Comenity Zales Outlet Credit Card Login, Payment ❤️2023

Zales Outlet Credit Card Login and Bill Payment guide. How to make a payment on Zales Outlet Credit Card? How to manage Zales Comenity account? What payment options does a customer get?

We are sharing all the important latest details and step-by-step instructions in this article. Please have a look.

Quick login & Payment

Complete guide:

Zales Outlet Credit Card Login to Comenity account?

We are sharing the login steps below. Please have a look.

1-Visit the official Comenity Zales web page

2-You will be redirected to the Zales account center web page of Comenity Bank.

3-Currently the login form is hidden and you can make it visible by clicking the Sign In link located just below the top menu. You will see a login form (as shown below).

Zales Comenity credit card login page

4-In the login form, enter your username and password and press the Sign In button to access your account dashboard page.

After login, customers can start using account center services and make a payment on their credit card.

Zales Outlet credit card payment

Zales customers can use different payment methods to pay their card bills. Comenity Bank has provided multiple options to Zales customers. Customers can choose any one from the below-mentioned options.

We are sharing all the different methods for bill payment. Please have a look.

  • Pay through an online account
  • Pay through Mail
  • Recurring payment
  • Phone payment
  • Pay through the EasyPay facility
  • Pay Inside Zales Outlet

i-Onlne Payment:

Customers can use their online accounts and pay their card bills quickly and conveniently. Customers must have registered themselves on the official website if they want to use the online bill payment facility. The online bill payment facility is available 24/7 and customers can access it through a computer, smartphone, or laptop.

Below mentioned steps may be useful for online payment.

  • Visit the official Zales Comenity website and log in by using your login credentials.
  • After login, you will see your account dashboard page where you may find a link to pay your card bill or navigate to the payment section.
  • First of all, add a bank account to your Comenity account as a payment method.
  • In the payment form, enter the amount you want to pay from the available options. You can pay the minimum payment amount, full statement amount, or any custom amount.
  • Select your bank account and select a payment date.
  • Review all details and pay your card bill.

ii-Payment through Mail:

A Mail payment facility is also available for Zales customers. Customers can Mail their check or money order to the below-mentioned address.

Payment address:

Comenity Capital Bank; P.O. Box 659819; San Antonio, TX 78265-9119.

Customers must check the Mail instructions written on the monthly statement.

iii-Automatic payment:

Automatic payment is a very useful service Zales customers can use. All payments will get automatically debited from the bank account that you mentioned while setting up an automatic payment.

To enroll in the Automatic payment, please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the Zales Comenity website and login into your account.
  • Visit the payment section and access the automatic payment settings.
  • Enter all required details such as the payment amount you want to pay, and select your bank account.
  • After entering all details, review them once and set up the Automatic payment.

iv-Phone payment:

A phone payment facility is also available for Zales and it is useful for those customers who feel uncomfortable using the online facility or if another payment method is not accessible.

Customers can call customer service number 1-844-271-2708 and pay their card bill with the help of the automatic line instructions.

Phone payment service is absolutely free to use but if someone wants to pay their bill quickly then an expedited phone payment facility is also available, but it is not free and a $15 fee per transaction will be applied.

v-Pay through EasyPay facility:

Comenity’s EasyPay facility is very useful and offers faster payment processing. There is no need to log in and anyone can directly pay the Zales card bill. To access EasyPay by Comenity, please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the Comenity Zales account page. Customers can access the EasyPay payment facility through the link available on the top menu.
  • On the next screen, there is an online form where customers can enter their credit card information to verify the account.
  • Once the account has been verified, the customer can use the online payment mode to pay the credit card bill.

vi-Pay Inside Zales Outlet:

Customers can also pay their credit card bills while shopping in the Zales outlet store. Just visit the customer service desk in the Zales store and ask the representative to make a payment on your credit card. You will have to provide credit card account information and Bank account details to the representative.

Note: Please note that whatever payment method you are using, The billing amount must be paid in United States Dollars only.

How to register a Zales Comenity account?

To use the online bill payment facility or enroll in the automatic payment, customers need to register an online account first on the Comenity website.

After registering an account, customers can access all important account-level services such as payment, managing an online account, checking account summary, enrolling in the paperless statements, managing alerts, editing the profile details, etc.

The registration process is very simple. Just follow the below-given few steps.

1-Visit the Zales Comenity web page. There is a Register Now link located at the top right corner.

2-Click the Register Now link to start the registration process.

3-On the next page, enter credit card details such as account number, last four digits of SSN, and zip code.

4-Press the Find my Account button. The account information will be verified. After the verification, customers can complete the rest of the registration steps and create the username and password for their account.

How to avoid the late payment penalty?

It is advised to all customers that they must pay at least the minimum payment before 5 PM Eastern Time (ET) on the due date to avoid any late payment penalty. If a customer doesn’t pay the bill and missed a payment then the required penalty charges and applicable interest will be applied and the total amount will be added in the next billing cycle statement.

Current penalty and interest charges are mentioned below.

APR for purchases29.99%
Minimum interest charge$2
Late and returned fee penaltyUp to $41

To avoid any late or returned penalty, customers can take some helpful steps as mentioned below.

Pay the bill on time:
Please pay your card bill before the due date and avoid any possibility of a late fee.

Set a payment alert:
Customers must keep track of their due dates and pay their bills on time. Bill payment-related alerts service can help customers to remind about the due date and payment amount. By enabling this service, customers can avoid late payment penalties.

Enroll in Automatic payment:
It is a good idea to enroll in the automatic payment service to avoid any late penalties. Automatic payment service pay the card bill automatically from the customer’s Bank account so there will be no penalty.

Maintain enough funds:
If your Bank account does not have enough funds then the payment will not be successful and you will have to pay the late fee and returned fee if you have Mailed a check. Please check your Bank balance also.

Note: On all due amounts of the previous billing cycle that a customer did not pay, interest will be charged at a 29.99% annual rate. To avoid this high-interest rate, please make the payment on time.

Zales Outlet Credit Card Customer Care

In case of any issue or any credit card account-related inquiry, Zales customers can call Comenity Capital Bank at 1-844-271-2708 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918).

Secure message:

If customers have registered an online account then they can use the secure message center service to send a secure message to the customer service team.

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What is the late fee Zales customers will pay on their credit card?

The current late fee and returned payment penalty are $30 and $ 41.

If a customer will be charged a late fee the first time then a $30 penalty will be applied. After the first penalty, if there is any other penalty applied then customers will be required to pay a $41 fee.

Can I get the electronic statement?

All customers must use the electronic statement facility to save papers and help the environment. Customers can simply call the customer service number to request an electronic copy of their statement.

The customer service number can be found on the credit card, and billing statement.

How can I check my billing details?

Customers will receive their monthly statement paper copy or electronic copy every month. Customers must check their billing statement to find the transaction details and other related information such as payment amount, minimum payment, etc.

Customers will also receive a notification email whenever their statement is available and customers can check their statement through the online account.

An email will be received from [email protected] so it is advised to add this email address to your email address book. It will help to reach all emails in your inbox.

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Activate Zales credit card help


If you need assistance activating your card, please call Customer Care at 1-800-695-0434 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918) and activate your Zales outlet credit card instantly.

Comenity’s EasyPay – Zales credit card

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Transactions & Statements – Zales credit card

Your “Statement Balance” reflects any transactions posted to your account at the time your billing period ends. Your “Current Balance” reflects any current charges, credits or payments that have been posted to your account.

Register for the account center

If you are a primary account holder then register for the Zales credit account access and enjoy the 24/7 online access to the Account Management tools:

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