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Check complete details related to the OSF MyChart login, Sign-up, activation, and other related information such as the bill payment process available in this article.

How to download the mobile app and access all available patient-related services? So without wasting any time let’s move on to read all the important information.

What is OSF My Chart?

OSF Mychart is an online portal to provide all-important health services to patients of the OSF Healthcare System. It’s a healthcare software product that provides all essential patient-related services such as online appointment booking, checking health records, paying medical bills, online consultation with doctors, etc.

All services are available through the MyChart online portal and mobile app.

OSF Healthcare website MyChart page

OSF Healthcare System and EPIC have been partnered to provide healthcare services through the MyChart portal. MyChart portal has been developed by the Epic System Corporation and used by almost all healthcare organizations worldwide. To access any service, patients must register first on the MyChart portal and create a username and password.

OSF Health Care is providing almost all services through the MyChart portal but they have a separate portal for the billing services and patients can pay the bill for all OSF Healthcare services through that portal.


Name of the portalOSF My Chart
Original productMyChart
Developed byEpic Systems Corporation
Developed forOSF Healthcare System
PurposeTo help patients by providing a complete healthcare services package through a single portal
BeneficiaryAll patients of the OSF Healthcare System
Official websitewww.osfmychart.org

OSF MyChart login

All Patients of the OSF Healthcare System can access their MyChart account by using their username and password. Patients must have the correct URL address to access the myChart portal.

To access your My Chart account there are some important information patients need to take care of.

  • Patients must arrange their usernames and passwords first by registering a new account.
  • Patients must use only trusted and secure mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.
  • If accessing the MyChart account through the web browser then it must be the latest secure and updated.
  • Internet connection must be of good quality from a reputed ISP.

We are sharing three different ways below to help you log in to your OSF portal My Chart account.

  1. Login through the direct MyChart URL
  2. Official mobile app login
  3. Search the login link through the official MyChart website

1-Login through the direct MyChart URL:

If patients know the direct URL then they can use the latest browser to access their account. Please check the below steps to log in.

Step 1: Open the official MyChart portal for OSF Healthcare. After clicking the link, patients will find a login form on the right side of the website (as shown below).

OSF MyChart login page

Step 2: Patients can use their Username and Password to log in and access their account through this login form. After Sign In, Patients will be redirected to their dashboard page where they can find what services are available to them.

2-OSF My Chart App Login:

There is a more convenient and secure option available to access the My Chart account. It is a mobile app and patients can download this mobile app on their devices. Patients can open the mobile app anytime and access their accounts with just a click.

To access the MyChart account from a mobile app, patients must download the mobile app first, after that patients can open the app and Sign In to access their account. Please check both procedures mentioned below.

How to download the mobile app?

There is a single MyChart app available to download from the Play Store or App Store. OSF Healthcare is not using any modified app.

They are using the MyChart app developed by Epic and anyone can search that app download easily. We are sharing the direct download links for both the Android and iOS platforms.

PlatformDownload linkSizeVersion
iOSClick here89.2 MB10.5.2
AndroidClick hereVaries with device10.5.2

Login through the mobile app:

After downloading the mobile app on your smartphone, you can easily log in through the below steps.

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Enter your MyChart Username and Password in the login form
  3. Click the Sign In button to access your account.
  4. Use additional security features such as facial scan lock and fingerprint lock if required.

If you don’t know the exact URL for the OSF Healthcare My Chart website then you can search that through the official website of the MyChart portal developed by Epic. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the official MyChart portal and press the Access MyChart button available on the homepage.

Step 2: On the next screen, there is a search form where patients can search for their healthcare provider. Type OSF Healthcare in the search form and you will find the Log-In and Sign-Up links in the search result (as shown below).

OSF Healthcare search results on the MyChart.com website

Step 3: Click the Log In link to launch the MyChart portal of OSF Healthcare. You will see a login form on the home page and you can now use your Username and Password to access your My Chart account.

How to sign up for OSF Mychart?

There are two ways to register a My Chart account.

  1. Registration through an activation code
  2. Online registration

My Chart OSF registration through an activation code:

Please check the below steps.

  1. Visit the OSF MyChart homepage and click the Sign Up Now link.
  2. On the next page, a Sign-Up form will appear on the screen (as shown below) where the MyChart account can be instantly activated through an activation code.
OSF MyChart Sign Up form with activation code

  1. Enter your activation code, date of birth, and Zip code, and click the Next button.
  2. On the next page, patients can create a new username and password for their account.

Note: If you have an appointment with OSF Healthcare then you will receive your MyChart activation code in your after-visit summary.

Registration through the online Sign-Up form:

You can still Sign Up if you don’t have an activation code. In that case, the sign-up process may take around a week maximum in the verification process if there are differences in the patient’s information. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the official portal and click the Sign Up Now link.

Step 2: On the next screen, click the Sign Up Online link for the no activation code option. You will see an online Sign-Up form (as shown below).

OSF MyChart online Sign Up form

Step 3: Fill out this sign-up form by providing all required information and submit it for the further verification process.

After the verification, if all information is accurate according to the information available in the OSF Healthcare database then you will instantly get access to your account. If there is a mismatch then the verification process may take a week.

Benefits of OSF My Chart

There are many benefits of using the OSF Mychart portal which we are sharing below. Please have a look.

  • Get 24/7 access
    Patients can access their medical records and important health data anytime through the mobile app or online portal. It gives them the flexibility to use the MyChart portal at their convenience.
  • Check lab result
    Patients can view their lab results and download a PDF file through the MyChart portal anytime whenever required. All important test result-related documents are uploaded to the My Chart portal making them easily accessible to the patients.
  • View the doctor’s note and medical history
    Access important notes shared by Doctors and your medical history online.
  • Send a secure message
    Patients can send a secure message to their care team through the inbuilt messaging services. All messages are secured through the proper encryption services.
  • Schedule appointments online
    Patients can use the online appointment scheduling service to schedule a new appointment, view past appointments, etc. Patients can also schedule a video appointment with a doctor if there is an emergency.
  • Share your health information
    Patients can also share their health information with other health providers or anyone else through the Share Everywhere feature. A share code and your date of birth are required to access your health data.

How to pay the OSF My Chart Health bill?

Patients can use the single billing service portal to pay the bill for all OSF HealthCare services. Please check the below steps to pay your healthcare bills.

1-Open the OSF Healthcare bill payment portal. You will see a login screen (as shown below)

OSF Healthcare billing login page

2-Login to this portal by using the Guarantor ID or Account ID and date of birth. Click the View My Account to view all billing information and pay the required bill through different payment modes such as credit card/ debit card or internet banking.

Patients can also use the online Price estimate service which also uses the Insurance benefits. By using this service patients can calculate an estimated cost of all healthcare services they are taking from OSF Healthcare.

Financial assistance:

OSF Healthcare also provides financial assistance to needy people through insurance coverage. If you are not using any insurance service then OSF will refer you to MedData for providing urgent medical insurance coverage.

Patients can also get a medical discount through the Illinois Uninsured Discount Act by sharing their income proof.

Patient Helpline

For MyChart-related issues, please contact 855-673-4325.

For medical billing-related issues please contact (800) 421-5700 8 a.m. – 4:30 PM on Monday to Friday.

For MeData financial coverage please contact at (866) 402-3630 phone number.

Important links:

Official websitewww.osfhealthcare.org
Official OSF My Chart login pagewww.osfmychart.org
Registration through activation codewww.osfmychart.org/OSFMyChart/accesscheck.asp
Registration by online formwww.osfmychart.org/OSFMyChart/Signup
Username recovery pagewww.osfmychart.org/OSFMyChart/recoverlogin.asp
Password reset pagewww.osfmychart.org/OSFMyChart/passwordreset.asp
Online payment portalosf.simpleepay.com/app/login


How can I reset the OSF My Chart password?

This is a very easy process and all patients can use the online facility to create a new password. Please follow the below steps.

i- Visit the official MyChart portal.
ii- Click the Forgot Password link located on the login form or visit the password reset form directly.
iii- On the next page, a password reset form will appear. Enter your MyChart Username, and date of birth, and click the Next button. You will soon receive an email at the registered email address.
iv- This email includes a password reset link. Patients can click this link and create a new password for their MyChart account.

How can I recover the OSF MyChart Username?

In case patients forget their usernames also then they can use the Forgot Username link available on the login page to recover their usernames.

i- Visit the official portal and click the Forgot Username link.
ii- Patients will be redirected to the Username recovery form. Patients can also use the direct link to visit the username recovery form.
iii- On the Username recovery form, Enter first name, last name, and date of birth.
iv- Finally, click the Submit button. You will soon receive an email on the registered email ID including your Username.

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