Emerald Card Login: Fee, App ❤️2023 H&R Block Easy Access

Emerald Card Login by H&R Block, fee, mobile app, limit: How to log in and access your account? How to access Emerald Card Customer Service and resolve login and other issues?

What are the important features of this card and what types of services does it offer to customers?

What are the major benefits and drawbacks? We are going to discuss everything related to the Emerald Card in this article. Please stay with us and find all the useful information below.

Emerald Card quick login

What is the H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard?

Emerald Card Overview:

Emerald Card is a Prepaid Card that is a financial product of H&R Block. It is used to receive tax-related refunds to your account which cardholders can use anytime.

Apart from the tax-related refunds customers can also load their Emerald Card by cash, check, or through retail stores.

Emerald card page on H&R Block website

An Emerald card is similar to a Debit Card which is using the Mastercard network and can be used anywhere a Mastercard Debit card is accepted.

MetaBank issues Emerald Card on behalf of Emerald Financial Services, LLC where H&R Block manages the program terms and conditions and eligibility criteria.

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Emerald Mastercard Features:

Emerald Cards are very useful for those people who do not have any bank account and need a convenient and secure way to save their hard-earned money.

People can save their money in their emerald card account and use that money as per their needs. It is also useful for cashless transactions.

If you are going to shop for something and don’t want to carry cash then simply reload your card with the amount you are supposed to spend and take your card with you.

Digital card facility: Get a digitally secured card in your H&R Block mobile app. Customers can use this digital card for making payments and other transactions.

Transaction details: Customers can access all transaction details through the mobile app or online website. Customers can easily view previous transactions and current account balances.

Bill pay: You can pay your bill through your Emerald card account after Logging in to my H&R Block Emerald Card mobile app.

Transfer money: Customers can easily load funds in their Emerald Card online account login and use that fund to shop, pay bills, etc.

Funds can be easily added by direct cash deposit at the selected retail outlet, check, Mobile app, through any account connected to the H&R Block account, etc.

All funds that are available in your Emerald Card are FDIC-insured as per the applicable laws.

Mastercard Benefits: Emerald card is powered by the Mastercard and customers will get zero liability protection in case of an unauthorized transaction.

Refund Benefits: Cardholders can receive a tax refund-related loan after the approval and loan amounts depend on the tax refund amount.

The loan amount will be deducted from the tax refund you will receive later. The loan will be loaded to your Emerald Prepaid Mastercard.

Earn rewards and cashback: Earn cashback and rewards by using the Emerald Mastercard.

Start savings: Customers can open an Emerald savings account and start saving money. Emerald cards can be used to withdraw and deposit funds.

Customers can easily transfer funds to their savings accounts online or through a mobile app or ATM.

The Emerald savings account is insured by FDIC and free to open. However, a $25 initial deposit is required to open a savings account.

Emerald Prepaid Mastercard Benefits:

Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Access your benefits directly by Logging into my Emerald Card account. You may deposit your government benefits paychecks or other benefits to your account and use it anytime.
  • You can also get your IRS Tax refunds to your Emerald card account. H&R Block also claims that you will get your unemployment, payroll, tax, or other direct benefits at least two days early.
  • Cash is easily accessible through an ATM that accepts Mastercards. Just visit any nearest ATM and swipe your card to get instant cash.
  • Once you get your cash you, get purchasing power through your Mastercard that you can use to make purchases.
  • Get online access to your account and manage it through the online web portal or mobile app. Check transaction details, balance, history, etc.
  • There is no need for a credit score to get this card. You can get it even without any credit history. It is also available for a large customer base due to the no-credit-check feature.
  • Emerald card also comes with a Rewards facility and with a low monthly fee.
  • You can also use your Emerald card to make online purchases, bill payments,s and other types of spending that Mastercard can do online.

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Accessing and managing your H&R Block Emerald card account online

1-Emerald card login requirements:

There are certain requirements to log in and access your Emerald card account.

  • Cardholders must have an active H&R Block Emerald Card account to log in. If you do not have an account, you will need to register and activate a new account before you can log in.
  • You must have your account username and password that you created while registering your new account. These login credentials will be required while logging into your account.
  • A properly working internet access will be required to log in to your Emerald Card account online.
  • Cardholders must have a secure and trusted device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet and a secure web browser installed on the device to access the Emerald Card login portal.
  • Your card number will be required if you are logging in for the first time.
  • You may have to enter your personal information such as your name, date of birth, and contact information.

It’s also important to note that you should always make sure that you are logging into a legitimate site, to avoid any phishing or scam.

2-Instructions for “Accessing my Emerald Card account”

You may follow the below steps for Emerald Card account access and recover your account.

  1. Keep ready with your card information.
  2. Register a new account.
  3. Login to your account with your new login credentials.
  4. Troubleshoot your Emerald card login and account access issues
  5. Take help from customer service for any issue.

Let’s check out the registration process first and after that, we will proceed with the login process.

3-How do register and create a new Emerald Card login account?

All customers can register online and manage their H&R Block accounts. It’s a single sign-on login facility so you can log in and access your Emerald card account also.

Please check the below procedure for first-time registration.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Sign In link located at the top right corner.

Step 2: Click the Create Account link located on the login screen. A new H&R Block registration form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

H&R Block registration page

Step 3: In this registration form enter your email address, mobile number, and unique username, and hit the Next button.

Step 4: Complete the rest of the process and create a password to access your H&R Block account in the future.

4-How to log in to the Emerald Card portal

Login to your account easily and check all important account-related information. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website and click the Sign In link located at the top right corner.

Alternatively, visit the H&R Block Emerald Card account sign-in page directly and click the Sign In button.

H&R Block Emerald Card login page

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password, and press the Sign In button to access your account.

If you have entered the correct Username and Password then you will be redirected to your dashboard page.

Note: Since H&R Block is using the Single Sign On feature to log in, you can log in and use any service. For example, you can manage your Emerald card, file your tax return, connect with a tax pro consultant, and complete other tasks with just a single login.

5-Troubleshooting tips for Emerald card login and account access issues

i-Incorrect login issues:

It is possible that you don’t remember your Username and Password and typed the wrong login credentials.

In this case, you must recover your Username, Password, or both to access your account. It is a very simple process and takes a few steps as mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the Emerald card login page and click the Forgot username/password? link.

You will be redirected to another page where you can start your account recovery process.

H&R Block account recovery form

Step 2: Enter your email ID, mobile number, or Username whichever you think belongs to your account, and hit the Next button.

Now you will get three chances to search for your account.

Step 3: If you still do not succeed then you can fill out the account lookup form.

After that, you will receive a security code on your mobile or email. Enter the security code and click the Next button.

Step 4: Now you will see your account info and you can reset your password.

Note: Generally, the passwords are case-sensitive but usernames are also case sensitive so please check the username you are typing.

ii-Other login troubleshooting steps:

Apart from the wrong login credentials, there may be other issues with not accessing your Emerald card account.

Check out the details below.

  • Make sure to use the latest secure web browser and clear your browser cache memory and cookies before logging in.
  • Check that your internet connection is properly working.
  • It is also possible that your account is still not active or your account has been locked. First, activate your account or unblock your account by calling customer service.
  • If you are using the two-factor authentication then make sure your contact information is updated and you can get the security code on your device.
  • Sometimes there are scheduled maintenance happens with the web portal. In that case please wait for some time.
  • Finally, if you can still not resolve your Emerald card login issues, you may contact the customer service team through the contact details given below.

6-H&R Block Emerald Card customer support

Phone number:

All Cardholders can check information about their account through customer support anytime.

Please take the help of the Emerald Card and Emerald savings account phone number at 1-866-353-1266. For H&R Block support please speak to the 1-800-472-5625 number.

Mail address:

You may write your questions to the below address.

Cardholder Customer Service, PO Box 10170, Kansas City, MO 64171.

Social media accounts:

Emerald Card Login to MyBlock App

Now mobile apps are also available to download for both Android and iOS platforms. All customers can visit the mobile apps page to check the all features and benefits the H&R Block Mobile app offers.

How to download the mobile app?

  • Visit the HR Block Mobile Apps page through your mobile browser.
  • You will find the mobile app links for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Click the mobile app link, you will be redirected to a mobile app page on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Click the Install button to start downloading the app on your smartphone.
  • Once downloaded finish, open the app and use your Username and Password to access your account.

Direct links to download the H&R Block mobile apps:

Customers can also download the mobile apps through the direct link given below.

PlatformCurrent versionDownload linkSize
Android12.6.0MyBlock Android app download52.0 MB
iOS12.6.0MyBlock iOS app download57.8 MB

Benefits of the H&R Block mobile app:

  • Check your account information through your mobile.
  • File your tax return online directly through the mobile app.
  • Keep track of important information with just a click through your smartphone.
  • Manage your Emerald card account through mobile apps and check important information such as account balance, previous transaction details, refund details, etc.
  • Easily check your refund status through your mobile apps.
  • Consult with tax pros and get professional tax advice through video chat and messages.
  • Customers can store important documents online through the mobile app by just taking a picture or uploading it.

MyBlock app Emerald Card Login:

customers can download the MyBlock app and log into their accounts. Just open the app by clicking the new app icon and enter your Username and Password to access your account.

How to use the H&R Block Emerald card?

1-How to Load funds and make purchases with the card

There are different ways to load funds to your Emerald card account. Please check below.

i-Check deposit:

There is a check-to-card service offered in partnership with Sunrise Banks, and Ingo Money, Inc. All Emerald cardholders can use this service to load their check amount into their Emerald account.

It’s a only 5-minute process and cardholders can use that money if approved.

There is a fee associated with check-to-card service so please check your card member agreement.

There are two ways to load check funds into your account.

  1. Funds in Minute – It’s a paid service and funds will be transferred within minutes.
  2. Funds in days – It’s a free service and takes one or two days to process your request to transfer check funds to the Emerald account.

ii-Direct deposit:

Your government or employer benefits, paychecks, etc can be used to load funds directly into your account.

iii-Online transfer:

You can use your Emerald card account to transfer funds to your account from your bank account.

You can do this after Signing in to my Emerald Card account online through the web portal or mobile app.

iv-Retail cash reload providers:

You can check the retail outlet that helps you to reload your card. You can check the complete list after logging into your account.

After loading your card, you can use it to make purchases at PoS, online, or any other place where Mastercard can be used.

2-H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard Fee and limit:

There are some fees and transaction limits applicable on Emerald prepaid cards. Please have a look below.

Fee and charges:

ATM balance inquiry$1.50
Inactivity (after 60 days with no transactions)$4.95 per month
ATM withdrawalN/A in-network
$3.00 out-of-network
Cash reload at authorized retail providers$4.95*
Expedited check depositUp to 4%
Over-the-counter withdrawal$35
Expedited delivery of a replacement card$35
ATM decline$1.50

Transaction limits:

  • Cardholders can load cash into their account up to a maximum of $1000.00 every day.
  • Cardholders can load a maximum of $9,500.00 cash amount in a month.
  • $3,000.00 can be withdrawn every day from the ATM.
  • Cardholders can use the $3,500.00 maximum amount to spend every day.


How do I view my transaction history and statement for my H&R Block Emerald Card?

You can view 12 months of statements and your recent transactions by logging in at Emerald Online.

You can also obtain 24 months of written history at no charge by calling 1-866-353-1266, or by writing us at Cardholder Customer Service, PO Box 10170, Kansas City, MO 64171.

How to open an Emerald savings account?

You will have to visit any nearest H&R Block office. Please bring the necessary documents such as valid government Identity proof, financial documents, and your Emerald card if you have one.

Ask the customer representative to open a savings account. The representative will review your application and open a savings account for you.

How to find the nearest office location?

This facility is available on the official website. just open the H&R Block website and move down to the footer.

You will see a Find an Office link. Click this link and an office search form will appear on the screen.

Enter your ZIP code or click the Use current location link and hit the Next button. You will see a list of all offices nearest to your location.

How to get a personalized Emerald card?

Customers may get a Personalized Card design on request. Please note that this is a free service and H&R Block has the right to approve or reject your personalized card request.

You may call 1-866-353-1266 phone number and request a personalized card.

About H&R Block

H&R Block is a financial technology company that has expertise in tax-related financial products. H&R Block was founded by Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955 and offers tax filing software to its customers that can be used to file their tax returns.

There are paid services also available and customers can take the help of the financial tax pros. Currently, around 70,000 tax professionals are providing their services in H&R Block’s 10,000 offices.

This tax professional helps customers save the maximum amount during tax filing and also helps in the processing of the refund.

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Name of cardEmerald Prepaid Mastercard
Offered byH&R Block
Issued byMetaBank
Card network providerMastercard
BeneficiaryAll Emerald card customers
Official websitewww.hrblock.com


I have tried to share all related information about the H&R Block and Emerald card in this article. Customers can use the free tax filing service easily or connect with any tax professional to get any help.

Emerald Prepaid Mastercard is also a good service to save your refund or use your savings whenever required.

It is also easy to get as there is no credit history check involved in the application process.

Hope you all find this article informative. Please let me know if there is any other information that must be included in this article.

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