN/AEither $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater
Foreign Transaction FeeN/A3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars.
Late Payment penaltyUp to $41Up to $41
Returned payment penaltyUp to $41Up to $41

Gap Credit Card login

Gap credit card login, Gap Mastercard login, or Gap World Mastercard login URL are the same and you can access your account through a simple process.

Login requirements:

Please make sure to follow the below recommendation to successfully access your account.

  • Register first and create a username and password on the Barclays website.
  • Use a secure and trusted device to access your account.
  • Ensure that there will be no interruption in the internet connection you are using.
  • You must know the valid login URL which we will mention below.

Login steps:

Step 1: Visit the official Barclays Gap web portal at

Step 2: It’s a dedicated page to manage your Gap Inc credit card on Barclay’s website where you will find a login form on the right side (check the below image).

Gap credit card login page on Barclays website

Step 3: Enter your Username and Password and press the Login button. You will see your account dashboard if your login credentials are correct.

You can also select the remember username checkbox if you are accessing your account from a personal device.

How to recover the username and password?

Everyone can forget anything and remembering the login credentials for a lot of websites these days is not that easy.

If this is the case with you also then there is no need to worry because all customers can recover their username and password from the recovery links available on the login page.

Step 1: Open the Barclays Gap card login page

Step 2: Press the Forgot username or password link to open the account recovery form.

Step 3: You will have to verify your account now. Enter your last four digits of SSN, Date of birth, and account number, and click the Continue button.

Gap Inc Barclays card account verification form

The system will verify your account online and share the information to recover your username and password.

Reset password: You will get an email including a password reset link on your email address. You can easily create a new password by clicking that password reset link.

Recover Username: The system will show your username on the screen or you will get an email including your username.

Note: You can also use the CVV instead of SSN to verify your account if you are an authorized user for the account you want to recover.

How to set up an account for the new Barclays Gap credit card?

Starting from 20 June 2022 your Synchrony account will no longer work and you can set up a new account at the Barclays website to access your new account.

You may follow the below-mentioned simple steps to set up your account.

Step 1: Now you will have to visit the new Barclays website URL to set up your account. Please visit from 6 AM ET on 20th June 2022.

You will see a login form on the right side of this page (as shown below).

Gap credit card login page on Barclays website

Step 2: To set up a new account, click the Set up online access link available on the login form. A new account setup form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Barclays Gap credit card new account set up form

Step 3: Fill out this form by providing all required details such as the last four digits of your SSN, Date of birth, account number, occupation, etc.

There are multiple steps in this online account access setup process and you can create a new username and password in the next steps.

You can use your new Username and Password to log in and manage your account online.

How to apply for a new Gap credit card?

Barclay’s online website for managing the GAP Inc credit card will be fully operational from 20th June 2022. Then new customers will be able to apply for a new credit card.

Online application process:

Step 1: Visit the online credit card application page and click the Apply Now button located on the top right side just below the top menu.

Step 2: On the next screen, enter the last four digits of your SSN and Phone number and click the Continue button to open an application form where some of your information will be pre-filled automatically.

You may also start a fresh application by clicking the No Thanks button.

Step 3: On the application form, you will have to submit it by filling out all three below-mentioned steps.

  1. Personal Info – Enter your personal details such as name, address, contact details, etc.
  2. Financial Info – Enter your financial details such as annual income, etc.
  3. Submit – Review all information and submit the form.

Your application will be verified by Barclays Bank and you will soon receive your new credit card if approved.

How to check the application status?

All applicants who will apply for the new Barclays credit card can check the application status through the Below mentioned steps.

1-Open the Gap Barclays credit account page There is a check the status link located on the login form. Click this link to open the application tracking form.

Gap inc credit card application tracking form on Barclays website

2-To check the status of your credit card application, enter the below details in the application tracking form:

  • Last name
  • Last four digits of your SSN
  • ZIP code
  • Email address

3-Click the Check Status link and the status of your application will be shown on the screen. You can easily find if your credit card application has been approved or declined through this method.

How to activate a new Gap Good Rewards credit card?

There are three ways to activate a new credit card.

i-Through your online account:

Log in to your Barclays Gap account and search for the credit card activation option. Once you access the activation section, follow the on-screen instructions and activate your card instantly.

ii-Through online website:

New customers can visit the credit card activation page (as shown below).

Gap credit card online activation form

In the online activation form, enter your 16 digits credit card number, three digits security code, and last four digits of your SSN, and select your occupation.

Click the Activate button to instantly activate your credit card.

iii-Through phone call:

Customers can also call the customer service phone number to activate their credit card. Please keep ready with your credit card information while calling.

How to pay the Barclays Gap Credit Card bill?

From June 20, 2022, you can pay your credit card bill on the Barclays website. There are multiple ways to pay your card bills as mentioned below.

i-gap credit card payment on Barclay’s website:

Visit the official website, log in and visit the payment section. You may also visit the payment page directly at

Add a checking or saving account to your Barclays account for easy payment processing.

Select the payment amount through the given options such as full statement balance, minimum payment, or any custom amount.

You can also schedule a payment for future transactions. Online payment is a very convenient and secure method.

ii-Repeat payment:

Repeat payment is similar to the automatic payment facility. Customers can also enroll in the Repeat payment facility and the required payment amount will be debited from the added saving or checking account automatically every month before the due date as per your selection.

It’s a great feature and there is no need to remember the due date. To enroll, log in to your account and visit the payment section. Select the repeat payment and fill out all information.

Customers can choose Minimum Due, your Statement Balance, or any custom amount to pay through the repeat payment.

iii-Payment by Mail:

Customers will also get the facility to pay their card bill through the Mail at the Barclays address. Customers can send checks or money orders to the below-mentioned addresses.

The mailing address and instructions to send a payment through Mail are written on the billing statement. Please verify the address from there.

 P.O. Box 13337
 Philadelphia, PA 19101-3337
P.O. Box 60517
City of Industry, CA 91716-0517

iv-Phone payment:

Customers can also use the phone payment facility if they don’t want to use the online payment method. Phone payment is a quick and easy payment method and requires a few minutes to pay your Gap card bill.

Customers can call the 866-584-3923 customer service phone number and use the automated line to pay the card bill. The phone number is also written on the back of your credit card.

Please keep ready your checking account number and routing number to make a payment. An expedited payment facility is also available where customers can post their payment by speaking with a live agent.

Expedited phone payment is a paid service and a fee will be charged every time you make a payment.

v-Payment through mobile app:

Customers can download the Barclays US Mobile app from the official website, play store, or app store. After downloading the app, log in to your account by using the same username and password. Visit the payment section, enter your payment details and pay your card bill.

Note: Online and mobile payments must reach before 11:59 pm ET on the due date to avoid any late penalty. Mail payments must be received before 5:00 pm. Please check the payment status by visiting the payment activity section in the Payment tab.

Barclays GAP credit card customer service

All customers can take help from the Barclays customer service team anytime through the below contact details.

What is the phone number for Gap credit card customer service?

All Gap credit card customers can call the below-mentioned phone numbers to get help from the customer service team.

General Inquiry866-584-3923
Fax number1-866-823-8178
International (Call us collect)1-302-255-8888
For Hearing or Speech Impaired711TTY/TDD: 1-866-483-3705
Credit card activation866-621-0528

866-584-3923 is an automated line and customers can find much useful information as mentioned below through this automated system.

  • Check current balance
  • Check available credit
  • Pay your credit card
  • Most recent payment
  • Minimum due date
  • Payment due date
  • Transfer a balance
  • Change your PIN
  • Check credit card transactions

ii-Mail address:

For any inquiries, customers can also write to the Barclays customer service team at the below-mentioned address.

General Correspondence
Card Services
P.O. Box 8801
Wilmington, DE 19899-8801

iii-Secure message:

Customers can also send a secure message to the customer service team through their online account which is the most secure way to communicate and get a response faster.

Just log in to your account and select the Contact Us option. Customers send a secure message through the direct link

Rewards program help:

Gap Good Rewards1 (800) GAP-STYLE
Banana Republic Rewards1 (888) BR-STYLE
Navyist Rewards1 (800) OLD-NAVY
Athleta Rewards1 (877) 328-4538

Important links:

Gap’s official
Official Gap Good Rewards Card
Credit card account access
Check your application
New account registration
Credit Card online
Credit Card activation
Online payment
Username and password recovery


Name of credit cardGap Good Rewards Credit Card
Offered byGap Inc
Issued byBarclays Bank
BeneficiaryAll customers of Gap Inc’s family of brands
GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta
Credit Card network providerMastercard
Credit score requiredFair to Good


When my existing Synchrony account will stop working?

Synchrony Gap Inc’s credit card will be working until 19th June 2022. Customers will not be able to access the Synchrony Gap Inc online account from 16th June 2022.

What if I have some outstanding balance on my Synchrony credit card?

Although the existing account will be transferred to Barclays including the current outstanding balances if there are any.

If you have an existing payment pending then you can clear the current outstanding before 16th June by online payment or phone payment.

If you send a Mail for payment purposes then send it at least 7 days before 16 June 2022.

What are other instructions to follow for a smooth migration?

Please make sure to clear any outstanding on your Synchrony credit card.

->Please check if there is an agreement with any third-party electronic payment service and inform them about the migration.
->Also, your automatic payment will stop working and you will have to again set up an automatic payment through your new Barclays account.
->Your payment date and statement date also will be changed and the same will be informed to you. However, you can later request to change your payment date.
->You will have to again set up a paperless statement facility through your Barclays account.
->Your account number will be changed and a new account number will be shared along with the credit card kit.
->You will have to again set up automatic alert services at your convenience through your Barclays account.

What is the major change here?

The main change is the change in credit card network provider which will change from Visa to Mastercard. There will be differences in the benefits. Now customers will receive all the benefits Mastercard offers.

What is a Cash advance check and how can I order it?

A cash advance check is like a normal check that uses the cash advance credit line of your Gap Good Rewards credit card. Customers can use both ATM withdrawals and check withdrawals to get money through the cash advance facility.

Customers can call customer care to order cash advance check copies. Customers can also use their online accounts to order cash advance checks. Currently, cash advance checks interest will be charged on an APR of 28.49%.

While ordering cash advance checks, you will have to provide credit card account details, the number of checks needed, and the delivery method such as email or normal Mail. It will take 12 to 15 days for the delivery of checks.

How can I update my profile information?

All customers can edit and update their profile information by visiting the online account. Once you logged in to your account, visit the profile section and edit any information that you can edit online.

Customers can update their address, phone number, email address, and mobile messaging information through an online account.

How can I manage my alert service?

Account alert is an important service every customer gets. Customers receive important text and email-based account and security-related alerts related to their Gap credit card.

Customers can also manage their alerts through their online accounts. Just visit the online Barclays website and log in by using your account credentials.

After login, visit the Alert section and set up alerts as per your preferences, and stop those alerts that you don’t need.

How can I download my paperless statement?

The paperless statement is an electronic billing statement you received every month if you have enrolled in paperless communication.

Customers can also view or download their monthly billing statement by logging in to their online account.

How to enroll?

Just log in to your account and visit the statement section. Enroll in the paperless statement service. After enrollment customers can access their statements online 24/7.

Customers can also set up a statement alert to receive a notification every time their statement is available in their account.

How can I request a Balance transfer on Gap Credit Card?

The balance transfer facility is very useful where customers can transfer the balance of other credit cards to their Gap credit card.

It is available only for Mastercard members. To request a balance transfer, Login to your account and visit the Balance transfer section. Enter the other credit card details and complete the process.

You may also call the customer service agent to request a balance transfer.

Please note that the Balance transfer is a paid service and there will be a balance transfer fee of $5 or 5% of the balance transfer amount, whichever is greater along with the Balance transfer APR of 27.49%.

Your credit line will be reduced for the balance transfer amount.

How can I close my Gap Barclays account?

You can close your account anytime by calling the customer service representative or by sending a Mail.

Gap Inc. is moving its credit card program from Synchrony Bank to Barclays bank. The move will start on 16 June and ends on 20 June 2022.

Your old Synchrony Gap credit card will stop working and you will receive a new credit card by Mail from Barclays that you can use from June 20, 2022. Check more details about the transition at link.

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