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Seminole hard rock login, hard rock rewards login, hard rock wild card login. What is Unity by Hard Rock? How to log in to your account? How to enroll in the Loyalty program and earn reward points? What are Unity points, Unity credits, and Unity tiers?

How to redeem reward points? What are the important features and benefits of this Loyalty program? Check everything you need to know about Unity by Hard Rock in this article.

Unity by Hard Rock

Hard Rock has recently launched a global Loyalty Program for all its customers. It’s a free membership-based reward program and rewards will be given as Unity Points.

Customers will earn reward points for every activity such as playing games, going to cafes, and casinos, staying in hotels, purchasing from a retail outlet, going for dining, etc.

Unity by Hard Rock website homepage

Unity is a global Loyalty Program that is developed to combine all the existing local customer Loyalty programs and make a single solution that works worldwide. It makes Unity a single one-stop solution to easily manage your reward program account.

Unity has replaced previous reward programs Seminole Wild Card and Hard Rock Rewards. Hard Rock Wild Card will also be replaced soon by Unity.

What are Unity Points?

Unity points are similar to rewards points that customers can earn and redeem. Customers will earn Unity Points for all types of spending at participating locations. Currently, the Unity Points will be given as per the below criteria.

  1. Earn 3 Unity Points for every qualifying $1 spent at participating Cafes, non-casino Hotels, and Rock Shops.
  2. Earn 1 Unity Point for every qualifying $1 spent on all other non-gaming spends in participating Casinos.
  3. Earn Unity Points on gaming in participating Casinos.


  • Earning rates at Casinos vary by location.
  • Your Unity Points will remain active as long as you’ve made a qualifying purchase within the last six (6) months. Redeeming Unity Points will not keep your unspent points from expiring.
  • Customers will also receive exclusive Unity points or Tier credits earning opportunities from time to time such as Tier Credit or Unity Point multiplier programs (e.g., double Unity Points), bonus programs, or matching programs.

How to redeem Unity Points?

Customers can redeem their Unity Points for any event at any participating location. Customers will save $1 after redeeming every 100 Unity Points.

Unity Tiers:

There are Unity Status customers get and this status allows customers to access some personalized, exclusive services, facilities, and benefits. There are four Unity Tiers and customers will earn higher Tier status after spending a minimum amount at the participating Hard Rock locations.

Tier status will be given as soon as customers earn a minimum number of Tier Credits as per the criteria given in the below table.

Tier StatusRequired Tier Credits
Star0 – 3,999
Legend4,000 – 14,999
XInvitation only


  • Star, Legend, and Icon status can be earned by spending the minimum amount as per the above criteria.
  • To earn the X status, you must be invited by another X Tier status holder along with earning 15,000+ Tier credits.
  • Once a customer achieves a Unity Tier status, the customer will remain in that Unity status for 1 year plus an additional 14 months duration.
  • Customers will receive a Tier status benefit for up to 26 months duration.

How do customers earn Tier Credits?

All customers will earn 1 Tier Credit on every $1 spent at the participating cafes and hotels. Earning Tier credits also depends on the Casino and you may get a higher Tier credit rate according to your Game Plan.

Tier status will be valid for 1 calendar year and you will have to again complete the minimum spending criteria next year to achieve a Tier status.


  • In short, customers will earn Unity Points and Unity Credits every time they spend their money at participating Hard Rock locations.
  • Unity Points are simple rewards points that customers can redeem.
  • Unity credits will be used to decide the Tier status of all customers.

Unity By Hard Rock login

To manage their Hard Rock Loyalty program and access other services, customers must log in to their Unity accounts. After login, customers can check their Tier credits, Unity points, Tier status, and other account-related information.

There are two ways customers can log in to their Unity account.

  1. Login on the official website
  2. Log in to the mobile app

1-Hard Rock Login on the official website:

It’s a very simple process. Please visit the official website and click the Log-In link located at the top side of the website. Customers will see a login form on the next page (as shown below).

Unity by Hard Rock login page

Enter your email address or account number and password in this login form and press the Log In button to access your account dashboard page.

2-Log into the Unity by Hard Rock mobile app:

Apart from the official website, a mobile app is also developed for customers by SEMINOLE HARD ROCK SUPPORT SERVICES, LLC, and released on Aug 9, 2022.

Customers can easily download the mobile app and access their accounts from anywhere.

How to download the mobile app?

Please check the below steps to download the official mobile app.

  1. Visit the official website on a mobile browser.
  2. Move down the page, you will find Android and iOS app links just above the footer.
  3. Click the app link that you want to download. It will open the app in the store application on your smartphone.
  4. Click the Install link to download the mobile app on your smartphone.
  5. Once downloading is finished, a new app icon will be added to the smartphone screen.

Direct download links:

Customers can also click the below-given direct app links if they don’t want to visit the official website.

PlatformApp download linkCurrent versionOS requirements
AndroidClick here2.2.7Android 6.0 and up
iOSClick here2.2.7Requires iOS 12.1 or later

Mobile app login process:

Please follow the below-given steps.

  1. Once you open the mobile app on your smartphone, a login screen will appear.
  2. Enter your account number or email address and password and tap the Log-In button to access your account.

After login, you will see your account dashboard page where you will find information about your account number, Tier status, Tier credits, and the number of Tier credits required to reach the next Tier status.

How to enroll in the Unity by Hard Rock Loyalty Program?

If you are a new customer and want to manage your loyalty program online then you must sign up and create a new account. Customers can sign up in two ways.

  1. Sign-up on the official website.
  2. Sign-up on the mobile app.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Anyone who is 18 years or older and has reached the age of majority in their state of residence can apply.
  • Applicants must have the legal capacity to bind themselves in legal contracts as per the applicable laws.
  • The individual must reside in a  jurisdiction that legally permits participation in the Program.

Sign-up on the official website:

Please follow the below sign-up process.

Step 1: Open the official website and click the Join link located at the top side.

Step 2: On the next page, click the Create new account link from the given options.

Step 3: A signup form will appear on the next screen. Fill out this signup form and create your account password.

You must select the Unity Program Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy check box.

Sign-up on the mobile app:

Sign up on the mobile app is similar to signing up on the online website. You have to download the mobile app on your smartphone and follow the above-given sign-up process.

How to activate a new Hard Rock Unity Login account?

If you have created a new Unity account then you must activate it first. Account activation is required to log in to your account and enable all the functionality of the portal.

Please check the below account activation process.

  1. Visit the official Unity portal and click the Join link in the top bar.
  2. On the next page, click the account activation link. An account activation screen will appear on the next page (as shown below).
Unity account activation page
  1. Enter your account number and password and press the Continue button.
  2. complete the activation process and start accessing all services such as personalized offers, hotel reservations, check unity credits and unity points, etc.

How can I activate my account if I forgot my account number?

If you don’t remember your account number there you can easily retrieve it online on the official website.

Please follow the below steps to recover your Unity account number.

  1. Visit the account number recovery page on the Unity by Hard Rock website.
  2. You will see an online form on the screen (as shown below).
Unity account number recovery form
  1. Enter your first name, last name, and email address in the online form.
  2. Press the Continue button to recover your account number.
  3. Your account number will be sent to your email address if the email address you entered is associated with your online Unity account.

Unity Hard Rock Login – Customer service

A 24/7 customer service is available to help all customers. You may access customer service in different ways. Please check the below details.

Helpline number:

Just call the below phone numbers if there is any inquiry or issue.

LocationPhone number
United States1 954 377 5234
Dominican Republic1 800 148 5527
Mexico1 800 668 0491
Belgium0800 79 235
Malaysia1 800 814453

Email support:

Customers can also send an email to the below email addresses.

General inquiries[email protected]
Accessibility requests & inquiries[email protected]

Contact online:

Customers can also submit their queries online on the official website to the customer service team. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website and click the Help link in the top menu bar. An online contact form will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Unity customer service online contact form

Step 2: Fill out this online contact form. Select a reason to contact and provide the correct contact number and email address and submit it. You will soon get a response from the customer service team.

Live chat:

A live chat facility is also available and a live chat link is available at the bottom right corner of the official website. If customers have internet access then they can use the live chat facility to get help.

  1. Just click the Live Chat link.
  2. A live chat window will appear on the screen (as shown below).
Live chat window on the Unity by Hard Rock website
  1. You have to select a support category from the list (check below).
    • Login & Support
    • Questions about our Mobile App
    • Benefits
    • Promotion Question
    • Unity Points
    • Tier Credits or Free Play Questions
    • Offers and Reservations
    • Visit Validation
    • Other
  2. If you have any other type of question, select the Other option.
  3. Type your query and press the Submit button.
  4. You will soon get assistance from a live agent.

Important links:

Official websitehttps://www.unitybyhardrock.com/
Hard Rock websitehttps://www.hardrock.com/
Unity Login pagehttps://login.unitybyhardrock.com/login/
New account registration pagehttps://www.unitybyhardrock.com/sign-up
Online account activation pagehttps://www.unitybyhardrock.com/verify-your-identity
Account number recovery pagehttps://www.unitybyhardrock.com/recover-account-number
Participating Locationshttps://www.unitybyhardrock.com/participating-locations
Helpline pagehttps://www.unitybyhardrock.com/help
Feedback formhttps://www.unitybyhardrock.com/feedback


Name of the portalUnity by Hard Rock
OrganizationHard Rock Cafe International (USA), Inc
Started inApril 2022
PurposeTo offer a single digital platform to access Hard Rock Loyalty Program
BeneficiaryAll Hard Rock customers
Official websitewww.unitybyhardrock.com


How to recover the Unity login password?

Customers can reset their Unity password online. A link to reset the password is available on the login form. Please follow the below steps.

-Visit the official website and click the Log In link in the top bar.
-On the login form, click the Forgot Password link.
-On the next screen, customers will see an online form to reset the password (as shown below).
-In the password reset form, enter your Unity account number and email address and press the Continue button.
-You will get an email including a password reset link on the registered email address.
-Click that link and create a new password for your Unity account.

What are the benefits of the Unity mobile app?

Unity mobile app offers many useful features and services that are beneficial for customers.

-The Unity app offers an advanced login security feature where customers can set up the login security features such as a PIN, fingerprint scan, etc.
-Customers can manage their Unity account through the app, set up alert preferences, edit their personal profile information, check their payment, etc.
-Customers can check their Unity credits and find their current Tier status.
-Customers can check their Unity points earning details. they can also redeem these Unity points while spending on dining, hotel booking, shopping, etc.
-Customers will get their personalized offers in the mobile app and they can apply for them directly through the app. Personalized offers will include offers based on exclusive shopping events, rewards earning opportunities, booking, entertainment events, etc at a lower rate.
-Customers can access their digital Unity card in the mobile app and can use it for scanning purposes at participating locations.

When Hard Rock started the Unity Loyalty program?

The Unity Loyalty program is a single and global reward program developed by Hard Rock and started rolling out in April 2022.

It will be rolled out phase wise and participating locations will be added as soon as the Unity is rolled out at that location.

Please check a list of the current participating location to know if it is available at your location.

How can I share my feedback or suggestion?

Unity by Hard Rock welcomes all types of suggestions related to the online portal and mobile app. This customer feedbacks are very important and help to improve the functionality, user experience, and services of the website and mobile app.

Please follow the below steps to share your feedback.

-Visit the official website.
-Click the Feedback link available on the right side of the website.
-A feedback form will appear on the screen.

Online feedback form on the Unity website
-You may fill this feedback form with the required information such as Unity account number, first name, last name, email address, and phone number, select the website or mobile app, and type your suggestion or feedback.
-Finally, press the Submit Feedback button.

How can I cancel my Unity membership?

All customers can cancel their membership program anytime by using any one of the below methods.

1-Send a Mail:
Customers can send their account cancellation request by sending a Mail to the below address.

Unity Customer Care
Unity by Hard Rock
5701 Stirling Road
Davie, FL 33314

2-Send an Email:
Customers can send an email to [email protected] and request the cancellation of their Unity account. Please write “Cancellation of Membership” in the Subject Line of the email.

3-Make a call:
Customers can request by making a phone call at the below phone numbers.

US and Canada: +1-888-519-6683
International: +1-954 488-7304
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Eastern Time Zone (ET).

What happened to Hard Rock Rewards program members?

Hard Rock has already stopped the Hard Rock Rewards on July 11, 2022, and offered a new Unity account to all existing members of the Hard Rock Rewards program.

Customers will get an email including a new Unity account number and instructions on how to activate the new Unity account. All existing rewards will be converted to Unity points and will be transferred to the Unity account.

What happened to the Seminole Wild Card reward program?

Hard Rock has retired the Seminole Wild Card reward program and combined it with the new Unity loyalty program on September 27, 2022, after launching the new Unity By Hard Rock portal. All Seminole wild card members can log in on the new Unity portal in the following ways.

1-If you are a former Seminole Wild Card member and have access to your online login information then you can directly login on to the official website by using your email address or new account number (received through email) and old Seminole Wild Card password.

2-If you don’t have online credentials, you must have received an email from Unity by Rock including your new account number. Please use your new account number and directly activate your account by visiting this link.

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