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How to log in to Healow APP and Patient Portal? How to download Android and iOS mobile apps? How to pay medical bills and request a televisit? How to access Healow eClinicalWorks customer service? Check the latest updates in this article.

What is the Healow app?

Healow apps are developed by eClinicalWorks for patients. Patients can download the app and manage their health, track their fitness goals, access EHR (Electronic Health Records), book and manage appointments, etc.

The main feature of the Healow app is that patients can connect their wearables and home monitoring device data with the Healow app. All the fitness and health goal-related data and activity reports will be available in the Healow app tracking section.

There are three popular apps available that patients can download.

  1. The Healow App
  2. Healow Mom
  3. Healow Kids

The Healow App:

The Healow app offers access to patient’s Electronic Health Records that patients can access anytime anywhere by logging in to the mobile app. There are many useful services that patients can use in the Healow app.

  • Log in and book an appointment with easy steps and manage upcoming appointments.
  • Access patient health data on the go.
  • Schedule a Televisit through the app.
  • Contact your provider through a secure message.
  • Manage your notifications.
  • The app is easily accessible and offers advanced login security features. Patients can set up a PIN to avoid any unauthorized access.
  • Ask the provider if there is any need to update the current medications.

Healow Mom:

Healow mom is a healthcare app that is very useful for mom-to-be. Anyone can track their health, blood pressure, baby kicks tracking, and other baby-related information.

Healow Kids:

The Healow Kids app is very useful to track Kids’ health, activity, and other information. Parents can manage their Kid’s appointments, Kids’ growth, and physical development, information about vaccines, etc. Parents will also get different types of training that will help them to manage their Kid’s health ad fitness.

Healow App Patient Portal


The Healow patient portal offers similar functionality to what the Healow app offers. For better and easy access to your Electronic Health Records, patients are advised to download the Healow app.

Through the patient portal, patients can access their data 24/7. All important services such as bill payment, televisit, request prescription refills, etc are available through the patient portal.

If you don’t want to download the mobile app then you can use the patient portal through the mobile browser. It is fully responsive and works seamlessly on all devices.

Healow Login

The patient can log in to their account and access their health records and other useful information and services such as bill payment, televisit, appointment booking, etc.

There are two ways to access the patient account.

  1. Log in to the Patient Portal
  2. Log in to the mobile app

1-Login to the Healow Patient Portal

Step 1: Open the official web portal https://healow.com/. You will see a practice search form on the homepage (as shown below).

Provider search form on the Healow patient portal

Step 2: You can search for your provider in three ways

  1. Provider
  2. Specialty
  3. Visit Reason

Select how you want to search and type that information in the below-given space. If you have selected the Provider then type the Provider name and address. Click the Search button.

Step 3: You will find a list of different providers, select your provider from the given list.

Step 4: Now enter your username and password to log in to your patient portal account.

2-Login to the Healow mobile app


If you want to log in to your patient account on the Healow app then you will have to download the official mobile app.

How to download the Healow app?

Please check the below steps to download the latest version of the mobile app.

  • Visit the Healow.com web portal on your mobile browser.
  • Move down the homepage, you will find Android and iOS app links to the Healow app.
  • Click the app link and download the app on your smartphone.

Healow app login process:

If you are a first-time user then please follow the below steps to sign in and set up your PIN.

  1. Open the Healow app on your smartphone and swipe right to end the app tour.
  2. Tap the Get Started button and type your practice code OR
  3. Tap the Find My Doctor button and select how you want to search by Provider NamePractice Name, or Practice Code.
  4. Type your Provider name and the provider location and Tap the Search button.
  5. You will see a list of providers, select your provider in this list.
  6. You will be redirected to the patient login page, type your Patient Portal username and password and Tap the Login button.
  7. Tap the I Agree to the Terms & Conditions button.
  8. On the next page, create a four-digit PIN as additional login security. Now you can log in to the app by just entering your PIN.

Patients can also download the Healow apps by clicking the direct links given below. We have shared both Android and iOS app links. Healow MOM and Healow Kids app links are also available in the below list.

App namePlatformDownload linkCurrent version
HealowAndroidClick here7.0.6
HealowiOSClick here7.0.6
Healow KidsAndroidClick here1.4.1
Healow KidsiOSClick here1.4.0
Healow MomAndroidClick here1.5.0
Healow MomiOSClick here1.5.0

What if you forgot your Healow username and password?

Please check the below-mentioned username and password recovery procedures.

How to reset the password?

Patients can reset their password from the patient portal and mobile app whatever they are using. A password reset facility is available in case patients are not able to access their accounts.

We are sharing steps to create a new password through the Healow app. Please have a look.

  1. Open the Healow app on your smartphone.
  2. First of all, you will have to search for your provider.
  3. Onc the login screen appears on the mobile phone, Tap the FORGOT USERNAME OR PASSWORD link.
  4. On the next screen, you will get two options.
    1. I have forgotten my username
    2. I have forgotten my password
  5. Select the, I have forgotten my password option and Tap the Next button.
  6. On the next screen, enter your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth that matches your provider’s records and Tap the Next button.
  7. On the next screen, Select any one from the below options.
    • Email – Select this to receive an email including a password reset link.
    • Phone – Select this to receive a Healow code on your Phone.
  8. Tap the Next button.
  9. You will receive a link or code to reset your password.
    • Check your email and click the password reset link to create a new password or
    • Enter the Healow code in the given space and create a new password.

How to recover the username?

  • Please follow the above-mentioned three steps in the password reset instructions and select the “I have forgotten my username” option in the 4th step. Tap the Next button.
  • On the next screen, Enter your First NameLast Name, and Date of Birth and Tap the Next button.
  • Your username will be sent to you on your registered email address.

Note: To recover your username or password, please update your latest and working email address and phone number in your profile.

How does Healow Televisit work?

Access the best quality HIPAA-compliant Healow TeleHealth solution backed by more than 20 years of experience in the market. eClinicalWorks comes at the top if we talk about TeleHealth services in the United States.

Patients can use the Televisit service through the Healow patient portal and mobile app. First of all, you will have to book a Televisit Appointment, after that join the Televisit as per the scheduled time. Please follow the below steps.

Book an appointment:

  • Open the Healow app on your smartphone and log in by using your PIN.
  • Tap the Appointment option and search for your provider. You will have to choose the Televisit appointment.
  • Find a Doctor and Tap the Book Appointment button.
  • Select the date and time from the available slot.
  • Verify your visit information and contact information and schedule your appointment.

Join a Televisit:

Once you have scheduled a Televisit appointment, you can join televisit 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Please use a device with having camera and mic in working condition. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Open the app and log in with your PIN.
  2. Tap the Appointment icon. You will see a list of all upcoming appointments.
  3. Tap the Start Televisit icon. You may be asked for some details such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Enter the information you have or proceed to the next step.
  4. Now you can start your televisit. You will see the “Waiting for Provider” message. The provider will soon join the session.
  5. Don’t forget to provide the required camera and microphone permission to the Healow app when it asks.
  6. After televisit finished, Tap the Red icon to end the session.

Note: There may be some differences in the televisit joining process for different providers. You may also get a notification on your home screen in the app including the Start TV link.

How to join Televisit on the patient portal?

Patients can also use their patient portal to join a Televisit they have scheduled. Please check the below steps.

  • Visit the official Healow patient portal.
  • Click the Join a Televisit link on the homepage.
  • You will be redirected to the Healow Virtual Waiting Room.
  • Type your HealowTV code in the given space that you got from your provider and press the Next button.

How to sign up on the Healow patient portal?

Sign-up is a very easy and simple process. New patients can follow the below steps to set up their accounts.

  1. Get your login credentials – You must receive your username and password from your provider. Please check your email and find them. If you don’t receive any email then ask your provider for your login credentials.
  2. Download the Healow app – The next step is to download the official mobile app on your smartphone. You may download the app by clicking the direct link mentioned above in this article or you can search for the app in the Google Play or Apple App store.
  3. Login to your account – Open the app and log in by using your username and password. Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth to identify yourself.
  4. Search your provider – Next step is to search for your provider. A patient can search for the provider by using the practice code or provider name.
  5. Setup PIN – Finally set up a four-digit PIN to log in securely in the future.

If you want to use the patient portal then there is no need to download the mobile app. Just open the patient portal web page and follow the above steps.

How to pay the bill?

Patients can use Healow Pay integrated payment service offered to all providers. Providers can implement this payment service and allow their patients to pay their medical bills through digital mode or paper checks.

Healow payment replaces the old payment that involves printing the statements and Mailing them to patients via post which also involves a lot of paper wastage. After that patients pay the bill through check or cash.

Healow payment offers a more efficient and faster method for sending statements and receiving payments. It is a simple, convenient, and secure online bill payment service. Patients will receive automated secure messages including their statements.

How does the Healow Payment service work?

First of all, the provider will share a payment link with patients in three ways.

  1. Secure text message – Patients will receive a text message including a payment link.
  2. Email – Patients will receive a payment link through an email.
  3. Through the provider website – Providers will ask patients to pay directly by clicking the “Bill Pay” button on the provider’s website.

Once the patient clicks the link received through a secure text message, he can check their billing statement and pay the bill through Healow pay in digital mode.

Patient Helpline

If you are facing any issues or you have any type of question-related to the Patient Portal or Healow app, you can get assistance through below contact details.

Email: Please send an email to [email protected].

Contact form: Patients can also submit their support request through a contact form.

  • Please visit the online contact form web page.
  • Fill out this contact form and Submit your request.

Important links:

Official websitehttps://healow.com/
Healow app web pagehttps://healow.com/app.html
eClinicalWorks websitehttps://www.eclinicalworks.com/


Name of the portalHealow patient portal
Developed forPatients
PurposeTo offer a digital medium to access patient’s health record
Official websitehealow.com


How can I retrieve my PIN?

If you forgot your PIN then you can recover it through the patient portal and mobile app. We are sharing how to retrieve PINs through the mobile app. Please check the below steps.

-Open the Healow app on your smartphone.
-Visit the Device section in the Account section from the menu.
-You will see all devices where you can access the Healow app.
-Select the device and Tap the Retrieve Pin button to view your PIN.

How to reset the PIN?
In case you want to reset your PIN then you can do that through your patient portal. After creating a new PIN you can use that in the app.

How to link my Fitbit account to Healow?

Please follow the below steps to link your Fitbit account with the Healow account.

-Open the Healow app on your smartphone and enter your PIN to log in to your account.
-Tap the Trackers button.
-Tap the Add Trackers button to connect your device.
-Tap the Setup My Device button and choose from the menu to find the fitness device you are using.
-Tap the Connect button, and a login screen will appear on the smartphone.
-Authorize your device by entering the email and password that is associated with your Fitbit account.
-Your Fitbit account is successfully connected with the Healow account and you will receive Fitbit tracking information directly in your Healow app and patient portal.

Note: Previously, users were able to connect their Fitbit account to their Healow account by logging in through Facebook or Google. API OAuth Login facility is not available now.

How to view my tracking info?
Open the Healow app and Tap the Trackers button. All health information such as daily step counting, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, location, etc will be available on the main Trackers page.

How can I get my username and password?

Patients can get their usernames and password through their providers. First, ask your provider if they are using the eClinicalWorks products and services. If they are using then ask for your username and password to log in to the Healow app.

What information I can access through the app dashboard page?

Once a patient logs in to the Healow app, the patient will see the dashboard page where all important services are available directly through the dashboard page such as.

Appointments – View the calendar view of upcoming appointments.
Medications – View My Meds, Today’s Meds, and Hidden Meds tabs at the top side. My Meds will show you the current medications you are taking.
Check In
Find Appointment
Trackers – Trackers will show you the health and fitness tracking data. You can add a tracking device such as a Fitbit wearable to get fitness and health tracking data in this section. You can also buy a device if you want.
My Records – View your health records in this section such as Vitals, Insurance, Allergies, Problems, Immunizations, Results, PHR, etc.

Below these links, patients can check the messages their provider sends to their inboxes. Blue dot messages are unread messages. Patients can also send a message to their provider by tapping the plus icon compose link.

How can I view my lab test results in the Healow app?

The below steps may help you to view your test results.
-Login to the app by entering your PIN.
-After login, tap the My Records option.
-On the next screen, tap the Results folder to view your lab test results.

How Does Healow Check-In Work?

Healow Check-In is a convenient way to complete all previsit formalities by just sitting at home. There is no need to wait at the hospital, patients can check in in advance to inform the provider that the patient is available for the appointment.

The Check-In process is completed through the below steps.

-The app sends an automatic reminder to patients one day before the appointment.
-Patients got the reminder and confirm the appointment.
-Patients open the Healow app and tap the Check-In option on your dashboard page.
-Patients fill in all required information and complete the Check-In process.
-On the appointment day, patients visit the hospital and tap the I have arrived option to inform the provider about their presence.
-Provider meets the patient without any delay.

Healow check-in is a good service and improves overall efficiency by reducing crowds in the hospital and making a streamlined process.

About eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks is a Healthcare technology company that provides software products to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. Their flagship products EHR (Electronic Health Records) and Revenue Cycle Management offer cloud-based services and help customers to achieve their goals to provide the best quality care to everyone.

eClinicalWorks is a 20 years old organization founded in 1999 and currently has 5000+ employees. All employees are dedicated to achieving the company vision which is to eliminate all paper works and make more efficient digital communication which will provide better efficiency, transparency, and outcomes.

Some of the popular eClinicalWorks solutions are…

  • Electronic Health Record
  • Population Health Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient Engagement


EHR Only$449/mo per provider
EHR with
Practice Management
$599/mo per provider
RCM as a Service2.9% of practice collections

Apart from the above pricing, training charges and additional implementation fees will also be applied for practices of more than 9 providers. For more details, providers can visit the eClinicalWorks pricing web page.

Current versionV11
Type of serviceCloud-based
Compatible devicesPC, MAC, Smartphone
Connected physicians150,000 in the United States
Connected medical professionals850,000 globally

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