PFM Peoplenet Fleet Manager login, ELD Driver portal 2023

Check all details about the Peoplenet Fleet Manager software in this article. How to log in to the PFM portal and access all important information, data, and reports?

What are the features and benefits of this software? How a user can access important services and information. Check all the latest updates here.

Peoplenet Fleet Manager (PFM)

People Fleet Manager is a Vehicle tracking software that runs through cloud infrastructure and provides various types of tracking facilities such as vehicle tracking, logging, speed, fuel efficiency, idle time e, navigation, etc.

Peoplenet uses the satellite and career-based data transfer system and all the data can be accessed through the Peoplenet API, third-party software, or mobile application. It’s a more advanced network where all data is securely saved at the Peoplenet data center and can be easily accessed by the authorized partner.

Peoplenet has been acquired by Trimble which is also a provider of a similar kind of software, Trimble Fleet Telematics Platform. Although the Peoplenet is a part of the Trimble but operates individually and offers its Fleet Manager software to its vendors.

How to login to PFM?

There are different types of login URLs available for different purposes. Please have a look below at how to log in to different portals and access different types of information.

Login requirements:

Please follow the below-mentioned basic requirements to access the PFM portals.

  • Please use a good and properly functioning internet connection with high speed.
  • Please arrange your User ID and password for login purposes.
  • Always use a trusted and secure device to log in.
  • If you are using a browser then it must be a secure and updated one like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

1-PeopleNet Fleet Manager Login

Please have a look at the below steps to access the Peoplenet Fleet Manager software.

Step 1: Open the official Peoplenet login URL

Step 2: You will see a login form on this page.

Peoplenet fleet manager login page

Now enter the Company ID and Password and click the Sign In link to access the portal.

2-ELD Driver Portal Login

It is very easy to track the drive time and other data by logging into the Driver portal. Drivers can log in and set the status clock in to start their drive.

ELD Driver portal can also be accessed through the same URL. Please check the below login steps.

Step 1: Open the Fleet Manager login page

Step 2: Click the ELD Driver Portal Login link located on the login form. You will be redirected to the Peoplenet Driver Portal login page (as shown below).

ELD Driver portal login page

Please note that you are using the latest version of the ELD Driver portal. The latest version is v12.5.3 and it is written on the top right corner of the ELD Driver portal.

Step 3: In this login form, enter your organization ID, User ID, and Password and hit the Sign In button to access the PFM driver portal.

3-PFM Driver Center Login

Now access the driver logs from any computer, or any other device by logging into the Driver Center. Real-time access to the driver logs enables tracking of drivers, time off, idle time, on-duty and off-duty status checks, clock time, training time, and other activities.

Drivers can use their login to set the status on duty or off duty. Also if a user is not doing any activity for 15 minutes then the driver will be logged out automatically.

The PFM Driver Center login process is also similar to the above login processes. Please check the below steps.

Step 1: Open the PFM login page.

Step 2: You will see the PFM Driver Center login link on this page. Click this link to open the Driver Center login form.

PFM Driver center login page

Step 3: In the login form, enter your Company ID, Driver ID, and Password and hit the Login button to access the Driver Center portal.

How to recover the driver ID and password?

If you forgot your driver ID, company ID, or password, please ask your safety manager for the same.

Features and benefits of Peoplenet Fleet Manager

  • Easily track driver time, location, clock-in and clock-out time, etc.
  • Find important tracking data, and reports anytime through the portal.
  • PFM is following the Canadian and US ELD mandates and got the necessary certification for the same.
  • It’s a complete logistics, fleet management solution that helps customers to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business by taking some informed decisions with the help of accurate tracking data.
  • These reports and data also help in decreasing the operating cost by improving the driver’s efficiency.
  • After installing a GPS device and telemetrics device, real-time vehicle location tracking shows the most accurate data.

What precautionary measures i can take to safeguard my Peoplenet Fleet Manager login?

There are certain things to remember while accessing your Peoplenet fleet manager account.

  • Always use a secure device and install any latest antivirus or internet security product on the device you are using.
  • Don’t share any account-related sensitive information with anyone such as Username, Password, etc.
  • Beware of phishing and online scams and don’t open unknown links or websites.
  • If you are using a public computer then always log out from your account once you finish your work.
  • Also, clear the browser cache and delete the browser history before logging out from your account.
  • Always use an on-screen keyboard to enter sensitive information such as Username and Password or any security code.
  • Always use an internet connection from any trusted provider.

Peoplenet support

In case of any difficulty or inquiry, please call the Peoplenet helpline number (888) 346-3486.

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Name of the SoftwareFleet Management
CompanyPeopleNet Communications
FounderRon Konezny
Products and servicesMobile devices and systems for fleets of commercial vehicles.
Parent companyTrimble Transportation

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